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Almost a George Michael Cover song of the Day: Will Young – I Just Want a Lover

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If you ever wondered “Hmm, I wonder what George Michael would sound like today if he was kind of young and still making music”, well my friend, today is your lucky day. Will Young’s new single I Just Want a Lover is the fourth of fifth single off his most recent album Echoes. I don’t really know anything about Will Young other then the fact that he won Pop Idol way back in the day. Will Young was also the guest vocalist on Groove Armada’s standout 2010 track History and that’s probably the only reason why I gave this a listen. It’s got a disco beat, a falsetto voice and sounds straight out of an 80s night club. What’s wrong with that? Check it out.

Song of the Day: Mystery Jets – Greatest Hits

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English band Mystery Jets continual transition from quirky weirdo artsy band to well polished indie pop band continues with their latest release – Radlands, an obvious take on the famed Terrence Malick classic. Recorded in America (as opposed to England), the new album has a different more classic rock but somewhat striped down vibe that’s quite different then Serontonin, their previous record. The lead single is a track called Greatest hits, a track that name drops more artists/songs then you can think of. It’s a catchy single that reigns in influences from bands from the 60’s, including the ever popular ‘sha la la la la’ line. It’s only fitting since the song is an ode to hits of the past. The song itself is pretty good, so maybe it’ll be a hit on it’s own, which would make this whole thing quite meta?

Check it out.

Song of the Day: The Royal Concept – Gimme Twice

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Swedish band The Royal Concept have been doing their homework. Their recently released EP The Royal Concept EP is a hodgepodge of influence from bands that have been popular in the past decade. Spread out over five tracks, there are elements of acts such as The Strokes, Foals and Phoenix among others. The lead single, “Gimme Twice,” is particularly guilty of sounding Phoenix-esque, so much so that my friends asked me if this was the new Phoenix record when I played them the album. Is that bad? I don’t know.

All I know is that the Royal Concept have created a fun, catchy track that given the right traction, will be featured on the dance floor at an indie hipster party near you sometime this summer.

Check it out

Song of the Day: Amanda Mair – House (Club 8 Remix)

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This song has been repeat for me all weekend. Swedish act Amanda Mair‘s wise-beyond-her-years self titled debut was a mature and catchy affair and one of the singles off the record – House was given the remix treatment by label mates Club 8 and it’s amazing. Why haven’t Club 8 remixed more records? This could be a good gig.

The remix replaces the tender piano notes from the original with an 80s synth line and a disco vibe. Paired with Amanda Mair’s incredible voice, this tale of regret and abandonment becomes one of those songs you can now put on in your home in your darkest days and dance your pants off to it. There’s something magical about Mares voice, its sweet but not too sweet and has a hint of sadness and detachment to it at the same time. The original is good, but the remix takes it to another level. Quite an exception to your usual remixes.

Check it out