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Song Of The Day: Tim Burgess – Sure Enough

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“Sure Enough” is the latest single off of Tim Burgess‘ upcoming album Typical Music, which is out on September 23rd via Bella Union. Check it out below.

Song Of The Day: Caitlin Rose – Black Obsidian

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In the current pop cultural landscape, wherein artists are expected to create content practically all the time, it’s a bit unusual to see an artist return after a gap of nearly ten years between albums, but that’s exactly what Nashville singer/songwriter Caitlin Rose has done with her latest release CAZIMI, out on November 18 via Missing Piece Records. For fans of Rose who were starting to think she might never release any more new music, this is certainly a welcome return.

As the old saying goes, good things come to those who wait, and lead single “Black Obsidian” is most definitely a good thing.

Song of the Day: Gordi -Way I Go

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We last caught Gordi back in 2018 at SxSW, and while it is now of course a new world for everyone, there are some things that are in the DNA. Gordi’s melancholy still infuses the melodies on her new EP, Inhuman. But I clearly hear a metaphorical first breath after escaping a locked Houdini water cell.

The songwriting is simple, yet consistently interesting. The melodic approaches she had developed a few years ago have found new ways to grow. I am happy to report that her voice still punches above all the layers of effects, which I would have again done without … but they aren’t distracting.

My favorite on this EP is “Way I Go.” The contrast between the weight of Gordi’s baritone and the laissez-faire composition is soothing, in the way that a glacier (yes, they still exist, for now) is soothing to the ground over which it smothers and calms by shear weight. And that is in no way an ironic exercise.

Song Of The Day: Teenage Fanclub – I Left A Light On

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I’ve been on a bit of a Teenage Fanclub kick lately, digging back through the band’s entire discography, and what sticks out for me is how consistently great they’ve been pretty much right from the start. From their grungy early days to their current status as power pop elder statesmen, the Scottish band have always had a knack for creating music full of strong melodies and beautiful harmonies.

“I Left A Light On,” the band’s latest single, is just one such example. And after watching their performance of that song, filmed on location at Rockfield Studios in South Wales a few months ago, I am reminded of how long it’s been since I’ve seen Teenage Fanclub live. Hopefully they make it back across the pond sometime soon. In the meantime, this video will have to do the trick.