Song of the Day: Cherry Glazerr – Bad Habit

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Cherry Glazerr are back with their fourth studio album I Don’t Want You Anymore, out now on Secretly Canadian Records. “Bad Habit” is the latest single from the album. Check it out below.

Song of the Day: Midlake & John Grant – You Don’t Get To

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2010’s Queen of Denmark is all the proof one needs that the combined efforts of John Grant and Midlake will produce stellar results. Fans of that album will be happy to hear that they’ve teamed up once again for the release of a double A-sided single featuring brand new tracks “Roadrunner Blues” and “You Don’t Get To.”

Both tracks are great, but “You Don’t Get To” stands out for its surprise shift into some proggy keyboard jams in its latter half (and also for Grant’s inimitable delivery of the line, “Would you like to strangle everyone you know with their own intestines?”). Check it out below.

Concert Review: Gaerea, October 4, Lee’s Palace

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There’s an old clichéd saying about having to suffer for one’s art and while I don’t necessarily think that always needs to be the case, it is certainly one school of thought. And though this is pure conjecture on my part, it would seem to be a school of thought that Gaerea adheres to.

After all, the Portuguese five piece recently released a video wherein one of its members undergoes some sort of water torture which lasts for roughly eight minutes. This “torture video experiment” certainly seems to suggest that they’re willing to go as far as necessary for the sake of their art. If nothing else, it proves that these guys are pretty intense.

That intensity shone through loud and clear on Wednesday night as Gaerea put on a dramatic, theatrical performance as part of the Crypt of Ancestral Knowledge tour alongside Blackbraid, Hoaxed, and headliner Wolves In The Throne Room.

Billing themselves as cathartic black metal, Gaerea are all about setting a mood. Despite the fact that all five members cover their faces in black masks, there’s a good deal of emotion on display, both through their music and through their stage presence. A key part of that stage presence is their vocalist’s unique dance moves, which came across like a dark avant-garde dance piece mixed with the time on Sprockets when they dance.

All in all, the band put on a passionate, memorable and, yes, intense performance. Impressive stuff.

Song of the Day: Lydia Luce – (h)our glass

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“(h)our glass” is the latest single from Nashville based singer-songwriter Lydia Luce, taken from her forthcoming new album Florida Girl, out October 27 via Nettwerk Records. Check it out.