Song Of The Day: Kurupt FM featuring Ed Sheeran – The Video

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Glastonbury just announced their full lineup for this year’s festival and while there’s a lot of great names in there, by far the most intriguing act is Kurupt FM, aka the cast of People Just Do Nothing.

That’s right, MC Grindah, DJ Beats, Steves, Chabuddy G and the whole Kurupt FM crew will be there to totally steal the show at Glasto. Ed Sheeran will also be there, so maybe Grindah and the boys will join him to reprise their efforts to make Sheeran “less shit” as they did in this video put together for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day.

Grab a couple bags of peanut dust, sit back, and enjoy:

Concert Review: The Sonics, March 25, Danforth Music Hall

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The Sonics are undisputed legends of garage rock. The Tacoma band, famous for songs like “The Witch” and “Strychnine,” have been going for over 50 years (admittedly with a bit of a break in the middle) and fittingly, their stage setup includes a backdrop of their second album cover from way back in 1966. It’s a good way of recognising the band’s legacy, but at the same time, it’s also a little weird to be performing behind a sign that basically says, “This is what we looked like several decades ago. Judge us accordingly.”

Yes, The Sonics are considerably older than they were when they started and there’s not that many original members left in the current touring band (a quick glance at their Wikipedia page shows nearly 20 former members). Sure, bassist/lead vocalist Freddie Dennis resembles Danny DeVito when he donned a Beatles wig on It’s Always Sunny more than he does your typical rock frontman, and saxophonist Rob Lind, who handled most of the stage banter, sounds a bit like your granddad telling stories about the old days. But it’s still a treat to hear all those old tunes live as well as the newer stuff from their most recent album This is the Sonics. And your granddad’s stories about the old days probably weren’t as cool as tales of touring with the Hoodoo Gurus or the Kinks anyways.

And old guy jokes aside, the band can damn well still play, as they proved in a set that included classics like “Sugaree,” “Have Love Will Travel,” and the perennial “Louie Louie.” They lose a couple points in my book though for saying “we’ve only got time for one more song” when it was very clear they were going to do an encore. Why do bands even pretend otherwise anymore, especially in an age when setlists are readily available online? But when that encore includes the one-two punch of “Strychnine” and “The Witch” as well as a Ray Charles cover for good measure, its pretty easy to forgive the charade.

Concert Review: Foxygen, Opera House, March 28

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Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 10.44.01 PM

Editor’s Note
Foxygen were pretty a few years ago but were constantly on the verge of collapse due to such an uneven live show. Yet, it’s 2017 and well, anything goes this year so they were back in Toronto for a show to promote their new album.

Much like those secret shopping sites, we sent a secret reviewer to go see Foxygen, and here was their report:

Seeing Foxygen is like going to see the Rolling Stones except they’ve only decided to cover Edward sharpe and the Magnetic Zero and they’re not totally sure about how to play them but golly gee they will try and have an okay time with you!

SXSW Review: Sundara Kharma, March 18, Latitude 30

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Latitude 30 at SXSW always uncovers a few gems and this year was no exception.

With a name like Sundara Kharma, I thought maybe the band would be a Kula Shaker tribute band for some reason, but as per usual, I was completely wrong.

Sundara Kharma are a four piece rock band from Reading and from what I heard, they have a knack for writing big anthemic rock songs that may or may not take them to the next levels, depending on how the dominoes fall. The band certainly has the look of a soon to be big band, with lead singer Oscar “Lulu” Pollock dressing up in a flamboyant white suit and donning enough eyeliner to make Nicky Wire jealous.

With their ridiculously catchy chorus, tracks like “She Said” and “Flame” would have fit right in in the mid 90’s and I was surprised to see people at Latitude 30 singing along. I’m like, who are these people, and why are they so up to date on music? Don’t they have day jobs?

I came away super impressed and it wouldn’t surprise me if these guys became big. Check them out if they roll into town.