Field Trip 2018 Preview! Bands we are excited to see

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Summer time means music festival time! This year sees Field Trip kick off the festivities with a weekend full of good tunes, good food and good times.

Here’s the bands we are most excited to see

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

No doubt the main eventer for this festival. Yeah Yeah Yeahs are returning to touring after a brief hiatus. Their last show at Echo Beach was amazing and there is no doubt in my mind that the trio will blow the proverbial roof off the place on Sunday. Surely by now, most people have read the NY music scene book Meet Me in the Bathroom and just hearing the story of the trio will lend a bit extra to the show. But let’s be real, we are all here to hear these songs live again

- Date with the Night
– Maps
– Y-Control
– Gold Lion
– Cheated Hearts
– Heads Will Roll
– Zero

It gonna be good.


I don’t know how they did it, but Alvvays released a second record that was even better then their first. Their songs are made for summertime festivals and this weekend will see that realized.


Speaking of bands with festival ready songs, the hard rockin duo that make up Japandroids are ready to bring their anthemic rock songs to the crowd at Fort York. Don’t miss the beginning of the set, as they seem to like starting with Near to the Wild Heart of Life

Allie X

Those who have been around the Toronto music scene have seen many different interpretations of Allie X and her music. A few years ago, she moved to LA I think, and developed the latest reinvention and it’s great. We’ll get a heavy dose of slick pop music to bop our heads to.


Noname gain famed a few years ago as part of Chance the Rapper’s track Lost but has since delivered a stellar debut album named Telefone. I saw her last year at SXSW and she put on a lovely show that will play as a nice chill contrast to whatever the heck is going on at the Metric stage.

These are some of the artists we are excited to see! See you there

Retro Song of the Day/Show Preview: Gomez – Get Myself Arrested

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Photo credit: Brantley Gutierrez

Gomez’s Bring It On might have been the first or only album I bought on the strength of an award.

You see, Bring It On came out around the time I started paying serious attention to music. I had fallen in love with Pulp’s Different Class a few years prior and was pretty content just letting Columbia House/BMG and MuchMusic guide me through the Britpop landscape. It was actually pretty easy to familiarize myself with the Blurs, Oasis’s and the Verves of the world since they were quite popular in the mid-’90s. Brits were the hot thing. Elastica, Supergrass and even Kula Shaker had mainstream hits.

However, as the late ’90s hit, the trends had changed and Britpop died a slow painful death. My heart had been set on British music already so as my favorite bands broke up or transformed their sound to a less favorable to radio aesthetic, it became harder and harder to find that type of music. Only then did I start looking at weekly mags and this strange thing called the internet for more of the music I loved.

So I discovered this thing called the Mercury Prize which went to the best record of the year and without hesitation bought Bring it On, which was the winner that year. It was my first exposure to Gomez.

What came next was a bit of confusion, I had thought it would be well … Britpoppy. To my surprise, I enjoyed it. Gomez has that bluesy-rock kind of sound, but not in that cheesy I’m wearing a fedora kind of way. I’ve always liked the strong contrast between Ian Ball and Ben Ottewell’s vocals, which adds a lot more depth to their tracks. “78 Stone Wobble” and “Get Myself Arrested” were the first of many singles that found success. My actual favorite song is “We Haven’t Turned Around,” off their second record Liquid Skin (which I think was also on the American Beauty soundtrack).

Anyways, it’s been 20 years since the release of that first record, and the band is touring in celebration. They will be at the Danforth Music Hall on Tuesday June 5th. The last time they were here, it was at the Mod Club and that show was a delight. I’m sure this one will be equally great.

Here’s “Get Myself Arrested,” and see you there.

Concert Review: The Gaslight Anthem, May 27, 9:30 Club

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It’s often a mystery why bands are paired together on tour. Is it because they have similar styles of music? Or totally different? Because their clothing complements? Because they happen to be free that night? Because they own the nicest van and fill it with snacks?

The Gaslight Anthem‘s Brian Fallon cleared that up yesterday at 9:30 Club when he announced about his openers, “I love Tim Barry because he looks like he could crush my head with his hands but he’s still just a really comforting presence. And I’m just attracted to Matt Mays.”

Although I think van snacks would be the best way to choose your openers, burly teddy bearness and physical attractiveness are also great metrics.

The night started with soft and cuddly head crushing Tim Barry. Playing from his albums “High on 95″ and “Rivanna Junction,” the American singer-songwriter crooned his narrative folk tunes, each telling an entirely American story. Barry drew the audience into tales inspired by friends or folks he met on the road; “Dog Bumped” tells the story of a brother dealing with his sister’s abusive relationship, and “South Hill” takes you on the winding path and false promises surrounding one man’s entry into the military. If you want to experience some bone crushingly beautiful Americana that will linger, dive into his discography, but do it somewhere private where you can quietly sob.

Next up was beautiful Nova Scotian Matt Mays. Taking the stage in denim and a long brim hat, he started things off with “Tall Trees” from his 2008 album “Terminal Romance”, filling 9:30 with a full and rich indie rock sound. He worked his way through tunes from his new 2017 album Once Upon a Hell of a Time…, including “Faint of Heart” and “Station out of Range”, and oldies from Coyote. Just a note, at one point I thought he introduced himself and his band as “Matt Mays and the Haze” but after doing a lot of Googling, that doesn’t seem to be a thing, But I think it’s a great name, so if anyone knows Mays pass the word along.

Finally, to palpable excitement, and a stage rush, Brian Fallon took the stage. To the sound of sweaty men moshing, Fallon launched into a celebration for the 10th year anniversary of The ’59 Sound by playing the album in its entirety. The audience was a great mix of young and old, kids and parents, generations of fans coming together to celebrate a band they still love. Fallon mostly played straight through, but he had some fun insights for the fans. Apparently the band gets questioned for their copious diner references in their songs, “We’re from New Jersey” Fallon explained, “And we didn’t have a car, so we couldn’t get anywhere cool like DC” (kudos to Fallon for the city love, DC needs it) “so we just went to diners. And people ask what our favorite diners were, but that’s not a question you can ask, because all diners are equally terrible. And that’s the nuts and bolts of why we sing about diners, it’s just kind of what happened. People read too much into it. Like, I mean I bet someone just said to Glenn Frey “Hey man take it easy, don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.” And then he wrote it down. It’s that easy.” Fallon also explained to the crowd, lifting up his baseball cap, “I’m actually not going bald guys. I just wanted to wear a hat.” The man made grown men mosh, while also making me laugh out loud all in the same night – that’s impressive. There’s a level of comfort that Fallon clearly feels with his fan base that’s been around for a decade, and it’s palpable during the show, “You guys know the drill” Fallon said as the mosh pit assembled, “Pick each other up when you fall”, it made the night feel like a reunion of friends who hadn’t seen each other in a couple years, catching up and hanging out, the best kind of atmosphere a show can have.

Song Of The Day: Paul Weller – Aspects

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Happy birthday Paul Weller! Here’s a new tune from the Modfather’s upcoming album True Meanings in honour of the occasion: