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Song Of The Day: Failed Flowers – Faces

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Anna Burch‘s solo debut Quit The Curse was easily one of the best albums of 2018, a perfect collection of sweet, jangly, poppy tunes such as “Tea Soaked Letter” and “2 Cool 2 Care” that burrowed their way into my brain and stayed there like all good earworms do. It was through Burch’s music that I discovered her friend and occasional tourmate Fred Thomas, who, prior to Burch’s solo debut, was also her bandmate in Michigan indie rock band Failed Flowers.

And now Burch and Thomas are revisiting that project with a new Failed Flowers song released as part of Slumberland Records‘ 30th Anniversary Singles Club. “Faces” sees Burch taking the lead and the song sounds very much of a piece with anything off of Quit The Curse, but with a touch more distortion. Check it out.

Song Of The Day: Colleen Green – Dammit

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Consider the art of the cover song. A good cover can reveal new sides and dimensions to a song and the best covers happen when someone takes a song and really makes it their own.

On rare occasions, some get even more ambitious and cover a whole album in its entirety (The Guardian published a good piece looking at a number of artists who’ve covered entire albums a few years back). With her latest release, Colleen Green has done just that, putting her own spin on Blink 182’s Dude Ranch album by stripping down all the songs to fairly minimalist, lo-fi versions. And while this may seem like an unlikely approach, it actually works quite well, highlighting the melodies of the songs while adding a touch of melancholy.

Check out Colleen Green’s version of “Dammit” below:

Song Of The Day: The Killers – Prize Fighter

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You know what’s great? “Discovering” a new band. You know, that feeling when you stumble on a small, little-known group, memorize their music, and you have the sense you have something unique and pure and untouched? Don’t worry – I’m not delusional enough to think I have that special somethin’ with The Killers.


You know what is, if not great, still pretty darned good? Finding a song from a well-known band that maybe not SO many people know about – and claiming it as your own (along with probably a few thousand strangers). That song for me? The Killers’ “Prize Fighter” (from 2012’s Battle Born). It’s one of those classic songs every woman wishes was written about her (right alongside “She’s Always a Woman” by Billy Joel) and every listener can instantly jive to. Ladies? Listen your hearts out. Men – or women with lady friends – take a few notes – whatever lucky lady(s) are in your life will love to hear these lyrics fall from your lips!

Song Of The Day: Bruce Springsteen – Western Stars

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Happy birthday to The Boss!

Bruce Springsteen turns 70 today and unlike some performers who’ve been around as long as he has, Bruce has managed to stay relevant and interesting after all these years. He doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing down either, with this year seeing the release of his latest, Western Stars, as well as a concert film of the same name that recently premiered at TIFF.

Check out the video for “Western Stars” below:

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