SXSW Song of the Day: Sun and the Wolf – Precipice

I have had a limited sampling of German pop music, introduced to me by a German (whose first choice when working late was, oddly, Commodores’ “Nightshift”…) and while I’m not well-versed enough in music to identify or explain it, the opening minute of “Precipice” instantly reminded me of Germany.

Curiously, then, Sun and the Wolf is composed of three Berlin transplants from New Zealand. It may be the cautious and deliberate pace, or the minimalist sound space. And of course once you set eyes on the style of the music video, the diagnosis, “hell will have to freeze over before North America considers this kosher” is all but cemented. It is nonetheless an interesting and oddly addicting track. I just can’t agree with the leotards though. Never leotards.

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