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Cover of the Day: Holmes – You Dropped A Bomb On Me (Gap Band Cover)

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It’s not often a classic 80s disco track gets covered, so LA via NYC singer-songwriter Holmes took it upon himself to cover this Gap Band hit.

Originally a funk track, Holmes puts his own spin on it, trading in the funk sound for a more introspective, slower paced track. The spin on the original song almost makes the track sound entirely new. Holmes has an album of covers called… Covers. Check that out if you like this track.

Obligatory Holiday Song Post: Emmy The Great & Tim Wheeler – Home For The Holidays

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It often seems that celebrity couples always release Christmas tracks around Christmas time. Maybe it’s a cash grab or maybe it’s an easy way to get your product on the radio. I don’t know. Some recent examples would be Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman and Zoey Deschanel and M.Ward (c’mon, they probably fooled around). This particular track comes from two artists I adore and respect. Unbeknownst to me, Emmy The Great has been dating Tim Wheeler (of Ash) for quite sometime now and so it would only make sense for them to commemorate their favorite time of year with a duet album. The album, called “This is Christmas” is quite good for a Christmas album and this is one of the tracks off of it, so grab an egg-nog, put on some dorky sweaters and give this track a ole spin around.

Remix of the Day: Plushgun – I Like It (Buffetlibre remix)

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Plushgun is a Brooklyn based electronic/new wave/indie band (aren’t they all these days) from the proud city of Brooklyn (aren’t they all from there these days). You might have heard of them a few years back when their song “Just Impolite” was featured on the ill fated faux MTV reality show The City. Remember when The Hills was all the rage? Funny how MTV’s television success transitioned from a bunch of rich Los Angeles teenagers to a bunch of idiot Jersey based party animals.

Anyways, it has been a few years for the group and they are back with a new album and a new single. The song “I Like It” is the first single off this record and it gets the Buffet Libre treatment. As with most Buffet Libre remixes, soaring synthesizers, dreamy ambiance and that ’80s-based New Years Eve party vibe are introduced to the song, which is already quite catchy in the first place. Check it out.

Song of the Day: Discovery – Swing Tree

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Discovery is the brainchild of Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend and Wesley Miles of Ra Ra Riot – although if I had to guess before I Googled, I would have put my money on a collaboration between Regina Spektor and MGMT, with their melding of effortless (and sometimes dolphin sound-esque) lyrics backed by some addictive indietronica.

In any case, it made me really happy when I learned that two artists from two of my favorite bands had collaborated and had created their own, entirely distinct and beautiful sound. Give “Swing Tree” off their 2009 LP album a listen.