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Song Of The Day: Jukebox The Ghost – Stay The Night

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How many things in life bring you pure happiness? Like I’m talking pure, unadulterated happiness. Tail wagging, hands clapping, grinning ear to ear, new ice cream cone, new car, first pumpkin spice latte of the season, presents wrapped under the tree, laden Thanksgiving table, fireworks on the 4th of July, freshly baked apple pie, ice cream cake, snow day happiness?

Jukebox the Ghost is pure unadulterated happiness in sonic form. From power pop to ballads, the trio’s glittering, silky smooth, energy-infused tracks are pure perfection. If the threesome weren’t so darn cute, quirky, and lovable you’d almost hate them for being too perfect.

Jukebox the Ghost is on tour right now – you can catch them coming up at San Francisco (10/27), Chicago (10/28 and 10/29), Philadelphia (10/31), Brooklyn (11/16), Waterloo (12/2), and Toronto (12/3). Go experience the happiness.

Song of the Day: Parquet Courts (feat. Bun B) Captive of the Sun

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If ’90s era Beck time travelled to the present day and made a new song, this Parquet Courts song would definitely be that song.

This version of “Captive Of The Sun” is a remix of the original, which was on 2016’s Human Performance. The original didn’t feature Bun B. I wonder what kind of bet he lost to have to contribute to this song but it adds a nice dimension, like chipotle does to mayo.

Anyways, at first, I was like ugh, but after a few listens, I have decided I liked it.

Check it out.

Song of the Day: Hercules & Love Affair Featuring Faris Badwan – Through Your Atmosphere

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It’s only fitting that on the day of the release of the new Horrors album, we post a song featuring their lead singer. “Through Your Atmosphere” is one of two collaborations with Hercules & Love Affair on their new album Omnion. It’s a solid dark dance tune and just adds to an already impressive summer resume for Faris Badwan.

It’s been a long time since I loooooooooved a Hercules & Love Affair song (probably not since “Blind”) but this one I love. It’s got this moody yet beaty vibe to it. Probably a track that goths dance to. Check it out.

Song of the Day: Asap Ferg (Featuring Migos) – Nasty (Who Dat)

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While all the aging rock critics are busy criticizing the new indie pop bands for overusing the millenium howl, hip hop has been busy inventing new ways to have catchy choruses that well, simple but effective. Not sure many songwriters would come up with the chorus line from Asap Ferg’s track Nasty. Here it is:

Ay, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya
Ay, ya, ya, ya, ya, yeah
Ay, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya
Who dat, who dat, who dat, who dat, who dat, who
Who dat, who dat, who dat, tryna get up in my crew

You would think it’s stupid, but you can’t get it out of your head after listening to the track. Anyways, I can’t get over this track, its fun and sounds good. Migos is having a good year.

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