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Concert Review: Faust, July 15, Jam Factory

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Photo by C.L A unique venue and a suffocating heat wave set the stage nicely for Krautrock legends faUSt. Known for their experimental, avant-garde style of music, faUSt has always been about unsettling the spaces that they were in and frankly, when you have to watch a show in 35 degree heat in a packed room, you feel quite unsettled. Often known for unique instruments, the trio, led by Jean-Herve Peron, didn’t quite bring the pinball machines or chainsaws that …

Concert Preview: Faust at Jam Factory

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Photo credit: Jan Lankisch Wavelength prior to this week has always been known to put on shows for eclectic Toronto bands, so it was a surprise to see them book German krautrock band faUSt this summer. Even more surprising was that it was booked at a place called the Jam Factory, which sounds like a place you would go in the ’90s to listen to Chris Shepard or something. Nevertheless, here we are, one week away from from what should …

Concert Review: Jack White, June 9, Budweiser Stage

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Sketch by Damien Jack White was in town last Saturday to promote his new album (mixed reviews but still hit #1 in Canada) and you would think all the talk would be about his illustrious career, how he would blend his new material with his old, would he play some White Stripes or Raconteurs or Dead Weather songs, or maybe other things like that. But nope. Everyone just talked about Yondr. You see, Jack White implemented a no phone policy …

Concert Review: Gomez, June 5, Danforth Music Hall

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A post shared by Ricky Lam (@panicmanual) on Jun 5, 2018 at 6:39pm PDT Hard to believe it’s been twenty years since Gomez released their debut album Bring It On yet here we are twenty years later celebrating that record’s release at the Danforth Music Hall. I was actually surprised at the size of the crowd since the band played to a much smaller crowd just a few years ago in support of their last record. I guess anniversary tours …