Mad Max

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I guess I am going to the Highland Games this weekend with a few buddies in some little town of Maxville. It should be a fun time. I wonder if I’m the only Asian there. I really don’t know what to expect other then some sort of beer tent and my friends indoor swimming pool.

Soccer was frustrating last night as the field was just atrocious. The ground was so hard we might as well have played on cement. My left heel hurts like a mofo and Im pretty sure im limping cos of it. I’m getting pretty into this whole soccer sport as a whole and really want to improve at it, but I guess I’ll have to play more, as sometimes what I think should happen doesnt happen because I just haven’t had enough practice. Case in point, as I was making a run, there was this guy standing still and I wanted to flick the ball over his head with my toe and then run pass him, unfortunately, I only flicked it to his stomach and my run ended there…so frustrating.

The two new albums that I listened to yesterday were both pretty good. (The Duels debut album and the new Spearmint album). Today maybe I will listen to the Gossip cd..and the Sparklehorse one
Samuel Jackson as a Hockey Coach

Potential Futures

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Well, this is my first post on my new blog since my last blog ( got wiped out clean. I had put so much work onto that site, and when it got, that was crushing.

I can’t get that Nelly Furtado song out of my head, I’m not even sure its a good song but its pretty catchy. Me and my friend Nick were joking about how its probably songs Missy Elliot dismissed, or couldn’t really sing (based on the Timbaland influence). I think I still like Nelly Furtado better from the “I am a bird” phase; it’ll be interesting to see whether she can pull off the club skank as well as the Britney and Christina types.

Currently listening to the debut cd from some UK band called The Duels. I hope it is good, as most stuff coming from overseas this season has been disappointing.

CD Compilations

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o every week or so, i send out some random mp3s i like to a bunch of people i know, the recipient list about 40-45 people, although i doubt even half of the people there listen to the stuff i send out.

anyway, a friend suggested i do a all time ‘best of’ compilations (since i’ll send out a compilation every once and awhile). this would be a great idea if it wasnt such a brain cramp..also itd be tough not filling that with pulp/suede mix.

the main problem lies with new songs, some new songs im sure i really like right now..but will i like them in 2010? 2015? i mean, disco 2000 is arguably my favorite song and its still high on the rotation after 10 years. ..yet there are some new songs i really like now..

i probably think too much on subjects like this.