Best Ways to Make New Friends in a New City

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So Celeste and I conveniently switched cities (still a sore subject – let’s not talk about it) and we’ve had to make new friends. Making new friends when you’re in kindergarden is fun. Making friends in your 20s and 30s? It’s terrible. So, we’ve put together a handy-dandy list of the best ways to make new friends in a new city for all y’all who are contemplating a city switch or just wanna ditch your homies. If you think of any others we’re missing, please let us know. We’re still struggling:

1) Loudly Announce your Costco Membership Everywhere You Go.
At a certain age, the allure of a trip to Costco starts to outweigh the allure of free shows and club entrances. We are at that age. Nothing can perk up interest in a bar/Metro car/sidewalk faster than a casual (but very loud and well articulated) mention of your Costco membership and ability/willingness to bring guests. Industrial-size goodies for everyone!

2) Offer Candy to Strangers.
Gum. Werthers. Lifesavers. Homemade cookies. Keep these in your (man)purse, pockets, and/or briefcase and offer them indiscriminately, early and often. Although we’ve all been taught as children not to take candy from strangers, apparently that rule becomes moot when you’re a bored millennial looking for a snack. You’ll find yourself surrounded by friends … or at least people looking for a way to freshen their breath.

3) Pull out a Flip Phone.
Whether it’s working or not, people LOVE to see a good ol’ flip phone. Offer to let them give it a flip, throw it on the ground, or pretend it’s a walkie-talkie. All amazing party tricks – and for $3 on ebay. A steal.

4) Be Nice.
All right, here comes our moralizing. As some of you may know, the world has had a rough year (or 5). It would be nice … if people could just be nice. So next time you find yourself wanting to hit an idiot over the head – don’t. Be nice.

That’s it. Happy 2018!

Concert Review: Sean Rowe, December 15, DC9

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A Visit from Sean Rowe:

‘Twas mid-December, when all through DC,

The snow was falling, it was cold and icy.

Christmas lights were hung in all the bars everywhere,

In hopes that decorations would give a festive air.

The drinkers were drinking, all cozy and slurred,

While their vision danced about (everything was a bit blurred).

And I in my snow boots, with a belly full of wine,

Hustled my butt along U street to get to DC9.

When I entered the club, but ‘lo, what a sound!

Sean Rowe was rumbling through his set, guitar chords did abound.

I ran up the stairs, my cheeks all aglow,

As Sean finished up “The Very First Snow.”

And then what to my wondering eyes did appear?

But a lumberjack man with a glorious beard.

He got a little jazzy on the next song for sure,

When he belted out “Desiree,” true and pure.

He ended things with a bang with his single “Little Man”

It’s the sweetest song, give it a listen if you can.

He sent us off into the street of dazzling white,

With a ‘Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!’

(Not really, I just needed it to rhyme – but we did all have a really good time).

Song Of The Day: Elbow – Golden Slumbers

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Having already released the Little Fictions album back in February, Elbow have just recently released their second album this year, a Best Of collection.

It’s a time honoured tradition and singer Guy Garvey has noted that “Best Ofs are a good way of introducing new fans to a big back catalogue.” I have to wonder though who exactly it is that they’re hoping to introduce to their catalogue through The Best OF Elbow. Other than completists, longtime fans surely have pretty much everything already and as for new fans, well, they’ve all got the internet and all of the streaming services and/or illegal means to obtain said recordings available at their fingertips. So who is this for? Considering that the main draw on this release is the band’s version of The Beatles’ “Golden Slumbers,” newly recorded for UK department store chain John Lewis’ latest Christmas ad, it’s likely that they’re making a play for the stocking stuffer set with this one. And the completists.

While I may question the need for Best Of/Greatest Hits style collections in today’s music market, there’s no question that Elbow have done the Fab Four justice with their take on the Abbey Road classic. The band have just released a video to accompany the song featuring footage from the Michel Gondry-directed ad along with some behind the scenes stuff. Check it out:

“The Best Of” tracklist:

Standard Version:
Grounds for Divorce
Magnificent (She Says)
Lippy Kids
One Day Like This
The Bones of You
My Sad Captains
Leaders of the Free World
Fugitive Motel
New York Morning
Great Expectations
The Birds
Scattered Black and Whites
bonus track
Golden Slumbers

Deluxe Version (bonus tracks):

Any Day Now
Fly Boy Blue / Lunette
Weather to Fly
Station Approach
Switching Off
Little Fictions
This Blue World
Kindling (Fickle Flame) featuring John Grant
Puncture Repair
The Night Will Always Win
The Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver
Dear Friends

Song Of The Day: Snail Mail – Thinning

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The end of the year is the time when everyone starts compiling their lists of all the best stuff that came out over the past 12 months, but it’s also a great time to catch up on all the stuff you didn’t hear and to delve deeper into things that you heard but never quite took the time to get into. Snail Mail is one such band.

As far as I know, the band, led by 18 year old Lindsey Jordan, didn’t even release anything this year (their Habit EP came out in 2016) but this year is when they first caught my attention, having seen them opening for Priests back in February and catching a song or two in passing during SXSW last March. While they definitely impressed with their live show, I sort of forgot about them for awhile and was only reminded of the band recently via the Tiny Desk Concert they filmed back in September.

“Thinning” is a standout track from the band, exuding a sort of youthful energy while simultaneously sounding kind of bored (I mean that as the best kind of compliment, of course). At times, Jordan bring to mind Land Of Talk’s Liz Powell as well as Mary Timony (of Helium/Wild Flag/Ex hex fame and also Johnson’s guitar teacher). That’s definitely some good company to be in.