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Song Of The Day: Loner Statue – Controller

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Sounding like some long lost gem from the 1980s, “Controller” is the debut single from Loner Statue, the new solo project from San Francisco’s Zach Dighans.

Loner Statue was born out of Dighans’ need to continue making music on his own once COVID put his other project Pure Hex on hold and if “Controller” is any indication, the end results are pretty compelling, with the lead single’s pulsating synth sounds and Dighans’ Ian Curtis-inspired vocals causing me to hit ‘replay’ on this track. Check it out below.

Song Of The Day: Vallens – While You Are Still Waiting

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Photo Credit: Shelby Fenlon

It’s been a couple of years since their last release, but Vallens has returned with “While You Are Still Waiting.” the moody, goth-tinged single from the Toronto band’s upcoming album In Era.

On the subject of the new album, bandleader Robyn Philips describes all of the songs as feeling “… special to me. Which is not to speak highly of myself, but it’s just a nice feeling to have – to know that I really tried to make this album the most reflective of my current style and taste and musicianship and it’s so rare that you actually get that and I think I achieved that. So I’m just proud of it. I don’t necessarily know that everyone’s gonna resonate with it, but it feels nice to feel strong in your own feelings about it.”

In Era is out March 19 via Hand Drawn Dracula.

Song Of The Day: MILLY – Denial

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Sounding a lot like the ’90s even though its members might not even be old enough to remember the ’90s, MILLY‘s “Denial” grabbed my attention on first listen. The lead single from the LA band’s forthcoming Wish Goes On EP certainly hits that nostalgic sweet spot despite coming from a relatively young band with just one EP to their name so far.

Why am I focusing on the band’s age? Who knows? Maybe I’m just in denial myself about getting old …

MILLY’s Wish Goes On EP is out April 9th via Dangerbird Records.

Song of The Day: Michael Feuerstack – Time to Burn

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Photo by Stacy Lee

I’ve been big fan of Ottawa’s Wooden Stars since discovering them back in the day and ever since then I’ve kept an eye on Michael Feuerstack‘s career in its various incarnations. So of course, I was pleased to see that he’s got a new album on the horizon.

That album, Harmonize The Moon, is out Friday, March 19th via Forward Music Group. Check out Feuerstack’s latest single “Time To Burn” below.