Song of the Day: IVE – Kitsch

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I’ve been quite obsessed with K-pop this year. One of the things I like about Korean’s version of pop music is their complete disregard for sticking to one type of genre in their songs. Frequently a song will change on a dime from standard bubblegum pop fare to add something completely wild and it’s refreshing.
The song “Kitsch” by girl group Ive is a great example. While most of their tunes are pretty much by the template K-pop, “Kitsch” is a confusing bit of a song that endears itself to you after a listen or two.

The track starts out as your normal bubblegum retro sounding K-pop track which, you know, sounds pretty good – full of hooks and catchy vocals. When you hit the chorus though, the track takes a 90 degree turn into something completely different before reverting back.

It was so wild for me when I heard this track, I was like what happened? Did some producer think, “You know what’s good for this moment? CLUB TRACK!” Anyways like I said it eventually endeared itself to me.

Check out the song below.

Song of the Day: MJ Lenderman – Knockin

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“Knockin” is the latest single from MJ Lenderman, out now via ANTI- Records. Check it out below.

Song of the Day: Mick Harvey & Amanda Acevedo – Phantasmagoria in 2

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“Phantasmagoria in 2″ is the latest single from Mick Harvey and Amanda Acevedo, taken off their upcoming collaborative album, Phantasmagoria in Blue.

Their take on the song, originally written and recorded by Tim Buckley, is a beautiful and haunting version and the accompanying video, which sees the pair wandering through the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo, suits the mood of the song perfectly. Check it out.

Phantasmagoria in Blue is due out September 8th, 2023 via Mute.

Song of the Day: MRCH – Easiest to Bend

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“Easiest to bend” is the latest single from Phonix-based shoegaze/dream pop act MRCH, taken from their upcoming EP TV Bliss. Check out the video for “Easiest to Bend” below.

TV Bliss is out on September 29th via Vertex Music Ltd.