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Song of the Day: Suede – She Leads Me On

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When Suede first showed up on the scene in the early ’90s with their flamboyant and sometimes over the top style, the last thing you would have thought they would be described as would have been “resilient.” Yet here we are in 2022, and Suede has just released their ninth record. It’s hard to believe this is also their fourth record in the past decade, coming back from having survived the departures of Bernard Butler, a wickedly bad drug addiction …

Concert Review: The Comet is Coming, October 14, Axis Club

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It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since The Comet is Coming wowed the audience, and specifically, the Panic Manual crew, at SXSW. Their creative take of combining elements of electronic and jazz gave their sound a freshness that was truly unique. In the three years since, The Comet is Coming has seen their second record nominated for the Mercury Prize and much like a lot of acts, the band spent the pandemic crafting a new record – Hyper-Dimensional …

Concert Review: New Order and Pet Shop Boys, Sept 17, Budweiser Stage

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View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ricky Lam (@panicmanual) I mean, what a show right? To say people were excited for the double bill of New Order and Pet Shop Boys would be an understatement. I arrived at Budweiser Stage area around 5:00 so that my friends and I could do some public drinking before entering the venue, which charges a nice 18 bucks for a big tall boy of beer. Even then, there was a gigantic …

Concert Review: Franz Ferdinand, August 17, History

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Photo credit: Carrie Musgrave One of my seminal moments from my first year in Toronto was attending Franz Ferdinand’s first show in Toronto. At the time, it was like, “Wow, this cool band that’s gotten all the hype is playing a show in this cool city I moved to.” It was one of those moments that only reinforced that I made the right decision moving to Toronto Fast forward 18 years later and I’m still in Toronto and Franz Ferdinand …