Song Of The Day: David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels feat. Eddie Argos – The Songs That Changed Our Lives

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Can a song change your life? We’ve all got songs in our lives that we might consider life changing. Songs that mean something to us, songs that define a certain time in our lives, songs that stand the test of time and will be forever ingrained in our memories. So yeah, I’d say it’s pretty fair to say that a song could quite possibly change one’s life. David Newton and Eddie Argos would certainly agree. During their time in, respectively, The Mighty Lemon Drops and Art Brut, both have written a few songs themselves that have probably had a big impact on many.

“The Songs That Changed Our Lives”, the new single off of David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels‘ upcoming album A Gateway To A Lifetime Of Disappointment, has a simple, but strong premise – it’s lyrics are a laundry list of the songs that had an impact on Newton throughout his life (though far from a definitive one – Newton admits that he “just picked the ones that rhymed”). That those lyrics are delivered by Eddie Argos, the same man who once enthusiastically shouted out “Modern art makes me want to rock out!” only helps to seal the deal.

Check out the video for “The Songs That Changed Our Lives” below. And then go check out all of the songs referenced in the lyrics. You’re welcome.

Song Of The Day: Suzanne Vallie – High With You

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From the opening notes of her debut album Love Lives Where Rules Die, Big Sur’s Suzanne Vallie draws the listener in with an easygoing, warm, and welcoming sound. Her music – mellow, countryish, at times somewhat spacey – definitely has a strong California vibe, hearkening back to the ’60s and ’70s heyday of the Laurel Canyon scene.

While the album is full of highlights such as “Sundowner” and “Love Letter”, one track that stands out in particular is “High With You.” With its rambling, stream of consciousness lyrics and a sound that falls somewhere between Big Thief and Rickie Lee Jones, it seems like it would be a lot of fun to hear performed live. Hopefully it won’t be too long before that’s able to happen.

Suzanne Vallie’s Love Lives Where Rules Die is out now on Night Bloom Records.

Song Of The Day: ShitKid – waste of time

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Much like practically everyone else, Åsa Söderqvist’s plans for 2020 have certainly turned out differently than expected. When things took a sharp turn for the worse earlier this year, Söderqvist’s band ShitKid were already in the midst of a series of U.S. tourdates leading up to an expected appearance at SXSW which, of course, never did happen. Since then, the band have made it safely back home to Stockholm, released a soundtrack album (for the documentary Always Amber), and seen the departure of longtime bassist Lina Molarin Ericsson. And now, with plenty of time on her hands, Söderqvist has recorded yet another album, the upcoming 20/20 ShitKid. So all things considered, ShitKid has kept herself pretty busy.

After delving into heavier, grunge-influenced sounds on January’s Duo Limbo/”Mellan himmel å helvete” (wow, January already seems like a lifetime ago), 20/20 ShitKid sees Shitkid returning to the synth-based sounds of earlier recordings. “Waste of time” is the first single off the album, which is out August 21 via PNKSLM Recordings. Check it out below.

Song of the Day: Torres – Gracious Day

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20130928 Torres

“Gracious Day” is a simple, stripped down and beautiful song from Silver Tongues, the latest record from Torres. How good is it? It’s good enough for me to rise from the ashes to present you with a music post.

Here’s a version of the song recorded last year. Check it out. It’s on Spotify and Google Music and RDIO and Pandora and Orbit and Myspace.

Live In Berlin, a recording of Torres’ final show this year “before the world slowed down” is out today via Merge Records.