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Song of the Day: Ben Gibbard – Ichiro’s Theme

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Yesterday’s trade of Ichiro to the New York Yankees marked an end of an era. At the age of 39, there is no doubt that Ichiro’s days as a Major Leaguer were coming to an end and facing another dismal season, the Mariners sent him to a contending team in hopes of getting him that elusive ring. I happened to be living in Vancouver the summer that Ichiro arrived on this side of the Atlantic and it was pandemonium. I think I made three or four trips to Seattle that summer and Ichiro-mania made everyone forget about Ken Griffey Jr. His playing style was unlike anything anyone had ever seen, the batting stance, the speed he had and the cannon arm quickly made him one of the most unique players in the history of baseball. I still remember seeing him beat out a grounder to second. It was nuts. Obviously, I was a fan.

You know who else was a fan? Ben Gibbard.

The long time Mariner fan apparently wrote this ode to Ichiro a few years ago, but released it last night when the trade was announced. It’s classic Gibbard and really, extremely catchy track. Check it out.

Song of the Day: King Tuff – Alone and Stoned

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Summer anthems come in many varieties. You have your too cool for school chill tracks (Friendly Fire’s Paris [Aeroplane Remix] ), straight up club tracks (Dizzee Rascal’s Holiday) and then you have your nostalgic wave lo-fi rock track. King Tuff‘s short ode to paraphernalia – Alone and Stoned fits that bill nicely.

The project of Kyle Thomas, King Tuff’s Alone and Stoned breezy garage guitars and playful lyrics brings me back to the more innocent days of youth. When you are old like me, that’s all that matters. King Tuff’s second album came out sometime this summer and is his first off sub pop. It’s pretty good and this is one of the standout tracks. Check it out.

Song of the Day: Sparkadia – Mary

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Sparkadia is an Australian rock outfit and the brainchild of some guy whose name is Alexander Burnett. I’m not sure what else there is to know about them aside from they are somewhat popular in Australia. Speaking of Australia, I was watching BBC2’s Secrets of our Living Planet yesterday and found out that feral cats and dogs are ruining the ecosystem in Australia because there were no cats native to Australia and so they have become killing machines of native Australian animals down there. They HATE cats down there. I wonder if Australians get sick of pictures of kittens everywhere these days. Check out this clip

Waaaaay off course. Anyways, Sparkadia released a single last year called “Mary” off their sophomore record The Great Impression and it’s pretty good. The track reminds me of something Muse would have wrote in the early part of last decade – a bit overly dramatic with a definite rock touch that doesn’t derail into a parody of itself. It’s definite got an stadium rock anthem feel to it, if anything.

Check it out.

Also, if you want a description of this song that solely comprises of comparisions to other bands, check out this link.

Song of the Day: Midi Matilda – Love & The Movies

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After watching Midi Matilda’s newest music video, Love & the Movies, I’ve come to believe that the band laid out the following conditions before starting the project:

1) They wanted to live the American dream while filming it (if rocking out on a guitar/drum set to a Springsteen reminiscent track while being pulled by a pick-up truck through fields of corn isn’t the American dream then I don’t know what is.)

2) They wanted to be having maximum levels of fun in every single shot. (If someone asked me to explain the meaning of the phrase “pure joy” I would just play this video and point to the drummer’s face.)

3) Non-negotiable: they need a ridiculously cool stringless electric guitar and two spotlights.

4) Oh yeah, and they figured they’d include a killer track that just gets better with each playing.

Check. They got all of them: