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Song of the Day: Fruit Bats – You’re Too Weird

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Toronto – Chicago band Fruit Bats is one of those bands that I’ve always heard of, but never really actually listened to. Well, their fifth album Tripper was released off Sub Pop a few weeks ago so it was only natural we would finally give them a go around.

“You’re Too Weird” is a track off that album and it’s got a great ’70s alt-country folk kind of vibe to it. Eric Johnson’s vocal delivery in this song sounds like Barry Gibb on Vicodin, resulting in a lovely, relaxing track that brings me back to my days at wood paneled cottages. Possibly a great track for those just about to leave their summer homes who want to reflect on the sunshine that was just the summer. Check it out.

Fantastic Song of the Day: Prince Edward Island- You Look like I Need A Drink

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Toronto – Despite what you might think, the band Prince Edward Island is not a Canadian folk act that dresses in flannel and plays the banjo. They are instead a melancholy indie pop act from England that will be releasing their debut album called This Day is a Good Enough Day on August 29th off Crocfingers label. This song is just fantastic, even if shamelessly borrows from 90s era New Order. The guitar solo at the end, the pulsating life behind each drum beat and the “I’ve been there before” way that the lead singer delivers the vocals, it all reminds me of britpop and that’s a great thing. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Prince Edward Island- You look like I need a drink by Soundandvisionpr

Retro Hip Hop Song of the Day: Biz Markie – Just a Friend

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Toronto – One of those songs you hear often, but not too often, I was reminded how good this track was after watching Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake’s history of rap part 2. Featuring a sample of Freddie Scott’s “You Got What I Need,” this track by Biz Markie highlights all the great things about hip hop around the late ’80s and early ’90s – great narratives, innovative samples and a dedication to flow. Rarely did these rappers write songs about how rich they are or how many cars they had. A memorable track with a memorable story, it’s odd that this was Biz Markie’s only major hit song. Check it out.

Song of the Day: The Whip – Secret Weapon

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The Whip, SXSW, Cedar Courtyard, March 20

Toronto – It’s been three years since English dance rock act The Whip has released any new tracks and let me tell you, this new album has been a long time coming. With standout tracks such as Trash, Sister Siam and my favorite lazer filled instrumental Divebomb, The Whip’s X Marks Destination was one of my go to albums for upbeat dance music back in the day and I’m excited that to hear that their new album, Wired Together is coming out almost one month from now.

Seeing how 3 years in internet time may seem like decades, the band has decided to unleash a five song sampler on soundcloud to remind the people who good their Jagz Kooner produced tracks are. You can sample the tracks here. The opening track, Secret Weapon has a pulsating beat and a new order-esque chorus. It appears that the band has taken some songwriting lessons in the past few years as this track and the ones on the album sound much more polished then the original. I have a feeling this album will be pretty dope. Check it out.