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Song of the Day: Dr. Dre – The Next Episode

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When the Coachella lineup was announced this week, a few names clearly stood out- Pulp, James, At the Drive In, Refused and Dr. Dre. It’s been awhile since the former NWA member, headphone maker and head of Aftermath records has been in the spotlight, but as one of the pioneers of the 90s G Funk sounds (a sound that dominated hip hop at the time) it was a pleasant surprise that Dre has decided to enter the spotlight once again.

Which brings us to the last time Dre made a “come back”. The song The Next Episode was one of the memorable hip hop beats in the early 2000s. It was part of Dre’s return to hip hop dominance after a sabbatical that also coincided with some issues with various record labels. With a new prodigy named Emimem by his side and Snoop back in the fold, Dre quickly grabbed the hipnhop mantle once again and this was one of the tracks that led to it.

Maybe it’ll happen again.

Anyways, this track still rules.

Here’s the video. I’ve always wanted to be that random guy in a hip hop video that’s always a little too happy to be on screen and only says ‘Yeah’ or ‘uh huh’ the whole time.

Song of the Day: Jhameel – THC (The Human Condition)

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Whenever I log onto Facebook and find my newsfeed littered with updates from my friends’ Spotify accounts, I feel like the sole surviving user of Pandora. But every once in a while I’m reminded why I stay adamantly behind the times and continue to use it. (Actually, according to The Washington Post’s In/Out list for 2012, I’m doubly behind the times because Spotify is now out and Bluebrain is in. I’m totally confused as to what Bluebrain is and am pretty sure that even if I did understand, my poor little dumphone wouldn’t know what to do with it.)

Today my Pandora account decided to remind me of why I love it by introducing me to THC (The Human Condition) (from the album of the same name) by Jhameel. This song caught my attention because it was something besides David Byrne or David Bowie – my Pandora has an uncompromising crush on these two artists – and because it had a super catchy refrain of “puff puff pass puff puff pass” which I was mindlessly singing even before I realized Pandora had decided to move on from the Davids. I loved the strong beat and the stream-of-consciousness feel of the lyrics so I looked into Jhameel a little further. The only thing I can say is the more I look into him the more intriguing he becomes: he’s unwikipediable, always a shocker, and his website says that he is a pentalingual young pop star who takes inspiration from Prince and Michael Jackson. Done, done, and done, sir.

All I can say is that I like what I see and hopefully more will emerge soon.

Song of the Day: The 2 Bears – Work

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The 2 Bears is a new duo whose music is destined to dominate indie dance floors in 2012.

Consisting of Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) and Raf Daddy, the duo already come with an established pedigree in creating funky melodic dance music that kids these days eat up.

This track is off an EP of the same name and also will be on the duo’s debut record Be Strong which will be out on January 31st off DFA records. It’s got a kick ass beat and a catchy chorus. You’ll like this.

Song of the Day: Michael Kiwanuka – Home Again

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Not just content with dominating the female singers category in the music world (see: Florence and Adele), the music factory that is Great Britain has decided to start taking aim at the vaunted American male singer-songwriter industry (see: Jack Johnson, John Mayer). First up to the plate is singer Michael Kiwanuka.

Already named the winner of the BBC’s Sound of 2012, the British singer songwriter isn’t quite like his contemporary American counterparts (who are surely produced in a factory somewhere that is co-owned by Starbucks and American Eagle). Rather, Kiwanuka brings forth a more earnest almost retro soul (cue: hype word) sound to his music. He recently released a new EP, entitled Home Again and this is the lead track off of it.

With his gentle voice and simple sound, this seems like a great track to put on while sitting near a fireplace, sipping spiked hot chocolate and reading a big book. Check it out.