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Song Of The Day: Suzie True – Rat Kid

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When I think of Buzz Records, I tend to think of the label as a showcase for bands from the Toronto scene that all fall somewhere under the noise-punk umbrella – think Greys, Weaves, Odonis Odonis, and Casper Skulls, just to name a few. Recently though, the label has broadened their horizons a bit with a few non-Torontonian signings like UK punks Muncie Girls, Petrborough/Montreal trio Lonely Parade, and LA’s Suzie True, who just released their debut EP, Nothing To You last month on Buzz.

Suzie True began life as the bedroom recording project of songwriter Lexi Mccoy and latest single “Rat Kid” would seem to be a bit of a callback to the band’s lo-fi origins. It’s a catchy track and a nice example of the band’s self-described “sad girl pop.” And though the band may not be from Toronto, the song did remind this Torontonian of a little slice of home in the form of the song’s main riff,the chord progression of which slightly brings to mind “Everybody Wants Something” from old school Degrassi High band The Zit Remedy – it’s not likely that it’s an intentional nod, but it’s a connection my brain made nonetheless.

Check out the video for “Rat Kid” below:

Song Of The Day: Beans On Toast – Alexa

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In describing his upcoming album A Bird In The Hand, British folk/indie singer-songwriter Beans On Toast describes it as less of a political record than his previous albums and “… more personal I guess, focusing on family and the world on my doorstep.” While I’m sure that’s a fair assessment (who would know better than the guy who wrote the songs, after all?), there certainly seems to be a political aspect to his latest single “Alexa,” an ode to the handy-dandy virtual assistant (and corporate eavesdropper) that so many are welcoming into their lives these days.

Lyrics such as “And it’s not really spying, it’s just collecting data/Alexa, have you got a hidden agenda?” and “I know you can turn the heating off and organize a taxi/Alexa, have you considered your miltary capabilities?” make it clear that Beans is making a comment on the role of technology, consumerism, and corporate interests in our daily lives, though he does so with his trademark sense of humour. And he also makes it clear that he’s been drawn into it all too as he sings “I’ve been buying more and more from Amazon recently.”

Check out the video for “Alexa” below, featuring animation created out of discarded Amazon cardboard boxes.

Song Of The Day: Windhand – Grey Garden

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It’s Friday! Celebrate with some doom metal courtesy of Windhand. Is doom metal really all that celebratory? Sure, why not?

“Grey Garden,” the lead single off of the Richmond, Virginia band’s latest, Eternal Return, is a solid slice of fuzzed out, psyched out, doomy goodness. Check it out.

Eternal Return is out today on Relapse Records.

Song Of The Day: The Natvral – Know Me More

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It hasn’t been all that long since we last heard from The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (they just put an album out last year) but TPOBPAH frontman Kip Berman is back with a new project – The Natvral.

Described by Berman as “neither solo project nor side project,” The Natvral certainly shows off a different, much folkier side of his songwriting, with Berman citing the likes of Richard & Linda Thompson, Leonard Cohen, and Ted Leo as influences. After listening to the title track of his Know Me More EP, I’d suggest another possible influence in there, as it gives off a little bit of an early Paul Simon vibe as well. Check it out.

The Natvral’s Know Me More is out tomorrow (October 5) on Kanine Records.