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Song of the Day: Rat Boy – Laidback

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Ratboy hails from England and is poised to follow a long line of UK musical story tellers highlighting all the disappointing aspects of growing up in England. Whatever the message is, the man/band is having a promising start. “Laidback” is one of many tracks on Ratboy’s debut album SCUM that is quite pleasing. It sounds a bit like Jamie T but with better vocals. Check it out.

Song of the Day: Womps – Darling

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WOMPS! An odd band name, but one you won’t forget. They are a duo from Scotland so I’m not quite sure if how I think I’m pronouncing it is the actual way it should be announced. Recently in my life I realized I may have been pronouncing some prominent artists incorrectly. For example, I was pronouncing Lorde as LOR-DAY, because I was thinking it was like Starbucks, which I believe is pronounced Gran-Day. So then I was like, how do …

Song of the Day: Tellef Raabe – Next to You

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New Wave has hit Norway! This doozy of a tune feels right at home at any retro night disco you might go to. You know the ones you go to and you suddenly are like “damn I’m old” but then you are like … “fuck it, time knows no bounds” and dance anyway. Anyways, Tellef Raabe is a Norwegian artist who I know next to nothing about, but who has written this gorgeous pop tune that is now on one …

Song of the Day: Rose Elinor Dougall – Closer

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Man remember how good the Pipettes were? I do. Since their demise over a decade ago, the members of the trio have gone on to moderate (and I’m being generous) success as solo artists. Rose Elinor Dougall has probably done the most since leaving the group, and this year delivered a quirky fun pop album named Stellular. While the album’s title track has garnered lots of attention, it is another song that has captured my ear. Closer is a great …