Song Of The Day: The Joy Formidable – Sevier

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In a way, it’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since I first discovered The Joy Formidable. Seeing the Welsh trio live that year in support of their debut full length was a revelation. It was an impressive show – the band most definitely puts their all into their live performances, with every show I’ve seen since having been equally as impressive (though of course never quite as good as the first time).

I was reminded of the power of their live show a while back while revisiting a video of their SXSW 2011 performance at Mellow Johhny’s bike shop. And though the band is now 10 years older (aren’t we all?), their latest release Into The Blue shows that The Joy Formidable do not seem to have mellowed out much with the band still capable of cranking out big anthemic tunes like “Chimes” and “Sevier.” Check out the video for “Sevier” below.

Into The Blue is out now via Enci Records in North America, Full Time Hobby in Europe and Soundly Distro in the rest of the world.

Song Of The Day: LUMP – Animal

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Those familiar with the folky sounds of Laura Marling‘s main gig might have a bit of a hard time picturing her singing the lines “Dance dance/This is your last chance.” But that’s exactly what she does on “Animal,” the title track off of the latest release from LUMP, her collaboration with Tunng‘s Mike Lindsay.

Mind you, LUMP are not quite jumping into club banger territory (though it is most definitely a danceable track). Rather, “Animal” finds Marling’s unmistakeable voice meshing perfectly with Lindsay’s electronic arrangements, resulting in a sound which veers closer to the likes of Ladytron, Jane Weaver, and latter day Radiohead. Check it out.

Song Of The Day: Ashley Shadow – Grey

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Vancouver based singer Ashley Shadow describes her new single “Grey” as “a gentle moment of existential dread” and that’s a fairly apt description. The song, off of her forthcoming second album, Only the End, is indeed a fairly gentle and mellow slow burn of a tune, though one with a fair bit of weight behind it as well.

Check out the video for “Grey” below.

Only the End is out via Felte on September 24.

Song Of The Day: Damon & Naomi – The Aftertime

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Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang are back and it has been far too long. The duo recently released A Sky Record, their first album since 2015 and their tenth overall. It’s a gorgeous, slowly unfolding collection of songs that builds to the perfect ending with album closer “The Aftertime,” its lyrics expressing a hopeful sentiment that many can likely relate to:

Has the storm truly passed?
Is it morning at last?
Am I now finally free?
Finally free

The dark clouds of yesterday
They’re gone, they’ve blown away
Blown away