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Hot Docs Review – Street Gang: How We Got To Sesame Street (Marilyn Agrelo, 2021)

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Sesame Street is one of those institutions that we take for granted. It is on every day, it has a stable of characters most of us grew up with and it’s a great way to grab a child’s attention during the day. But how did Sesame Street become an institution? And more importantly, how did it actually change television? These are some questions that Marilyn Agrelo answers with her heartwarming documentary Street Gang: How We Got To Sesame Street. Make …

Hot Docs Review: The Gig is Up (Shannon Walsh, 2021)

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I still remember when I (and everyone else) first started using Uber. You would hop in, and because it was so new to everyone, you would always be like “So how long have you been doing this for? How is it? Is this what you do?” We asked those questions because we were legitimately interested. Uber and other rideshares were a disruptive industry that took advantage of a growing dissatisfaction with cab drivers. It was also one of the first …

Hot Docs Review: Come Back Anytime (John Daschbach, 2021)

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I deliberately picked Come Back Anytime as my first Hot Docs experience this year because in a time of chaos, what I needed most was something warm, inviting and a reminder of good in the world. These are words which describe this documentary well, but which can also be used to describe the primary focus of the documentary – ramen. See what I did there? Come Back Anytime is a documentary about Masamoto Ueda, a self taught Ramen Master who …

SXSW Shorts Review: Chuj Boys of Summer, The Other Morgan, Plant Heist

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Some more short reviews of shorts: Chuj Boys of Summer, Max Walker-Silverman Stunning shots of Colorado help shepherd in a what I assume to be an all too familiar scenario of immigrants struggling to find a place in a new country. This film really does a great job of putting you into the lives of those struggling in their new world. The Other Morgan, Alison Rich Is the grass really greener on the other side? A comedic exploration into that …