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i have to say, i recommend this coffee machine to anyone looking for one. work put it in a couple weeks ago and it is splendid.

Loverly Machine

err nevermind its like 4 grand.

Injury War!! which is worse

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Graphic. yup.

John Terry vs Arsenal


Shaun Livingston vs his Knee

oscar: running commentary..sorta

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orignally there were plans for me and some peeps to meet up at a bar (where i went last year) to watch this. i dont really care about the show itself too much, but i won a dvd there last year and was kinda eager to defend my crown for picking award show winners, despite seeing maybe 5% of the actual movies.

however it was miserable outside, so i stayed in and kinda watched the show. my interest level dropped severely after the first hour and i was doing other things while randomly catching whats going on…


Running Commentary:

8:30 - hmm nice ipod commercial. err, i mean opening segment. It was pretty well done i guess, since it wasn’t too boring. (my roommate says that means the editing was good)

8:35: – this is ellen degeneres not being funny..

8:41: – steve carell’s facial reaction was funnier then the whole monologue
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Arcade Fire

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Its absurd how much people are willing to pay for arcade fire tickets. This has got to be a record for a band that hasn’t been around for longer then a few years.



Should be a good show though