Song of the Day: Tellef Raabe – Next to You

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New Wave has hit Norway! This doozy of a tune feels right at home at any retro night disco you might go to. You know the ones you go to and you suddenly are like “damn I’m old” but then you are like … “fuck it, time knows no bounds” and dance anyway.

Anyways, Tellef Raabe is a Norwegian artist who I know next to nothing about, but who has written this gorgeous pop tune that is now on one of my spotify playlists. His deep voice combined with friendly synths, what appears like two choruses and plenty of handclaps make this an overtly pleasant tune to listen to. I feel like you’ll feel the same when you hear this.

Song of the Day: Mogwai – Party in the Dark

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I’ve had some affinity to Mogwai for a little while now. I had thought them lacking in the vocal department, but that’s kind of an odd statement as they are usually an instrumental outfit. That’s like expecting Einstein to provide you with home-baked patisserie when you visit him in Princeton and take offense at the disappointment, but then profess that it’s his deep physical understanding of the universe that you admire so much.

So here it is, a new single from the upcoming album Every Country’s Sun. Even if the voices were muddled by production of the electronic kind, the Glaswegian devils can indeed sing.

Concert Review: Little Dragon, August 8, 9:30 Club

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I’ve always been a big fan of breakfast for dinner. Pancakes and omelettes are exactly what you need to bring your day to a successful close at 8pm.

Which is why I was so delighted to walk into 9:30 Club and find the lead singer of Little Dragon, Yukimi Nagano, rocking an omelette on her head. The adorable vocalist/very enthusiastic tambourine player was sporting a wide brimmed bright yellow hat of the variety that wraps around the head to preserve your hairstyle and is beloved by gardeners and Moms everywhere. I sort of thought she was going to pull out her phone and start talk-to-texting next.

This complete comfort in her own personal style just made the Swedish lead singer even more engaging, relatable, and lovely. Running, skipping, jumping, and tambourining around the stage like a pro, Nagano breathed out the vocals to the Swedish group’s hits, one after another chock full of bass and synth. Nagano was surrounded by two synth/keyboard players to her left and right, and a drummer in the back, but realistically all eyes were on her, front and center. Halfway through the show, Nagano disappeared and emerged onto the stage in a head to toe netted veil. Working her way through songs from the new album Season High, Nagamo whipped up the crowd into a dancing frenzy in no time (although my favorite dancer was the one in front of me, who linked his hands behind his back in a very grandfatherly way and proceeded to bounce. It was adorable.)

From the edible looking clothing to the ghostly veiled dance party, it was all one big delight.

Song of the Day: The Rebel Light – Where Did All the Love Go

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The Rebel Light isn’t a companion to Budweiser. The band has even beaten us to the punch, having directly printed a beer bottle on their album cover.

Opening with an instrumental chorus that likens to the victory lap theme from a disco movie, “Where Did All The Love Go” is at once bright, warm, and yet very consciously tacky. Just like all summers in the arctics will be from now on, with a side of mosquitoes. Actually, more like a main course of a tera-ton more mosquitoes. And just like a mosquito, it is a resilient ear-worm that has proven difficult to suppress since it first hatched from the sticky, sweaty waters of Summer 2016. Why it’s so enduring will always be a mystery to me, just like why we don’t just gene-drive all mosquitoes into oblivion.

Yes, I am making an indirect, incomplete, and invective comparison between disco, this song and mosquitoes. We don’t know why any of this is necessary: it’s infectious and we all loathe it in some major way but damned we will be if we eradicate it. It’s perhaps just nice to know that you have something familiar to fall back to – even if it does transmit parasites that kill millions of people each year (obviously not this song). Now that is the proper time to ask the question: “Where Did All the Love Go?” Enjoy!