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Song Of The Day: Lonely Parade – Index Finger

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Hey, did you hear about The Raptors? They won last week. It’s kind of a big deal – they’re having a parade and everything. Yeah, you probably heard. Anyways, in honour of today’s parade, here’s a song by a band with the word ‘parade’ in their name.

The Lonely Parade are a Montreal-based trio originally out of Peterborough. They may or may not be Raptors fans. They released their second full length The Pits in September of last year via Buzz Records and “Index Finger” is the latest single off of that album. Check it out below:

Song Of The Day: Julia Shapiro – Shape

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In the video for “Shape”, the latest single off of her upcoming solo debut Perfect Vision, Chastity Belt singer/guitarist Julia Shapiro has chosen an appropriate setting, filming the video in the Australian outback.

The video reflects the mood of the song quite nicely, as scenes of the seemingly endless landscape match up perfectly with the hazy, dreamy quality of the music. Check it out below.

Perfect Vision is out June 14 on Hardly Art Records.

Song Of The Day: Alex Lahey – Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

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Alex Lahey’s 2017 album I Love You Like A Brother was one of the stronger debut albums of the last couple of years, with songs like “Every Day’s the Weekend”, “Perth Traumatic Stress Disorder” and “I Haven’t Been Taking Care of Myself” grabbing the listener immediately with their poppy, punky tales of relationships and general ennui.

And now Lahey’s back with sophomore album The Best of Luck Club and it is indeed a worthy successor to her debut. Lead single “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself” builds on Lahey’s standard sound by adding a sweet, sweet saxophone solo to top it all off. Check it out below:

Song Of The Day: Sasami – Morning Comes

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unnamed (18)
Photo Credit: Alice Baxley

Just in case you thought every concept for a music video had been done already, Sasami has figued out an angle that I’m fairly certain hasn’t been done before – just film your grandmother as she cooks.

Yes, Sasami recruited her own grandmother, Halmoni, to show us her “world famous recipe” for kimchi (that includes tips like “Always spank your cabbage”) in the video for her latest single “Morning Comes,” directed by Sasami herself alongside Eric Notarnicola.

According to Sasami, the song was the first one with lyrics that she ever wrote and recorded and it “marked a (fleeting) chapter of independence, confidence, and feeling in control.” So it made sense for her to recruit her grandmother, the most stable and strong person she knows (and also, in her words, “a boss ass bitch”) to star in the video.

Check out the video for “Morning Comes” below. And in the word of Halmoni, “enjoy your kimchi!”

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