Song of the Day: DAIISTAR – Burning Wheel

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DAIISTAR are an Austin-based shoegaze/noise pop band that takes inspiration from the sounds of the ’80s and ’90s. And with the b-side to their debut single “Tracemaker“, the band pays tribute to one of those ’80s/’90s influences with a cover of Primal Scream’s “Burning Wheel.” Check it out below.

Concert Review: Blackbraid, May 27, The Phoenix Concert Theatre

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Let’s face it, print media is a dying form. This is certainly noticeable in the music press in recent years, where despite the occasional blip like Creem magazine coming back from the grave, it’s much more common to see longtime music mags either switch to online only formats (SPIN, NME) or just shut down operations entirely (Q). So it’s a nice change from that pattern to see a magazine that has not only managed to stick around for close to 20 years now, but has even put together a successful touring package of bands featured within its pages.

I’m speaking of course of Decibel Magazine and its Decibel Magazine Tour, which has been going strong for 11 years now. One of the strengths of Decibel as a magazine is the the depth and breadth of their coverage, with acts spanning a wide variety of subgenres, and even the occasional non-metal act (I seem to recall a story on Mogwai a few years back), featured within its pages. Another great thing about their coverage is that rather than just covering the stalwarts of the genre, Decibel will often champion the up and comers or lesser known acts of the metal world. This spirit was definitely seen in the lineup of the latest edition of the Decibel Tour which featured both established acts like Dark Funeral and Cattle Decapitation alongside relative newcomers 200 Stab Wounds and Blackbraid. In fact, of all the acts on the bill, the one that interested me the most was not only the most recently established band, but also the first one up for the evening – Blackbraid.

Blackbraid is the brainchild of Jon Krieger aka Sgah’gahsowáh, and while it’s essentially a one-man solo project with Krieger handling all of the music, in the live setting he focuses completely on vocals and being the frontman, putting on a compelling and energetic performance.

Taking to the stage at the not-terribly-metal hour of 7:00, Blackbraid were lucky enough to be playing to a fairly large crowd for such an early set time – clearly, word has gotten out on the Adirondack-based band, with many in attendance stoked to see their performance.

As they took to the stage to the sounds of traditional indigenous drumming and singing, Blackbraid made it clear from the get-go that their indigenous culture and heritage are a central part of the band’s identity. And tunes like “The Spirit Returns” and “Moss Covered Bones on the Altar of the Moon” clearly show that the band has got the goods live.

Having just formed last year and with only one album to their name (with another on the way very soon – July 7), Blackbraid may have been the rookies on this bill, but they definitely left a strong impression, putting on an incredibly entertaining set and coming on strong with the energy of a headliner rather than the first band up on a four band bill. A friendly reminder that if you’re able to, you should go see the openers. Also? Go buy a magazine.

Song of the Day: Esben and the Witch – A Kaleidoscope

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Today sees the release of Hold Sacred, the latest album from Esben and the Witch. “A Kaleidoscope” is the latest single off the album. Check it out below.

A Kaleidoscope is out now via Nostromo Records.

Song of the Day: Shirley Collins – Hares On The Mountain

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Later this month, UK folk legend Shirley Collins will release her new album Archangel Hill. “Hares On The Mountain,” a reworked version of a song she first recorded with Davy Graham back in 1964, is the latest single to be released off the album. Check it out below.

Archangel Hill is out on May 26 via Domino.