Ideal Frankenstein: Fanfarlo + Mozart + Simon & Garfunkel

Memorable shows: Symphony No.25 & piano concerto No.3 @ Roy Thompson; Fanfarlo @ Galaxy room 2010

Ask me about: Molecules

First album I bought: Real McCoy – Another Night.

Do not blend: black-ice and pick-up truck

The essence of the life form known as Gary is tainted by far away powers in Taiwan. After a short and un-successful stint there as an infant, a child, and a rampantly antisocial teen, Gary decided to employ Gary’s long dormant teleportation skill and felt immediately at home in North America. While analyzing whether Gary made the right choice in moving to phallic Toronto from the beautiful dump known as Edmonton in Kensington market, Gary managed enough crepes to produce sufficient gaseous byproduct, again propelling Gary through Baltimore, careening across the continent to San Diego, California, where Gary still huddles, a stone’s throw from Mexico, in the self-similar fractal landmark known as “the lab”, pondering why being born so close to the pacific had not imbue him with the spirit to surf.

Gary writes for panicmanual to keep Gary sane. Without such an outlet sphincter for Gary’s verbal and mental diarrhea, Gary’s imaginary bowel will likely backfill to Gary’s tongue. The unthinkable unleashing of all of Gary’s innards into a non-Newtonian viscous puddle which consists mainly of movies, photographs, and folky music, into a palm-lined pool by an dilapidated shed in La Jolla where some billionaire keep their wives’ Maseratis from the last model year, is just such a long sentence that causes everyone to wonder how many high schools and universities had the misfortune of being so misrepresented. Inconveniently for all, this number is increasing. Gary has been institutionalize more times then Gary cares to count on Gary’s 3 fingers. Remarkably, that is also the number associated with the pronoun: Gary is always in third-person and obsessed with gary-self.