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SXSW Song of the Day: Team Me – Show Me

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What’s come out of Norway recently?

If you are ignorant like me, you wouldn’t really know.

Well it’s time to make ourselves better people by familiarizing ourselves with bands from other countries. Meet Team Me a young looking band (although the guy second from the left looks like the dude from Summer Heights High) from Norway who seem to excel at writing catch orchestral pop tunes. Their debut record “To The Treetops!” comes out in a few weeks and this is one of the tracks off the record. They will be making the journey to Austin, Texas to showcase their craft and if their record is like this track, it’ll be worth your time to check it out.

Song of the day: Midi Matilda – Day Dreams

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If, like me, you love synchronized dance moves, stop motion animation and enthusiastic drummers with Wild Thing hair, you cannot fail to love Midi Matilda’s instantaneously captivating “Day Dreams.”

This up and coming San Franciscan duo took 3,300 pictures of themselves in the studio performing Day Dreams, and then projected them onto thousands of surfaces around the city at night. It’s a simple and fun idea that gives the band a leg up in separating themselves from the pack in the synth-pop genre. It doesn’t hurt that the song itself is undeniably catchy – I get a distinct Passion Pit feel from this song, except slightly more accessible and way more horn-heavy. Give it a listen – based on this song I’m expecting quality things from this band in the future.

SXSW Song of the Day: Tennis – Petition

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Tennis recently released their new album Young and Old off Fat Possum Records and it is absolutely fantastic. Produced by Black Keys member Patrick Carney, the Denver duo has built on their debut Cape Dory by delivering a sunny sophomore album with even catchier tracks than the first album. It’s a bit of a time machine, taking you back to the 60’s where everything was presumably sunny and free (only your parents can attest to this speculation). This track is a perfect example of what this band has to offer. Expect big things.

Canada Flag Day Song of the Day: Housemartins – Flag Day

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Today is Canadian Flag Day. A mere 47 years ago, the flag of Canada was officially inaugurated. Why isn’t this a national holiday? Our flag is important, and quite pretty. Most people didn’t even know it was flag day! Let’s get this movement going.

Here are some facts about our flag:

- it’s red
– it’s white
– it has a maple leaf on it
– The government gave away a million flags after the Quebec referendum to promote national unity, costed the government $15-million.
– The Americans think our flags look like this:

Sadly, there are no Canadian bands that made a song called Flag Day. Fear not, my Canuck friends, for the English do have a song titled Flag Day It’s by political 80s jangle pop band The Housemartins and also happens to be a track I really enjoy. For those who don’t know these guys, one of the members of the band happen to become Fat Boy Slim a mere decade later while another founded similar sounding band The Beautiful South. You’ve learned a lot today!

Check out the song and then do something patriotic. But not tooooo patriotic.