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Retro Music Video Review of the Day: Placebo – Running Up That Hill

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This is one of my favourite music videos because god damn, Placebo fans put in some effort here. Why don’t more bands crowdsource their videos more? There’s some major dramatic fan contributions here, let’s grade them because i’m bored. I think this guy thought he was submitting this to a 98 Degrees video – F Is this person cosplaying as Brian Molko? – A+ Does it get more early ’00s than this haircut? All he’s missing is a nose ring …

Song of the Day: Torres – Gracious Day

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“Gracious Day” is a simple, stripped down and beautiful song from Silver Tongues, the latest record from Torres. How good is it? It’s good enough for me to rise from the ashes to present you with a music post. Here’s a version of the song recorded last year. Check it out. It’s on Spotify and Google Music and RDIO and Pandora and Orbit and Myspace. Live In Berlin, a recording of Torres’ final show this year “before the world slowed …

Britpop(ish) Tournament Round 2 Preview

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Round 2 is here! No surprises so far. Some tough battles lie ahead. Vote here Here’s a video of each of the bands. Stone Roses How can you not post this famous meltdown on their first TV appearance? Pulp This video is permanently embedded in my head as it eloquently capture one of the best moments in my life. The way the scrim goes away as soon as the first chorus hits. Bliss. Suede Despite being known more for their …

Britpop Tournament Preview 2 of 2: Part 2

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Welcome to the second part of our tournament preview. Once again, to summarize, we made a NCAA style tournament and seeded some bands. Below is a simple comment about each band, and a song we’ve added to our playlist. Have a read! Matchup 9 Blur (2) To go from being just another baggy (Manchester sounding band) to the kings of Britpop, wow. Suede may have kicked off Britpop, but “Girls & Boys” and “Parklife” both charting in the UK top …