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Song of the Day: The Jezabels – Mace Spray

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Ottawa – Today’s edition of Song of the Day features once again, another artist on the Triple J compilation I somehow got my hands on at some recent point in my life.

The Jezabels are an indie rock band from Sydney, Australia. They are unique because most Australian exports these days are of the electro pop party variety whereas The Jezabel’s dramatic indie rock approach is a nice departure from the usual suspects. This song originally caught my ears when it magically came up on my winamp during work and I thought it was a Jenny Watson song I’ve never heard before. Lead singer Hayley Mary has a nice powerful voice that has that soulful edge to it. It’s odd when a singer so young has a voice that sounds like it’s seen all that their is to see, but this lady has a voice definitely along those lines. This track is off their EP She’s So Hard and is a great sample of why The Jezabels are generating so much excitement back home. Their debut album Prisoner is out September 16. Have a listen.

Retro Mainstream Song of the Day: Rachel Stevens – Some Girls

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Toronto – Back in the day, there was a show called S Club 7. I think the producers were trying to capitalize on the success of the Spice Girls by creating a similar band, but also add guys and a tv show. As a result, S Club 7 was created. As far as I know, here’s how you described the seven members:

(From top left, going clockwise)

The sporty gymnastic one
Baby Spice v2
Some dude, looks like he has an edge
The black guy, who may or may not have rapped
The hot chick
The sexually ambiguous Christian/Aryan looking one
The Ugly chick who does all the singing

So when the band dismissed, you would think the one who could sing would have the best post breakup career.


Somehow, the hottest girl in the group, Rachel Stevens broke through in the UK with her blend of radio friendly electro pop sounding songs. This track, produced by Richard X is a perfect example of that. It’s catchy and while might be a bit poppy for your average indie listener, it is no doubt a catchy track for the summer or a party.

Rachel Stevens “Some Girls” by thegreydahlia

I have no idea why I made this a song of the day.

Song of the Day: Colin MacIntyre/Mull Historical Society – The Final Arrears

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Toronto – Colin MacIntyre aka Mull Historical Society has been making lush sounding pop tracks for about a decade now and on this particularly warm day, I am reminded of this particular song for some reason. “The Final Arrears” is the lead track off Mull Historical Society’s second album, titled Us. It’s a great introductory song for those looking to explore the band/artist, as it highlight’s some of the bands best qualities – beautifully arranged music layered with strings and brass, playing along a dreamy pop landscape. Check it out.

Song of the Day: The Drums – Money

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Toronto – Borrowing elements from every imaginable mopey eighties English band, The Drums have unleashed their Smiths/Cure influenced new single Money, the first single released off their new album Portamento which comes out on September 12th. This song is definitely catchy and plays to the bands strengths (light hearted pop tracks high on hooks and melodies) much like previous singles such as Me and The Moon and Best Friend. Still can’t make out how much I like them, because they do seem to just rehash music from the 80s. I like the 80s and most bands rip off other bands so why do I not love them? Either way, that’s a problem for me to figure out. Listen to this song in the meantime.