Song Of The Day: Yawners – La Escalera

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We continue through our rundown of acts that were meant to play this year’s SXSW but couldn’t for, well, obvious reasons. And today, that act is Madrid-based band Yawners, who grabbed my attention with their fun, energetic indie rock sounds.

While most of the songs on the band’s debut LP Just Calm Down are sung in English, “La Escalera” stands out as the lone Spanish language track on the album. It also stands out for being catchy as hell. Check out the video below.

Yawners’ Just Calm Down is out now on La Castanya.

Song Of The Day: Kills Birds – Jesus Did

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Photo credit: Michelle Laine

Normally around this time of the year, Panic Manual would have just wrapped up our coverage of SXSW and all the great music we saw (and food that we ate) over the course of a week in Austin. But of course these are not normal times, and the spread of COVID-19 led to the cancellation of this year’s edition of SXSW as well as every other live music event in the coming months that’s not being streamed from someone’s bedroom.

However, while the festival didn’t happen, I did still spend an inordinate amount of time scouring the lineup beforehand looking for new bands to check out so I may as well continue to shine a spotlight on some of the acts that I may very well have seen in some alternate universe where the festival did indeed go ahead as planned.

And of all the bands initially scheduled to play, one of the most exciting discoveries for me personally was Kills Birds. While the band’s name didn’t grab me at first glance, I was immediately taken with the band once I heard the visceral, driving sound of “Jesus Did” taken off the L. A. band’s self-titled debut album. Check out the video for “Jesus Did,” starring the band and a whole bunch of goats, below.

Song Of The Day: Shadow Show – Charades

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Photo Credit: Colleen Rose

“Charades” is a solid blast of Beatlesque garage rock from Detroit three-piece Shadow Show. The track is taken off their latest release Silhouettes and is accompanied by a very Detroit video, featuring a few recognizable landmarks including UFO Factory, Hello Records, and, of course, a place serving up Coney Island dogs. As a non-Detroiter, I’m sure I’m missing a whole bunch, but those are the ones that stood out to me anyways.

Shadow Show’s Silhouettes is out now on Burger Records. Check out the video for “Charades” below.

Song Of The Day: Painted Zeros – Commuter Rage

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Photo Credit: Kenneth Bachor

A little bit of laughter is appreciated these days. So kudos to Don Giovanni Records for making me laugh last night as I came across the following tweet:

As someone who has enjoyed a fair amount of the music put out by that label, I would say that this assessment of their audience (or at least me) is not entirely inaccurate. And so in honour of this tweet which amused me, I will now shine the spotlight on Don Giovanni, and specifically on Painted Zeros.

The band, led by Katie Lau, is set to release its new album When You Found Forever on May 29 via Don Giovanni. “Commuter Rage,” the lead single off the album, is a catchy piece of indie rock with lyrics that express Lau’s frustration with “this toxic culture” that we live in and her hopes that things could change if only she were in charge:

If I were socialized like these jerks who believe that they’re gifts from god,
and my words and opinions were half as heard as yours, man,

I could transform this
toxic culture
to be your
benevolent overlord
I’d take over
this shitty world
and be your
benevolent overlord.

I, for one, welcome our new Painted Zeros overlords. Bring it on.