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NXNE Song Of The Day: Andre Williams & The Sadies – I’ll Do Most Anything For Your Love

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My 12th grade English teacher once made the statement that modern music lacked vitality. In her words, when she turned on the radio in her time, “a revolution came out of the speakers” whereas she thought that contemporary music was frivolous and shallow. While I disagree with her (I defy anyone to listen to the likes of Andrew Bird or Fleet Foxes and call them frivolous and shallow), I do think there’s much to be gained by collaboration between older and younger artists, and I think that the collaboration between Andre Williams and The Sadies is a perfect example. The Torontonians and the Midwesterner teamed up for the album “Night & Day”, and they’ll be playing together at NXNE

“I’ll do most anything for your love” is a nice sample from the album, with the Sadies supplying the alt-country infused instrumentals while Williams brings it home with his infectious and surprisingly moving lyrics/rhyming couplets. My only judgment against the song is that I had to listen to it a couple of times before I stopped expecting Meatloaf to bust in and end the line with “but I won’t do that.” The group is playing at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern June 15th if you like what you hear.

NXNE Song Of The Day: Chang-A-Lang: Listen Up Buttercup

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Chang-A-Lang, a Toronto-based trio, has achieved the dream of every twitter-user ever – to be pithy and witty. I can find absolutely nothing on this band besides the following three factoids: the band’s biography is, “WE PLAY! YOU DANCE! CHANG-A-LANG!!! CHANG-A-LANG!!!CHANG-A-LANG!!!”, the band’s interests are, “Watching Golden Girls reruns, playing rock with the roll and Busch beer”, and their influences include ‘foxtrot, electric guitar, communism, the metric system and wedding photos’.

Love it. I’m also really enjoying “Listen Up Buttercup” on their album “No Clean Rock-N-Roll.” Check it out.

Chang-A-Lang play The Hard Luck Bar Saturday June 16th at 10:00pm as part of NXNE

Song of the Day: Battles – Ice Cream

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There’s little better than efficient creativity – and Battles has that combination down. The rock group blew listeners away with its first album, Mirrored, in 2007. Shortly after came Gloss Drop – and now (enter the efficient creativity component) – welcome Dross Glop. The band’s latest creation is unique, yet capitalizes on the second album’s tracks by remixing all of its original tracks via guest remixers including The Field, Kode9, and Qluster.

The result? Awesomeness.

My favorite track on the new album is probably Ice Cream from Dross Glop 4 (the album was released as a four-part 12” series), remixed by Brian DeGraw of Gang Gang Dance. The tempo is varied, the vocals are a fun ingredient in the mix, and the tune will have you twitching, if not full out dancing, well before its 4:07 run is over.

It’s worth checking out all the tracks on this compilation – and the artwork besides (which is another efficiently creative masterpiece: the artists have taken Gloss Drop’s original cover art and spattered it with different hues – another very cool ‘remix.’)

This band has definitely made its mark and continues to do so. They’re on the go so check them out when they’re nearest to you.

6/2 – Chicago, IL @ The Bottom Lounge
6/3 – Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
6/4 – Millvale, PA @ Mr. Smalls Theatre
6/5 – Columbus, OH @ Outland Live
6/6 – Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts
6/7 – Detroit, MI @ St. Andrews Hall
6/9 – Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo
6/10 – Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle
6/11 – Washington, DC @ Black Cat
6/12 – Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre of Living Arts
6/23 – Denver, CO @ Westword Music Showcase

May the 4th Song of the Day: Arab Strap – Ben Kenobi Theme

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May the 4th.

Time to get your nerd on.

Today is international celebrate Star Wars day. I think I’ve seen 4-5-6 at least ten times each. It captured my imagination as a kid and who didn’t pretend they had a light saber at some point.

Arab Strap is a Scottish indie act perhaps best known for being the subject of the Belle and Sebastian song Boy With the Arab Strap. They did release a few good albums as well. Anyway, it’s clear that either Aidan Moffat or Malcolm Middleton were big Star Wars fan because they did this cover of the famous John Williams tune for their Cherubs EP. It seems more westernish then the original. Still, very good.

Check it out.