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Song Of The Day: Shadow Show – Charades

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Photo Credit: Colleen Rose “Charades” is a solid blast of Beatlesque garage rock from Detroit three-piece Shadow Show. The track is taken off their latest release Silhouettes and is accompanied by a very Detroit video, featuring a few recognizable landmarks including UFO Factory, Hello Records, and, of course, a place serving up Coney Island dogs. As a non-Detroiter, I’m sure I’m missing a whole bunch, but those are the ones that stood out to me anyways. Shadow Show’s Silhouettes is …

Song Of The Day: Painted Zeros – Commuter Rage

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Photo Credit: Kenneth Bachor A little bit of laughter is appreciated these days. So kudos to Don Giovanni Records for making me laugh last night as I came across the following tweet: For those wondering why we haven’t sent out one of those self-promotional corporate public safety messages yet, its because we here at Don Giovanni Records™ know that people who buy our records have been isolating themselves socially for years and will continue to do so. — Don Giovanni …

Song Of The Day: Astrid Sonne – Area Under A Curve

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Things are bad. I don’t have to tell you things are bad. Yes, I’m borrowing a line from the film Network, but rather than going down the path to Howard Beale-style doomsaying, I’m choosing instead to focus on the things that make us happy (specifically music in this case – we are a music blog after all) in order to distract a bit from all the bad things. And if we’re talking about things that make us happy, Roskilde is …

Concert Review: Ali Barter, March 9, Drake Hotel

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A few songs into Ali Barter‘s set at The Drake on Monday night, an enthusiastic fan shouted out, “So good!” Barter’s response was to tell us all that So Good is the name of a brand of soy milk in Australia, and he in turn took this as an opportunity to tell Barter about bags of milk. Sure, why not. I guess since they were on the general topic of consumer goods, Barter also noted that there’s no more toilet …