Song Of The Day: Rosie Carney – Tidal Wave

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Ireland’s Rosie Carney first came to my attention back in late 2020 with The Bends, her track for track reinterpretation of Radiohead’s 1995 album. And while it may have been cover songs which initially grabbed my attention, an investigation into her own catalogue finds Carney to be a fine songwriter in her own right. Exhibit A – “Tidal Wave”, the gently melancholy third single off of her upcoming album i wanna feel happy.

i wanna feel happy is out May 27th via Color Study.

Song of The Day: Yoo Doo Right – The Failure Of Stiff, Tired Friends

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Next month, Montreal’s Yoo Doo Right will release their latest full length album A Murmur, Boundless To The East. “The Failure Of Stiff, Tired Friends” is the second single off that album, a beautiful, sprawling post-rock number that really hits its stride at around the midway point when the Morricone-esque guitar makes its appearance and brings on the spaghetti western vibes.

Check out the video for “The Failure Of Stiff, Tired Friends” below.

A Murmur, Boundless To The East is out on June 10th via Mothland Records.

Hot Docs Review: Corrupted (Juan Cifuentes Mera, 2022)

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Not quite a documentary is the strictest sense, Corrupted is based on the real life experiences of a number of psychiatric patients with the effects of electroshock therapy and the resulting memory loss.

The unnamed protagonist of this short film is an amalgam of several of these patients whose sad story unfolds through voiceovers as she comes to terms with the fact that there are things in her life she’ll never remember. She sometimes wakes up not knowing where she is or what time it is. She often feels lonely and detached from her life, and she struggles to recall events from her childhood. Pictures with the faces blacked out and images onscreen becoming semi-pixellated make for effective visual metaphors, illustrating what this must feel like for her.

Memory is a precious thing. In some cases it can also be a tenuous and all too fragile thing. Corrupted is a brief yet poignant portrait of what can happen when one’s memories become just that – corrupted.

Hot Docs Review: Meeting Point (Roberto Baeza, 2022)

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The past never really goes away.

Our pasts shape who we are and can often have an impact on our present day. In the case of Alfredo García and Paulina Costa, the pasts that they must confront in Meeting Point are those of their fathers, both of whom were taken prisoner by Pinochet’s forces in the 1970s. Costa’s father Lucho eventually returned, but Garcia’s father Alfredo Sr, who disappeared when García was only 18 days old, never did.

Now, 45 years later, Garcia and Costa take it upon themselves to investigate and deal with what happened back then through the making of a film which will recreate their fathers’ stories using actors. Through the making of this film within a film, we see Garcia and Costa as they try and reconstruct pieces of their shared family history in the hopes of building a bridge between the past and the present.

While the duo are delving into their fathers’ revolutionary past, we see Chile again enveloped in waves of protest against social inequity under the rule of then-president Sebastián Piñera, thus making the connection between past and present even more explicit. As Costa notes at one point, “Eventually everything happens again. This is happening just as we look back, trying to understand the past, and suddenly, this is in your face.”

Meeting Point is a rather effective and affecting documentary, with director Roberto Baeza drawing the audience in as we follow García and Costa on their journey through the past.