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Concert Review: The Jim Cuddy Band, January 23, Danforth Music Hall

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  During his show at the Danforth Music Hall on Thursday night, Jim Cuddy seemed happy to be playing a hometown show, especially one that was particularly close to home. Cuddy, who lives in the neighbourhood, commented that he walks by the venue all the time and that usually he doesn’t recognize half the bands on the marquee. “Now I’m one of those,” he said, adding that people were probably walking by asking, “Who the hell is Jim Cuddy?” While …

SXSW Song Of The Day: Cloud Rat – Zula

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Photo Credit: Nicholas Sargeant After previously showcasing Jason Hawk Harris’ “Cussing At The Light” and it’s metal-referencing video earlier this week as our SXSW Song Of The Day, the next logical step is of course to highlight one of the actual metal bands that will be appearing at this year’s edition of SouthBy – Michigan grindcore act Cloud Rat. Check out the animated video for Cloud Rat’s “Zula” below. It won’t take long – the song is only 43 seconds …

SXSW Song Of The Day: Jason Hawk Harris – Cussing At The Light

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  Country music and black metal corpsepaint come together at last in the video for Jason Hawk Harris‘ “Cussing At The Light.” The song, taken off of Harris’ debut album Love & The Dark, definitely leans much closer to the sounds of classic country than it does to True Norwegian Black Metal, which makes sense I suppose, but it would also be totally cool if Bloodshot Records started putting out metal albums too. Unlikely, but cool. Coincidentally, cussing at the …

SXSW Song Of The Day: Frances Quinlan – Your Reply

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  Whenever a member of an established band branches out to go solo or release a side project, it generally goes one of two ways – either it ends up sounding very much like their previous work or it goes off in another direction entirely and ends up sounding completely unlike anything they’ve ever done before. In Frances Quinlan’s case, her upcoming solo debut album Likewise splits the difference, with the songs released so far showing off a bit of …