Season 1, Episode 2

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My second podcast is up. I think it went a bit more smoothly then my first one did.


*note: my voice might be a bit higher volume then the music.

1. The Infadels – Murder That Sound
2. The Automatic – Recover
3. I’m From Barcelona – Treehouse
4. The Feeling – Sewn
5. Chad VanGaalen – Clinically Dead
6. Rachel Stevens – Some Girls
7. Communique – Perfect Weapon

Mr. Perfect

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somehow, he came up in a conversation i had with a friend…

S: no one’s life is perfect
R: except mr.perfect..but he’s dead…so maybe not

Which reminds me of the wonderful skits he used to do for the wwf back in the day, when i was 10.

Robot Chicken

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I just saw this show for the first time this weekend, and it is fantastic. It’s a bit on the WTF side, but the laughs per minute rate of this show is insanely high.

Here is an example of the show:

and this one

Season 1, Episode 1

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Episode 1

Yeah, I have created a podcast. It was terribly hard and tedious to do, as I am uncomfortable talking into a computer. I don’t know if /when I will do one again, so save this might be worth money.

Oh. it is during this recording that I realized I say mmm and umm a lot. So I guess I learned something.

1. Derek Humphrey – Albertian Soccer Star
2. Danielson – Did I Step On Your Trumpet
3. Peter, Bjorn and John – Young Folks
4. Violent Femme – Blister in the Sun
5. Voxtrot – Raised By Wolves
6. Hope of the States – Sing it Out
7. Little Man Tate – Man, I Hate Your Band
8. Suede – Europe is My Playground