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SxSW Review: SYML, Low, March 13, St. David’s Sanctuary

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SYML After overcoming some sound interference troubles, Brian Fennell (formerly of the indie rock band Barcelona) quickly began in the church pulpit as SYML, which means simple in Welsh. Just as the name implied, it would turn out to be a straightforward singer-songwriter concert that has come to be St. David’s Sanctuary’s signature. Over the years, it has also become clear that if you can’t sing, St. David’s is not a place to showcase your talents. SYML is, fortunately, not …

SxSW Film Review: Constructing Albert [Laura Collado]

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Sibling rivalry is not a new phenomenon, nor is it an emotion reserved for the lowest common denominators on Jerry Springer. Even in the rarefied world of haute cuisine, where the names elBulli and Adria recall creative genius operating at an ionospheric level, this is still true. Although Albert Adria has been behind the restaurant elBulli for decades, his culinary talents seemed to have been overshadowed by his brother Ferran’s conceptual overhaul of the language of fine dining. The idea …

SXSW Song of the Day: Silibrina, Ponteado

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I have always found instrumental music much more cerebral than lyrical pieces. Having something said aloud appears to drain most of the energy, fun, and originality from it. It’s like having David Attenborough detail, in the Queen’s English, how a sensible fellow should emote as penguins take the plunge down a 50 ft cliff amidst titanic waves to begin a week-long journey in order to provide for the next generation. And some of them don’t make it. How is one …

SXSW Song of the Day: Saint Sister, Causing Trouble

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Adding the adjective Celtic to any modern music automagically evokes that most popular of icons in the “New Age” of 1990, harmonizing on an island clifftop as “Orinoco Flow” plays over the airwaves, whilst I was living on an island without those same airwaves. Sad, regarding that second bit. New Age is unfortunately a bastardized term that could taint many music genres performed by Irish women for which philistines lack the attention span to digest. Thankfully, Dublin-based Saint Sister is …