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Memorable Shows at The Phoenix

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It was announced this week that The Phoenix Concert Theatre was either closing or moving somewhere due to Condo development or something. After 33 years in the same spot, the venue is set to close its doors in January of 2025. Anyone who enjoys live music in Toronto has been to The Phoenix, which, if we were to be honest with ourselves, was kind of just a meh venue. It was situated in a slightly out of the way spot, …

SXSW Review: Su Lee, March 14, Empire Control Room

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Seeing Su Lee play SXSW was quite surreal to me. I (and a fair portion of the world) was introduced to Su Lee via her self-created music video for “I’ll Just Dance” I believe I found it in the early stages of the Pandemic and it was one of the first things during that dark period that showed how resilient and creative people can behave in any conditions. Su Lee’s lyrics, full of anxiety and self doubt, very much reflected …

SXSW Reviews: Tengger, v10101a

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Thursday saw the start of the Jaded | FRIENDS:FOREVER showcase at Empire Garage and Control Room, a two day Asian-centric showcase featuring over 40 acts. Let’s take a look at two of those acts. Tengger, March 14, Empire Control Room Pegged as a traveling music family, Tengger consists of Itta (from South Korea), Marquido (from Japan) and their son Raai, who may be about10 years old. The trio played what I guess can be called as new age-y minimalistic synth-based …

SXSW Review: Mong Tong, March 13, Mohawk

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SXSW is a place where you can see music at its most interesting. Aside from up and comer indie bands, you get a host of creative individuals who have all kinds of thoughts and ideas about what music is and how it should be presented. This year, the band Mong Tong greatly exemplified this. A Taiwanese duo formed by two brothers, the duo played a psychedelic dreamy multi-layered set to the backdrop of calming animal videos – while blindfolded. What? …