Favourite bands: Cheap Trick, ELO, The Hold Steady, Pavement, Neutral Milk Hotel, Grandaddy, Sleater-Kinney, Thrush Hermit, The Band, The Mountain Goats, Ween, Wilco, Teenage Fanclub, Mogwai

Memorable shows: Neil Young/Oasis at Molson Park, Wilco every time I’ve seen them (about 5 times since ’96), Teenage Fanclub @ Mod Club, Kool Keith, “Weird Al” Yankovic @ Massey Hall, Joel Plaskett at the Horseshoe’s 60th birthday, every single Hillside Festival since ’97, so many more … basically any show that leaves me smiling uncontrollably is a good one

Favourite drink: Beer, Tea, occasionally a White Russian if I’m in a Big Lebowski mood

First album I bought was: The Monkees Greatest Hits … on vinyl, no less. I was a weird kid …

Ask me about: Today’s specials … I recommend the soup. Also about science fiction, theoretical physics, parapsychology, conspiracy theories, TV in general, stand up comedy, ‘70s soft rock and Norwegian black metal

Paul is fascinated with the concept of time and space. One day he hopes to harness his psychic potential to the point that he can become “unstuck in time.” Until that fateful day, he will more or less stay put in Toronto in the present day (whatever that means …) And he will listen to music. Lots of music.