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Song of the Day: Imagine Dragons – On Top of the World

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A while back, Lauren, one of the esteemed Panic Manual writers, compared Django Django to cilantro, opening my eyes to the rich comparisons that can be made between two of my favorite things: food and music.

So, because imitation is the best form of flattery, I’ll now copy Lauren and compare one of my new top songs, “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons, to Chex Mix. The tune’s got a bit of everything good: whistling, clapping, upbeat vocals, and a great chorus. I’m honestly not sure if, at the end of the day, it’s a sad song or not (there’s definitely mention of lost love and falling low… but the last line is simply: Get up now, get up now, get up now). Overall, though, I can say for sure it’s a unique blend of hipster and Caribbean, reminding me of everyone’s favorite sweet and salty snack mix. I’m still debating whether hipsters are the sweet or salty component. Important things to ponder while I listen to the song on repeat.

NXNE Song of the Day: White Rabbits – I Had it Coming

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White Rabbits have long since departed from the frantic cabaret-esque, piano heavy sound of 2007’s Fort Nightly. Milk Famous, released March 6, 2012, features producer Mike McCarthy, who frequently works with Spoon. Following a similar suit to Spoon’s Transference, the songs feature abstract and sparse guitar work with simple, effective drum beats, which gives them a raw and unpolished sound. White Rabbits have included a lot more synth work in this album, sometimes making it hard to believe you’re listening to the same band from five years ago. In their case, this feels like the true progression of a band that refuses to be pigeon holed. The last track on Milk Famous, “I Had It Coming”, is a good example of this. With nothing but a beat and a soft reverb to the vocals, it starts small but builds up, the beat increasing in volume, the piano work coming in more frequently as the song progresses. The song has a nice new wave and French Kicks sound to it. Check White Rabbits out Thursday June 14, at 9:00pm, at Virgin Mobile Mod Club.

NXNE Song Of The Day: Bleached – Think Of You

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If I could lead any life I wanted, no restraints, I would abandon all of my worldly belongings, fly down to Washington DC, grab my sister,and spend the rest of my days touring the world in a sister duo indie rock band.

Unfortunately this pipe dream eludes me because my sister and I lack any musical talent. Luckily for sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin, the two main members of the rock n’ roll, post-punk band Bleached, they have the musical goods necessary in spades. Check out the grunge-inspired, peppy, retro “Think of You.”

The band is playing June 14th, 15th, and 16th at the Silver Dollar Room. If you happen to go to the show and meet the band, pass along the message that Halley and Celeste are super jealous.

In addition to their SIlver Dollar shows, Bleached are also playing on a boat(!) as part of NXNE’s Bruise Cruise on Saturday, June 16th

NXNE Song Of The Day: Still Life Still – Wild Bees

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If you’re ever looking for a band that brings the love and community of music together, it’s Still Life Still.

Born and bred in Toronto (East York more specifically), Still Life Still have been making music together for well over a decade. They live and breathe music, and after years of playing every venue, several times a week, Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene and record label Arts and Crafts took them on, produced their album and signed them. It was a true example that working hard, putting in your time and passionately pursuing your dream (as cliché as it sounds) works out, and the entire album is a labor of love.

The song “Wild Bees” off of debut album Girls Come Too is a soft, harmony-rich song. It paints a beautiful landscape with its lines “Asleep in the valley yeah the leaves all pulse, I see the quiet edges where we all live on”, with Brendan Saarinen and Eric Young’s smooth matching vocals and guitars, they build up with a haunting intensity repeating the lines “then you disappear, is your ghost still there?”.

Still Life Still is playing the Arts and Crafts showcase at the Rivoli on June 14th at 1:00am. Look forward to hearing new songs that will be featured on the long awaited follow up that they have just finished recording.