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SXSW Reviews: Barrie, Model/Actriz, Blondshell

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Barrie, March 14, Cheer Up Charlies Bringing choreographed movements to their synthy, lo-fi, dreamy, soft pop melodies, Barrie (aka Barrie Lindsay and friends) charmed the afternoon crowd at Cheer up Charlies. Their songs were catchy and the harmonizing reminded me of Au Revoir Simone. Very pleasant. Barrie’s new EP 5K is out on March 31st. Model/Actriz, March 14, Cheer Up Charlies Pounding bass, disco beats and distant lyrics – the electrifying Model/Actriz show brought everyone back to a Brooklyn warehouse …

SXSW Film Review: 299 Queen Street West (Sean Menard, 2023)

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If you were to ask me for the perfect documentary that captures what it was like to listen to music while growing up in Canada, 299 Queen Street West would be it. I’m very happy that this film exists because I can now watch it every five or ten years and remember what it was like when I was young. For the uninitiated, 299 Queen Street West chronicles the story of MuchMusic, a DIY startup 24 hour music channel that …

SXSW Review: Voxtrot, March 16, Stubb’s

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Watching a reunited Voxtrot play Stubbs at SXSW in 2023 brought a warm and fuzzy feeling to my heart. It’s hard to imagine but the nostalgia of hearing tunes like “Raised By Wolves” and “The Start of Something” hit much differently than, say, the Britpop bands I’m mostly enthralled with. For the uninitiated, Voxtrot is a band from Austin that released a series of “hits” in the mid ’00s. They released one album, several EPs and then disbanded just as …

SXSW Review: William Prince, March 16, Swan Dive

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So at SXSW, the day shows generally take the form of a showcase- usually each venue has a set of at least four or five acts that play and there’s a common element connecting them. Most of the time it’s either a record label, a PR group or in todays’ example a country. Almost all of these showcases dangle some sort of carrot for you to show up – the competition is high and so in most cases it’s usually …