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Song of the Day: Of Monsters and Men – Alligator

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It has honestly been years since I’ve listened to Of Monsters and Men. My instinctual reaction was a shocking reminder of that temporal alienation. Two of their new singles, “Wars” and “Wild Roses”, are as far-removed from the jangling, cobblestone path of folk goodness of “Lakehouse” as presidential tweets are from essays on the principles of responsible governance. This is, of course, my fault for not keeping up. Have I really aged so much to lose both my hearing and the taste for change? In order to claw back some semblance of courage, I present to you, Florida’s state reptile.

“Alligator” is the transitional fossil on their third album Fever Dream, that I use to assuage myself how people have not abandoned evolution in favor of instantaneous transformation. Traces of “Little Talks” can be found here and there. But if you still dig that folksy feeling, it would take much more than unearthing an early 20th century picture of 4 Nordic men. This is a very short introduction to the new species Of Monsters and Men: moody and prone to outbursts, yet still full of raw energy. I do like the 2:15 tone change in “Alligator”, far be it from me to subject all of us to the well-advertised-surprise explosion of emotions/volume in “Wild Roses”. Looking at their performance on Jimmy Fallon was all the proof that I needed: as their sound system crackled, what would have destroyed a folk song simply enhanced the new single, and it felt like the transformation was complete.

Song Of The Day: Torche – Admission

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Over time, the genre lines between shoegaze and metal have become a bit blurred and more and more cross-pollination has occurred as bands like Deafheaven and Alcest have incorporated shoegaze elements into their sound. And really, when you get right down to it, it’s hard to argue against the fact that OG shoegazers My Bloody Valentine, while definitely not a metal band, are absolutely heavy in their own way (as anyone who’s seen their live show could attest) so it’s hardly a surprise that bands on the heavier end of the spectrum have taken influence from shoegaze.

And now sludge metallers Torche have joined in on that tradition, with the band going full shoegaze on the title track off their recently released fifth album, Admission. Check out the video for “Admission” below:

Song Of The Day: Jonah Ray – Amish Paradise

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Long before I became obsessive about music, I was obsessed with comedy. I still am, but as a kid, comedy was pretty much my rock n’ roll and of course, the songs of “Weird Al” Yankovic were a big part of all that.

It seems Weird Al had a big influence on Jonah Ray as well, with the comedian set to release You Can’t Call Me Al, a 5 song tribute to the master of pop parodies wherein he takes Yankovic’s lyrics and sets them to new pop-punk style arrangements that take them in a much different direction than the original recordings.

You Can’t Call Me Al is out on August 16 on Asian Man Records. Check out the video for “Amish Paradise” below:

Song Of The Day: Lonely Parade – Index Finger

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Hey, did you hear about The Raptors? They won last week. It’s kind of a big deal – they’re having a parade and everything. Yeah, you probably heard. Anyways, in honour of today’s parade, here’s a song by a band with the word ‘parade’ in their name.

The Lonely Parade are a Montreal-based trio originally out of Peterborough. They may or may not be Raptors fans. They released their second full length The Pits in September of last year via Buzz Records and “Index Finger” is the latest single off of that album. Check it out below: