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Song of the Day: Pharoah Sanders – Love is Everywhere (Live In Paris, 1975)

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Pharoah Sanders, a towering spiritual jazz figure who up until last year was still putting out collaborative work, has died. I thought it a fitting tribute to move you, dear readers (or not dear, no matter), to relive the magic from one of his concerts with his quartet in 1975. Just leave the whole album on the background. The set is imbued with so much vibrancy and life, there is little chance it will stay there in the background. And …

Song of the Day: Benedictus, Requiem in D minor (WA Mozart)

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I have not listened to Mozart’s Requiem in full for over a decade. It is an oddly morbid thing to have surfaced randomly… or perhaps it’s just on my shuffled playlist? As it is wont to do, the internets is full of opinions on which is the most “definitive” version. I can’t fathom sitting down and researching, note for note, the different character and performance caliber of modern interpretations from Marriner to Karajan to Celibidache to Herrewghe, while faced with …

Album Review: Feeder -Torpedo (2022, Big Teeth)

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I had heard of, but never heard Feeder. Even though they have been around for a few years, their latest album, Torpedo, released back in March from their pandemic backlog material, is the first to reach my ears. The duo gets right to the point from the get go on this album full of redemptive intentions. Opener “The Healing” calls for people to unite and work towards a better state of affairs. But to be honest, it could have been …

Song of the Day: Gordi -Way I Go

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We last caught Gordi back in 2018 at SxSW, and while it is now of course a new world for everyone, there are some things that are in the DNA. Gordi’s melancholy still infuses the melodies on her new EP, Inhuman. But I clearly hear a metaphorical first breath after escaping a locked Houdini water cell. The songwriting is simple, yet consistently interesting. The melodic approaches she had developed a few years ago have found new ways to grow. I …