wtf is this?

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My friend Derek took this picture at a zoo, he thinks its a wolverine. Having seen a nature show or two in my lifetime, and being from the wilds of alberta, I am pretty sure that this:


is not this:

or this:

well maybe. I have my doubts.


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I somehow picked up a game misconduct last nite in ball hockey. Some guys face accidently ran into my stick and then he got really mad about it and threw a hissy fit and the coordinator deemed that was sufficient to throw me out of the game. We were creaming the team at time and ended up losing since we were already short on players, my ejection caused our team to play really short handed.

The problem I find with a lot of opponents is that half the league is full of guys who are trying to overcompensate for their inability to make the NHL as they were growing up by flexing their uber maschismo in a co-ed rec hockey game. So many of these guys try to play hockey at like 200 mph, when really, its a 60 mph game. Worse, is that they go so hard, their bodies are often out of control and they end up hurting other people, and themselves. I think part of the problem is when they do run full speed, they are trying to intimidate the people they are running at, and when that person doesnt move or back down, then they get pissy.

Anyways, that was a first.

Season 1, Episode 5

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– britpop bands that started a tad too late, plus some new stuff, and some europe stuff.

1. K’naan – I Was Stabbed By Satan
2. The Rapture – WAYUH
3. Rialto – Hard Candy
4. The Bluetones – Slight Return
5. Royal Treatment Plan – Trained
6. Lunik – Bad Timing
7. Ooberman – Running Girl

Google Map Sightseeing

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Google Map Sightseeing

Good time waster. But is it really wasting time if you are enjoying what you are doing? is it?