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erykah badu’s kids are named ‘seven’ and ‘puma’

Drunk bear

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Raptors ie. Team World

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Recently, me and two buddies decided to get Sprite zone packs for the upcoming Raptors season. It is more or less 13 bucks a game, so you can’t go wrong. Here are the games

10/22/06 – Preseason – Cleveland Cavaliers
- a little Lebron action, watching doc gooden play basketball is like watching a retard trying to operate a computer..its painful

11/10/06 – Atlanta Hawks
- I get to cringe everytime I see Josh Childress shoot, although this year I won’t get to count how many times Josh Smith stuffs Rafael Araujo. Who’s our whipping boy this year? I say Kris Humphreys.

12/10/06 – Portland Jailblazers
- Seeing how half the team is like 21, I guarantee we will destroy this team, since they’ll be partying it up hard Saturday nite. Brandon Roy and LaMarcus will be interesting though.

12/29/06 – Chicago Bulls
- Nocioni, Wallace and Ben Gordon will be fun to watch, maybe Big Ben will have a Christmas fro.

1/17/06 – Sacramento Kings
- I feel pity for the fan that throws a beer at Ron Artest

1/26/07 – Boston Celtics
- I feel pity for Paul Pierce, who has a midget for a point guard and a shoe model for a second scoring option.

2/9/07 – LA Lakers
- Kobe = 100 pts

3/2/07 – Milwaukee Bucks
- CV vs TJ will have settled by now

3/16/07 – Houston Rockets
- All the Chinaman will be here to represent Yao, and all lazy eyed people will be here to represent T-Mac..and all white washed black men will be here to represent Shane Battier

4/01/07 – Charlotte Bobcats
- Funny how Adam Morrison makes this team kinda on ‘want to watch’ list. by now he’s either boom or bust

4/18/07 – Philadelphia 76ers
- What are the odds AI is still on this team by then? What are the odds Chris Webber will be injured? What are the odds that a Kyle Korver – Ashton Kutcher comparison will be made?


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