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Song Of The Day: Viagra Boys – In Spite Of Ourselves (with Amy Taylor)

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If you were to make a list of acts least likely to release a song in tribute to the late, great John Prine, Swedish post-punkers Viagra Boys would probably be pretty high on that list, yet somehow their version of Prine’s “In Spite Of Ourselves” absolutely works.

Check out the video below for Viagra Boys’ “In Spite Of Ourselves” featuring Amyl & The Sniffers vocalist Amy Taylor in the Iris Dement role.

Song Of The Day: Dry Cleaning – Scratchcard Lanyard

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Much of the joy of listening to Dry Cleaning‘s “Scratchcard Lanyard” comes from vocalist Florence Shaw and her somewhat deadpan spoken word delivery of lines like “It’s a Tokyo bouncy ball/It’s an Oslo bouncy ball/It’s a Rio de Janeiro bouncy ball”, “Thanks very much for the Twix”, and “Why don’t you want oven chips now?”

The band saved the best part for last though. Keep an ear open for the moment near the end when Shaw lets out an audible breath sound that acts as a percussive punctuation mark of sorts to end off the song. It kind of sounds like it’s not supposed to be there, but it also totally sounds like it should be. It’s perfect.

Song of The Day: Laura Carbone – Cellophane Skin (Live at Rockpalast)

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For those unfamiliar, Rockpalast is a program that’s been airing on German TV station WDR since 1974 and has featured a huge array of mostly rock and metal acts performing live in concert. And live music is something we’re seriously lacking these days, in case you haven’t noticed. To do her part in counteracting this, Berlin’s Laura Carbone has released her 2019 Rockpalast performance as a live album.

Though Carbone’s initial plans of recording her third studio album back in May of 2020 were put on hold once lockdown hit, the plan to then release Live at Rockpalast was a good one – the live versions of these songs have a certain in your face intensity that, while not quite like the true live experience, at least act as a reminder of what it was like back when we could still go to shows. Hopefully we can do that again in the not too distant future. I mean, it looks like it’ll still be pretty far off in the future, but hopefully not too far. In the meantime, check out the video for Carbone’s live version of “Cellophane Skin” below.

Laura Carbone – Live At Rockpalast is out now via Future Shock Records.

Song Of The Day: CueStack (feat. David Hasselhoff) – Through The Night

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David Hasselhoff singing lead on a metal track? OK, I’m interested.

That’s right – The Hoff has teamed up with Austrian metal duo CueStack for their latest release “Through The Night” and really, the only question one should have about this should be why we had to wait this long for such a momentous cultural pairing as Hasselhoff and heavy metal to finally happen. I guess Cuestack were just the first ones to actually ask the onetime Baywatch star to do so.

So go grab yourself a nice hamburger and settle in to watch the video for “Through The Night” below.