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Concert Review: Of Monsters And Men, September 11, Budweiser Stage

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Though I will admit I haven’t yet spent much time with Of Monsters And Men‘s latest album Fever Dream, I do find that the newer stuff doesn’t grab me the way that their debut My Head Is An Animal did – it doesn’t quite have the same warm, folksy vibes as that album. On the other hand, the newer material is not without its own charms and is probably better suited to the larger venues they’re playing these days anyways. And if you’re looking for grabbers, set opener “Alligator” does have a certain immediacy to it.

It’s hard to believe it’s been eight years since the band released their debut album but a quick glance at the calendar confirms that it absolutely has been that long. In the intervening years, they’ve released two more albums and have also moved up in the world, going from playing their very first Toronto show at the El Mocambo all the way to headlining the Budweiser Stage all these years later. Admittedly, this did come as a bit of a surprise to me. I guess the moral of the story here is that unless it’s a mega huge popstar or some legacy act that’s been around for decades, I don’t have the best sense of exactly how popular things are with the masses. So be it.

Even so, Of Monsters And Men put on a rousing performance full of crowd favourites like “Little Talks” and “King And Lionheart” alongside a healthy serving of the newer material and a few off of sophomore album Beneath The Skin and proved that they’re more than capable of holding their own in the big rooms.

Song of the Day: Of Monsters and Men – Alligator

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It has honestly been years since I’ve listened to Of Monsters and Men. My instinctual reaction was a shocking reminder of that temporal alienation. Two of their new singles, “Wars” and “Wild Roses”, are as far-removed from the jangling, cobblestone path of folk goodness of “Lakehouse” as presidential tweets are from essays on the principles of responsible governance. This is, of course, my fault for not keeping up. Have I really aged so much to lose both my hearing and the taste for change? In order to claw back some semblance of courage, I present to you, Florida’s state reptile.

“Alligator” is the transitional fossil on their third album Fever Dream, that I use to assuage myself how people have not abandoned evolution in favor of instantaneous transformation. Traces of “Little Talks” can be found here and there. But if you still dig that folksy feeling, it would take much more than unearthing an early 20th century picture of 4 Nordic men. This is a very short introduction to the new species Of Monsters and Men: moody and prone to outbursts, yet still full of raw energy. I do like the 2:15 tone change in “Alligator”, far be it from me to subject all of us to the well-advertised-surprise explosion of emotions/volume in “Wild Roses”. Looking at their performance on Jimmy Fallon was all the proof that I needed: as their sound system crackled, what would have destroyed a folk song simply enhanced the new single, and it felt like the transformation was complete.

Song Of The Day: Of Monsters And Men – Slow And Steady

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Of Monsters and Men, Cedar Street Courtyard Filter Showdown

You say: Of Monsters and Men. Everyone (and their mother) says: Little Talks. It’s great when a band’s song takes off on that semi-universal level. Scoring that mainstream hit makes sure good bands get propelled to the big leagues , which is always great to see (and hear). BUT. What of the other songs? In this instance, what of Slow and Steady? Lesser known but just as well-done as Little Talks, Slow and Steady is a great track. It’s catchy yet soothing. Not overly poppy, yet definitely uplifting. Basically 5 minutes of great rhythm and vocals. Worth a listen for sure.

Song of the Day/A look into the art of the “small talk”: Of Monsters and Men: Little Talk

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Of Monsters And Men

Small talk. It’s something every one does multiple times a day and invariably, it’s just noise we use to fill an otherwise awkward space. How many times do you see someone in passing and say “hey, how’s it going” or “how are you?” just because eye contact was made? It’s almost automatic for us.

Also automatic are our responses. Over the years we have finely honed our answers to these responses. Most people say something like “I’m good” or “I’m alright” and then that is the end of the conversation. Everyone feels good and they go on in their merry way.

Which brings me to a few days ago. I was at work just going to get coffee when a fellow coworker came from an opposite direction also going for coffee.

Small talk time.

For some reason I had already anticipated him asking either “how’s it going” or “how are you” to which I already predetermined to answer with “good”

Instead it went like this:

me: “hey!”
him: “what’s up?”
me: “good”

So in conclusion, I’m an idiot.

Here’s a song called “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men. It actually has nothing to do with what I wrote, but whatever.