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Song Of The Day: Quinquis – Adkrog

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“Adkrog”, the latest single from QUINQUIS (aka Émilie Tiersen), is a beautiful, moody piece which Tiersen describes as being “… about finding the energy in environment and nature”.

QUINQUIS just recently singed with Mute Records and has announced a series of upcoming European tour dates for the new year. Check out the video for “Adkrog” below.

Song Of The Day: Eels – The Magic

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When Eels mastermind E sings “I get it, don’t sweat it. I’m not your cup of tea” in the opening lines of their latest single “The Magic”, I get the impression this is something he’s likely had to say about his own band.

At this point, Eels have stuck around long enough to have a cult following while also decidedly sticking to their own guns and doing whatever pleases them musically – ie. not everyone’s cup of tea.

Sticking with the tea metaphor, the blend that Eels have put together on latest single “The Magic” is certainly tasty enough to please fans of the band, who will be able to hear it live in the new year when Eels will tour in support of their forthcoming album Extreme Witchcraft.

Extreme Witchcraft is out January 28 via PIAS and the band’s own E Works Records.

Song Of The Day: black midi – John Hell (Live at Soup Studios)

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Just last week, our illustrious writer Gary shared his thoughts on black midi‘s latest effort Cavalcade, released in May of this year. And now, as if in response, the band he described as “post-punk Buddhist monks” have released a live performance of that album’s “John L”, sped up and renamed “John Hell.” And though the frenzied update of the tune could be described as anything but zen, it’s a blast to watch and listen to and the band certainly seems to be enjoying themselves a hell of a lot, if you’ll excuse the terribly awful pun.

Check out the video for “John Hell” below.

Song Of The Day: Kills Birds – Cough Up Cherries

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Married is an absolute thrill of a record. The sophomore offering from L.A.-based band Kills Birds is an intense yet utterly enjoyable ride from start to finish without a bad track in the bunch.

The band just finished a tour with Sleigh Bells and has some upcoming dates with Foo Fighters as well as a recently announced European tour set for the new year, which hopefully will lead to a deservedly greater profile for them.

Married is out now via Royal Mountain Records. Check out the video for latest single “Cough Up Cherries” below.

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