PanicManual Essentials Review: Theracane

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Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 11.11.10 PM

Apparently, if I like something, I’ll never shut up about it. I guess this is why I have a blog. Anyways, I like to buy stuff online. It’s a horrible disease, but with it, comes some positive. Sometimes, the things I buy are gold. It’s these things I wish to share with you.

Now, despite what you are thinking, I am definitely not a high end influencer galavanting the globe attending free swag parties with run of the mill youtube stars. Actually, I have a desk job and have had been working in front of a computer for the better part of my life.

What does this mean? I have an achey back and lower back. Since I don’t have my personal massage therapist yet, this presents a problem. How do I take care of the knots in my body?

Enter the thera-cane.

Now just looking at the picture above, you would think it is just some random hook. But don’t be basic. The little knobs at the end are magical and it’s hook like shape means you can use it to reach sore spots in your lower back. Take a look at this picture

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 11.21.01 PM

I didn’t draw that, but that’s a magical spot. It’s like…good pain. I don’t know how to explain it.

Anyways, this thing is magical. If you have some pains in your neck, shoulders and back, this can definitely help with the knots there. Most of my friends who have tried it have bought it.

You can buy it at your local body health store or amazon. I dunno google it.

Concert Review: Wild Cub, September 29, DC9

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unnamed (10)
Photo Credit: Allister Ann

Keegan DeWitt, lead singer of Nashville-based Wild Cub, is a story teller in the two best genres: high-energy indie rock and self-deprecating stories.

“This is becoming story hour with Wild Cub,” DeWitt said to the audience about halfway through the set before launching into another story. “So I try really hard not to lose my voice on tour, but a couple of days ago we were out doing karaoke after a set, and I lost my voice singing ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’ by John Mayer.” “Worth it!” yelled an enthusiastic crowd member in the back as DeWitt started crooning, “My body is a wonderland”, and then correcting himself. “No wait, it’s ‘your body is a wonderland’ not ‘my body is a wonderland,’ That would probably be a little weird if you started singing it about yourself.” His bassist then chimed in, “Or you could always sing my favorite version which is ‘John Biden is a Wonderland.’”


The group’s 2014 album Youth and 2017 album Closer are both studies in everything great about indie rock – a mixture of catchy riffs, introspective vocals, bouncing beats, and on the track “Somewhere,” irresistibly intoxicating horns (I dare you not to give a little shoulder shimmy on that track. Dare. You.). Live, the band sweats energy, literally jumping around the stage as they have mini-jams with each other during instrumental moments. And if you’re really lucky, or you’re 6’8’’, you’ll get a glimpse of the seated drummer who appears to be having the time of his life in the back. Working their way through “Magic”, “Somewhere”, “I Fall Over”, “Speak”, and of course “Thunder Clatter”, the group whipped the crowd into a dancing frenzy. Not capturing their hearts, because clearly they had accomplished that years ago, but reminding everyone why they loved the band so much in the first place.

Burger Review: Station Burger, Richmond Station

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Welcome to part 8 of this burger series. As a reminder, this is a series based on a top 10 list of burgers published in Toronto Life.

Now that we are in the final stages of this burger challenge, I have to hand it to this guy. We are struggling to eat a burger once a month, and yet this guy was able to build up the courage to eat a burger EVERY SINGLE DAY. Is there anything you do outside of brushing your teeth, putting on contacts (if you have them) and drinking water that you do every single day?

So far this year, I’ve gone
– at least 24 hours without eating (intentional fast or non intentional travel fast)
– at least 24 (probably more) hours without showering (camping/cottaging)
– at least 24 hours without drinking coffee (and probably was pissed off about it)

And those are some basics you think you do daily yet I have managed to skip them. This guy held to a a daily diet of burger. It must have been tiring. You have to admire the guy’s dedication.

For the 8th burger episode, we went to Richmond Station, a place known primarily as a restaurant opened by a Top Chef winner, who also coincidentally used to work at Marben, which had a really good burger. Expectations were definitely high.

Station Burger
lettuce, beet chutney, aged cheddar, milk bun, rosemary fries, dill pickle, garlic aioli – $22

At $22, it was tied with Carbon Bar for most expensive. Both are fancy places but $22 is quite high for me. I soon found out that the patty is made of “brisket, sirloin and round for his burger, then stuffs it with braised neck and short rib” which could explain the high price. Most likely it’s because it’s a fancy place though.

The Verdict
At first, when I saw this burger, I was like … this is all I get for 22 dollars? But then after the initial bite, I realized the error of my ways. Like the quiet person in the corner of a table during a company meeting, I realized that I shouldn’t sell something short based on initial appearances. This burger may have been small, but it was dense.

The assortment of beef parts rolled into this patty was pressed pretty tightly and just came off as thick. It had a very meaty taste which is something that I guess shouldn’t surprise but I just feel like I really was consuming the essence of the animal.

Because it was made from not just ground meat, the patty did have a decent chewiness to it, which I’m not sure how I felt about.

By now, we have seen restaurants of all kinds try to give their burger some extra edge by accompanying it with innovative ingredients. This burger was no different. Aside from your standard lettuce and aged cheddar (which you know, is pretty common), the burger was accompanied by a beet chutney.

I assume it was to provide a little bit of sweetness to the otherwise meaty burger, but frankly, I didn’t really taste too much of it so I can’t really comment on it. The meat taste of the burger was pretty overwhelming, for better or worse.


The burger was definitely a bit greasy as it was dripping if not right away, then fairly soon afterwards. The bun itself had a cute little shape to it, and was baked in house. One thing I found surprising was that Sarah’s bun was noticeably darker then mine. Perhaps this inconsistency is a product of baking, I don’t know.

I think I enjoyed this burger. It may have been too dense for me, which is surprising given my affinity for devouring meat. I think it overwhelmed some of the accompanying flavors a bit and really was quite heavy. Still, I enjoyed the burger, but not at the levels of the Wickson or Bar Buca. Was it worth $22? Probably not.

Here is fellow burger enthusiast Sarah’s take on it:
“It was a filling burger, so it had that going for it. It’s not a burger I would go back for but I’m glad I had it once.”

Oh yeah, the fries were fairly average, which was a bit disappointing.

Burger Scale

Amarillo Burger, Casino El Camino – $10 USD
The Burger, Wickson Social – $19
Bombolone Burger, Bar Buca – $15
Station burger, Richmond Station – $22
Burger, Rasa – $17
Prime Beef Double Cheeseburger, Museum Tavern – $19
Skyline Burger, Skyline Diner – $14
Brisket Cheese Burger, Carbon Bar – $22
Game Burger, Antler – $18
Vegan Mac Daddy, Doomies – $16

Concert Review: Ben Ottewell, September 24, Drake Hotel

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During his time in Gomez, Ben Ottewell has always stood out among the three singers in the band. Even when he wasn’t taking the lead, his distinctive voice with its gravelly tone added much to their sound and was often used almost tactically, deployed during a chorus or at the moment when it would have the greatest effect in a song. It’s hardly surprising then that out of all his bandmates, he’d be the one to branch out into a solo career.

With three solo albums under his belt, including his latest,  A Man Apart, Ottewell took to the stage at the Drake Underground on Sunday night and played a set made up of numbers from those albums alongside a healthy serving of Gomez songs. While new songs like “Watcher” and the title track from the new album were well received, the biggest crowd response definitely came for Gomez songs such as “Bring It On,” “Free To Run,” “Rhythm And Blues Alibi,” and especially set closer “Tijuana Lady.”

A friend at the show on Sunday described Ottewell’s voice as a whispered scream. It’s true, he’s got that raspy voice and he can absolutely belt it out when he needs to, but at the same time it’s also a very delicate, soft voice in many ways. That softer side becomes even more apparent when it’s just the man and his guitar alone on stage.