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Song of the Day: Parquet Courts (feat. Bun B) Captive of the Sun

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If ’90s era Beck time travelled to the present day and made a new song, this Parquet Courts song would definitely be that song. This version of “Captive Of The Sun” is a remix of the original, which was on 2016’s Human Performance. The original didn’t feature Bun B. I wonder what kind of bet he lost to have to contribute to this song but it adds a nice dimension, like chipotle does to mayo. Anyways, at first, I was …

PanicManual Essentials Review: Theracane

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Apparently, if I like something, I’ll never shut up about it. I guess this is why I have a blog. Anyways, I like to buy stuff online. It’s a horrible disease, but with it, comes some positive. Sometimes, the things I buy are gold. It’s these things I wish to share with you. Now, despite what you are thinking, I am definitely not a high end influencer galavanting the globe attending free swag parties with run of the mill youtube …

Burger Review: Station Burger, Richmond Station

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Welcome to part 8 of this burger series. As a reminder, this is a series based on a top 10 list of burgers published in Toronto Life. Now that we are in the final stages of this burger challenge, I have to hand it to this guy. We are struggling to eat a burger once a month, and yet this guy was able to build up the courage to eat a burger EVERY SINGLE DAY. Is there anything you do …

Song of the Day: Hercules & Love Affair Featuring Faris Badwan – Through Your Atmosphere

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It’s only fitting that on the day of the release of the new Horrors album, we post a song featuring their lead singer. “Through Your Atmosphere” is one of two collaborations with Hercules & Love Affair on their new album Omnion. It’s a solid dark dance tune and just adds to an already impressive summer resume for Faris Badwan. It’s been a long time since I loooooooooved a Hercules & Love Affair song (probably not since “Blind”) but this one …