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Field Trip 2017 Review: What happened on Sunday

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It was supposed to rain on Sunday. I was considering not going to Field Trip but then i was like, YOLO and went to Canadian Tire and bought some ponchos to prepare for Armageddon. Instead, I got a nice sunny (but slightly chilly) day and some music. Here are some thoughts regarding Sunday’s acts. LP Kicking off my Sunday afternoon, LP drew a large crowd to the Fort York stage most probably on the strength of her single “Lost on …

Field Trip 2017 Review: What happened on Saturday

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What a great weekend. Good music, great friends, amazing weather and a cosy outdoor vibe just reinforces something I’ve known all along – outdoor music festivals are a great way to spend the weekend. Despite the threat of daunting weather this weekend, the music gods pulled through and we were blessed with calm weather throughout our time at Fort York. It will be sad if there are no more Field Trips because as a community, we really need stuff like …

Burger Review: Brisket Cheese Burger, Carbon Bar

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Welcome to part 5 of the burger series. I can’t believe we actually made it to 5. I’d like to thank the academy. As a reminder, this is a series based on a top 10 list of burgers published in Toronto Life. The journey thus far has been an emotional roller coaster, from the emotional low of the thing that Doomies calls a burger to the redemptive high of tasting a good burger at the Wickson Social. I’m excited to …

Field Trip 2017 Preview: The Bands We Are Most Excited To See

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Summer usually means one thing: music festivals. This year is a bit different because a few notable festivals (Bestival, TURF, Riot Fest) decided to stop operating and so everyone started writing think pieces about the death of music. Have no fear, Toronto’s favorite record label still runs strong and with new records by their most prominent acts coming out there was no way Field Trip would have been cancelled (we’ll see for 2018). Taking place once again at Fort York, …