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SXSW Song Of The Day: Drinking Boys and Girls Choir – Gonna Tell You

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Earlier this week, SXSW announced the first batch of bands for this year’s fully online edition of the festival. It will be quite different this year and probably a little bit weird not being there in person, but after the cancellation of last year’s SXSW, it’s nice to see that the festival is happening in some form for 2021 and there will surely still be some cool stuff to see there regardless.

Among the bands we’re looking forward to is Daegu-based band Drinking Boys and Girls Choir, who first caught our attention during SXSW 2019. Sure, the band’s name and song titles such as “National Police Shit” and “Keep Drinking!!!” were what initially made us pay attention, but the music itself was what kept our attention – short and sweet blasts of melodic skatepunk-inspired tunes that are almost over before you’ve even had a chance to take it in. But that’s the best part – you can just listen to the songs all over again.

The band’s latest, “Gonna Tell You,” was written for a Korean short film, which is described thusly in the film synopsis:”Ji-won Sung receives a love confession in public from Ji-won Han, of the same school and the same name. What answer will Seong Ji-won give?” Check it out below.

“Gonna Tell You” is out now via Damnably Records, who also have several other bands slated for this year’s SXSW, including Grrl Gand, Hazy Sour Cherry, and Say Sue Me.

Song Of The Day: Kaz Mirblouk – Title Sequence

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You know what? Shoegaze almost rhymes with Tuesdays. And today being Tuesday, I figure that’s a good enough excuse to share “Title Sequence,” the latest single from Kaz Mirblouk’s recently released album Careless By Contrast. Check it out below.

Song Of The Day: PONY – Couch

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“Couch,” the latest single from Toronto grunge pop band PONY, is an undeniable blast of power poppy goodness. It’s the kind of song that makes you wish that the world would get its collective shit together soon so we can see the return of live music and hear the band play it live in concert. Maybe sometime this year? Who knows? Fingers crossed.

PONY’s upcoming debut full length TV Baby is out April 9 via Take This To Heart Records.

Song Of The Day: Kokoroko – Baba Ayoola

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Photo credit: Nina Manandhar

There’s nothing like a little Afrobeat to get you going on a Sunday morning, and today those sounds come courtesy of London-based Afrobeat/jazz group Kokoroko.

The track “Baba Ayoola” was released late last year as a tribute to saxophonist Cassie Kinoshi’s grandfather and according to the band is “an invitation to celebrate life.” Check it out below.