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Song of the Day: Mogwai – Party in the Dark

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I’ve had some affinity to Mogwai for a little while now. I had thought them lacking in the vocal department, but that’s kind of an odd statement as they are usually an instrumental outfit. That’s like expecting Einstein to provide you with home-baked patisserie when you visit him in Princeton and take offense at the disappointment, but then profess that it’s his deep physical understanding of the universe that you admire so much. So here it is, a new single …

Song of the Day: The Rebel Light – Where Did All the Love Go

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  The Rebel Light isn’t a companion to Budweiser. The band has even beaten us to the punch, having directly printed a beer bottle on their album cover. Opening with an instrumental chorus that likens to the victory lap theme from a disco movie, “Where Did All The Love Go” is at once bright, warm, and yet very consciously tacky. Just like all summers in the arctics will be from now on, with a side of mosquitoes. Actually, more like …

Song of the Day: Joseph Shabason – Long Swim

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  I sometimes listen to random things. Take this one for example. Start with something that is immediately soothing but quickly runs repetitious to the point of being cold and suffocatingly mechanical. “Long Swim” directly reflects its name when it begins. However, as it evolves it becomes more of a city-scape. Wake up in any major city at 3:00 in the morning and you will hear some monotonous, droning noise. And you just crave some human interaction. Please, anything but …

Song of the Day: Flotation Toy Warning – A Season Underground

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  Back in 2004, when we were all much less depressed and resigned about that certain planetary and socioeconomical hellhole towards which the world is inexorably slumping, there was a London band called Flotation Toy Warning – even the name alone conjures a completely different world view. Highly experimental and melodically gloomy yet filled with just enough irreverent glee, fantasy, and theremin, Bluffer’s Guide to the Flight Deck was a brilliant first album. Unfortunately, like the rest of us, they …