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Song Of The Day: Wolfmanhattan Project – Summer Forever

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Sometimes all it takes for a band to grab your attention is a unique band name and with a moniker that brings together lyncanthropy and nuclear research, Wolfmanhattan Project have done just that.

To borrow a phrase from Spinal Tap, such a band name walks that fine line between stupid and clever, but once the band’s name drew me in, I became even more intrigued once I saw who was in Wolfmanhattan Project – with its members having spent time in groups such as The Gories, The Cramps, Gun Club, Sonic Youth, and Pussy Galore, the band’s got some pretty impressive rock credentials.

“Summer Forever” is the first single off of Summer Forever And Ever, the upcoming second album from this self-professed “anti-supergroup” and I must admit, you’ve got to admire a band who releases a song called “Summer Forever” shortly after the official end of summer. We need that sort of optimism right now.

Summer Forever And Ever is due out sometime in 2021 via In The Red Records.

Song Of The Day: Cherry Pickles – Out Of This World

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I’ve been digging a lot of the stuff coming out on PNKSLM Recordings over the last few years and “Out Of This World”, the new single from Birmingham’s Cherry Pickles, is no exception. The duo, made up of Priscila B and Mimi B, released their debut album (the evocatively titled Cherry Pickles Will Harden Your Nipples) just last year and are back again with their upcoming sophomore release, The Juice That’s Worth The Squeeze.

While the band’s music is fairly stripped down, they manage to pack a rather effective punch with their minimalist yet catchy sound. Check out the video for “Out Of This World” below.

The Juice that’s Worth The Squeeze is out October 23 on PNKSLM Recordings.

Song Of The Day: David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels feat. Eddie Argos – The Songs That Changed Our Lives

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Can a song change your life? We’ve all got songs in our lives that we might consider life changing. Songs that mean something to us, songs that define a certain time in our lives, songs that stand the test of time and will be forever ingrained in our memories. So yeah, I’d say it’s pretty fair to say that a song could quite possibly change one’s life. David Newton and Eddie Argos would certainly agree. During their time in, respectively, The Mighty Lemon Drops and Art Brut, both have written a few songs themselves that have probably had a big impact on many.

“The Songs That Changed Our Lives”, the new single off of David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels‘ upcoming album A Gateway To A Lifetime Of Disappointment, has a simple, but strong premise – it’s lyrics are a laundry list of the songs that had an impact on Newton throughout his life (though far from a definitive one – Newton admits that he “just picked the ones that rhymed”). That those lyrics are delivered by Eddie Argos, the same man who once enthusiastically shouted out “Modern art makes me want to rock out!” only helps to seal the deal.

Check out the video for “The Songs That Changed Our Lives” below. And then go check out all of the songs referenced in the lyrics. You’re welcome.

Song Of The Day: Suzanne Vallie – High With You

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From the opening notes of her debut album Love Lives Where Rules Die, Big Sur’s Suzanne Vallie draws the listener in with an easygoing, warm, and welcoming sound. Her music – mellow, countryish, at times somewhat spacey – definitely has a strong California vibe, hearkening back to the ’60s and ’70s heyday of the Laurel Canyon scene.

While the album is full of highlights such as “Sundowner” and “Love Letter”, one track that stands out in particular is “High With You.” With its rambling, stream of consciousness lyrics and a sound that falls somewhere between Big Thief and Rickie Lee Jones, it seems like it would be a lot of fun to hear performed live. Hopefully it won’t be too long before that’s able to happen.

Suzanne Vallie’s Love Lives Where Rules Die is out now on Night Bloom Records.