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Song of the Day? Easy Love – No One Like You

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It’s finally hot outside here in Toronto, time for a summery and fun song that will brighten your day. Easy Love is a band from California that is on Burger records. Honestly, those two facts should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect. Here’s the song, listen to it. Easy Love by Easy Love

High Society Event Review: Prism Award 2017, Tiff Lightbox

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The summer never really starts until the Prism Prize has been awarded. Now in it’s fifth year, the Prism Prize has clearly established itself as the most important award in the Canadian music video industry and one that is easily more respected then say, the MMVA’s. Consisting of over or exactly 100 jurors, all the Canadian music videos go through a rigorous screening and voting process to get down to the final ten. For your pleasure, the final ten in …

Burger Review: The Burger, Wickson Social

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Welcome to part 4 of the Burger Review. This is a series based on a top 10 list of burgers published in Toronto Life. If you have been following this series (and you better be), you will know that thus far the burgers have not met our high standards of excellence. We were seriously doubting our source. Surely the guy ate a burger a day, but I mean, how refined is his palette? Or perhaps how unrefined is our palette? …

Hot Docs Review: You’re Soaking In It [2016, Scott Harper]

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A doom and gloom film about the world of online advertising, Scott Harper’s film is a 75 minute assault on something most of us already know – our right to our personal privacy is fighting a losing battle on the internet. Featuring some clever animations and commentary from both technical and social personalities, online advertising is dissected with precision by the filmmaker. As a software developer, I guess I wasn’t really a target audience for this film as most of …