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SXSW Review: Shopping, Latitude 30, March 15

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An English trio who just recently released their third album The Official Body, Shopping brought a manic energy and energized the crowd on Thursday night as part of the British Embassy’s showcase. Featuring a relentless beat and punctuated by Rachel Aggs’ non stop jagged guitar riffs (and endless enthusiasm), Shopping’s live show really highlighted the punchy elements of their post punk sound. I really like the three member’s vocal interplay throughout each song and it really makes the group’s music …

SXSW Review: Meute, March 12, Barracuda

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SXSW is great in that if you are willing to see some unknown bands, chances are you will be blown away by a few of them. This year, the obvious winner in this category is Meute. Meute is best described as a EDM marching band from Germany. Featuring up to a dozen band members on drums, brass and random stuff like xylophone, Meute transforms what you would think is purely a digital experience (EDM) and makes it an analog one …

SXSW Review: Gang of Youths, March 14, Empire Control Room

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Some bands seem primed for the big time. Gang of Youths appear to be one of them. An Australian band that are popular in their homeland, this gang appears ready to tackle this side of the pond and they made quite an impression on Thursday night. Lead by the super charismatic David Le’aupepe, the group blazed through one stadium-primed anthem after another. The group has mastered that quiet-building up-loud sing along chorus art that is the formula for mass success. …

SXSW Review: Febueder, March 14, Esther’s Follies

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A two person band from Ascot, Febueder played an interesting set to a moderately sized crowd at Esther’s Follies on Tuesday. It’s always odd to see a UK band in Austin that doesn’t have the weight of the British Music Embassy promotion behind it, and it makes me wonder who these guys pissed off to not that get effort. Still, a decent group of people saw the duo play their brand of what I can only describe as artsy rock. …