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Song of the WEEK: The Horrors – Something To Remember Me By

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The Horrors are a band that are sneaky good. Like it’s 2017 and somehow I’m excited for their new music. You would have never thought this to be true ten years ago when they were known more for wearing skinny jeans on The Mighty Boosh than for the music. But times have changed. The band put out one of my favorite 2011 albums Skying with an evolved sound and have been rather consistently good since. You wouldn’t really know that because they have mostly slid under the radar in the past years.

It reminds me of the basketball player Mike Conley – started off in the news but was mostly overshadowed (Ohio State with Greg Oden), went back into obscurity (Memphis) but was consistent and good enough to be recognized for his skills despite not amassing a whole lot of popularity. Anyways, The Horrors have a new record coming out and this was one of the first singles off of it and it’s fantastic.

With “Something To Remember Me By,” it appears the Horrors, like a lot of bands, have embraced the synthesizers and the dance floor. Beneath the beats, it still has that additional layer of drama that the Horrors always seem to have. It’s a fantastic song.

Song of the Day: Rat Boy – Laidback

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Ratboy hails from England and is poised to follow a long line of UK musical story tellers highlighting all the disappointing aspects of growing up in England. Whatever the message is, the man/band is having a promising start.

“Laidback” is one of many tracks on Ratboy’s debut album SCUM that is quite pleasing. It sounds a bit like Jamie T but with better vocals. Check it out.

Song Of The Day: Wand – Bee Karma

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Los Angeles psych rock band Wand is back with a new album (Plum, out September 22 on Drag City) and their video for first single “Bee Karma” is a bit of an odd one. Starting out, it almost resembles a remake of Alanis Morisette’s “Ironic” clip, but with subtitles and a sad clown instead of Alanis. From there, it moves on to some flower eating and culminates in some kind of manic one man (one clown?) dance party at the end of it all. And what’s with the little duck in the corner of the screen?

We may never uncover the true meaning of the duck, but bandleader Cory Hanson sheds some light on the video’s narrative: “The video stars my brother Casey as the clown that I drive around. Abby Banks shot all the footage of him in the car, then I shot all the double exposure dancing parts on a high school assembly stage. It’s an age old story. In the end, the good clown wins and gets to be free. He dances.”

OK, that settles that question then, but I’m still not sure what “bee karma” is exactly. Does it have anything at all to do with rain on your wedding day? And is that even ironic? The mystery continues …

Song of the Day: Mogwai – Party in the Dark

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I’ve had some affinity to Mogwai for a little while now. I had thought them lacking in the vocal department, but that’s kind of an odd statement as they are usually an instrumental outfit. That’s like expecting Einstein to provide you with home-baked patisserie when you visit him in Princeton and take offense at the disappointment, but then profess that it’s his deep physical understanding of the universe that you admire so much.

So here it is, a new single from the upcoming album Every Country’s Sun. Even if the voices were muddled by production of the electronic kind, the Glaswegian devils can indeed sing.

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