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SXSW Song of the Day: Oh He Dead – Small Talk for Dead People

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As opening lines go, Oh He Dead‘s “Small Talk for Dead People” starts off with a real grabber of a lyric:

Half-stoned in a funeral home
And I forgot my Xanax
It’s gonna be a long long afternoon
So let’s make small talk

What follows is a bit of a rumination on mortality from the Washington, D.C. indie soul band, but one that’s set to a light, funky tune, like a short story you can groove to. Check it out.

Oh He Dead play Parish on March 13 @ 1:00am, Radio Day Stage on March 14 @ 3:00pm, Antone’s on March 14 @ 1:00am and Victorian Room at The Driskill on March 16 @ 10:00pm. And maybe even a few more shows – it is SXSW, after all.

SXSW Song of the Day: Nur-D – All My Friends Are So Hot

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Nur-D is a Hip Hop artist from the hip hop hotbed known as Minneapolis. From the few songs I have sampled, I have enjoyed the goofy, nerdy themes of his tracks. They are fun, unique and refreshing – I am actually listening to the lyrics. Reminds me of early ’90s hip hop acts.

He’ll be at SXSW, check him out.

Nur-D plays Flamingo Cantina on March 16 at 1:30am.

SXSW Song of the Day: Bubble Tea and Cigarettes – 5AM Empanada With You

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I love Bubble Tea, so naturally I will gravitate towards any band with Bubble Tea in their name. I also love Empanadas, so when I saw on the SXSW Playlist that there was a band called Bubble Tea and Cigarettes with a song called “5AM Empanada With You,” it was an easy “lets check out what this song is about.”

Unsurprisingly, this song was good. To the title’s credit, it really does have that 5am, I’m too awake to sleep, but too tired to stay up vibe.

A little bit about the band – Bubble Tea and Cigarettes, also known as Kat and Andi, are a duo formed in New York but now residing in LA. Their music has that dreamy late night melancholy vibe to it, and I dig it.

Bubble Tea and Cigarettes play St. David’s Historic Sanctuary on March 13 @ 8:00pm and Empire Control Room on March 15 @ 4:20pm.

SXSW Song of the Day: Wolves of Glendale – The Gym

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No more than two minutes into “The Gym” from Wolves of Glendale, it became clear that this is the funniest song I’ve heard in years.

In the same vein from which Weird Al and Flight of the Conchords were drained, their comedic libretto set to stereotypical pop not only brings a smile to your face but does double-duty as late millennial midlife commentary. Also, I’ve never even heard of the Saxon Pub on Lamar – I’d say those are all the reasons I need!

Wolves of Glendale play The Saxon Pub on March 15 @ 1:00am

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