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Concert Review: Happyness, May 23, The Garrison

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It’s a bit of a shame that London band Happyness played to a somewhat sparse crowd at the Garrison on Tuesday night – perhaps it was the fact that it was a Tuesday, or that there were several other concert options to choose from throughout the city that night, or maybe it had something to do with the somewhat last minute venue change. Whatever the reason, they put on a solid show regardless, playing a mix of songs from their …

Concert Review: Valley Queen, Laura Marling, May 10, Danforth Music Hall

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During their show at the Danforth Music Hall, LA’s Valley Queen made it clear that they were happy to be playing Toronto with singer Natalie Carol noting that not only was this their first time in the city, but that they were playing their first Canadian shows ever as part of their tour with Laura Marling. As a nod to Canada, the band played their cover of Destroyer’s “Painter in Your Pocket.” “I feel like I have an ongoing musical …

Hot Docs Review: Shiners [Stacey Tenenbaum, 2016]

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Shiners is an interesting look at a line of work that many of us rarely even think about – shoe shining. The film even makes this explicit with the first lines spoken from a man on the street being interviewed:”If I’m being honest, I’ve never thought about shoe shining.” It’s true – I’d imagine most people, if they even notice shoe shiners, are apt to walk past and ignore them, but luckily, director Stacey Tenenbaum took the time to interview …

Hot Docs Preview: Becoming Bond [Josh Greenbaum, 2017]

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Becoming Bond is a light hearted, entertaining film about the life of George Lazenby, the man who became known for famously taking on the role of James Bond for one film and one film only before giving it all up. Told through a series of reenactments and narrated by Lazenby himself, it tells the tale of his early life, how he made his way up from car mechanic to salesman to male model and eventually, to somehow bluffing his way …