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Song Of The Day: Painted Zeros – Commuter Rage

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Photo Credit: Kenneth Bachor

A little bit of laughter is appreciated these days. So kudos to Don Giovanni Records for making me laugh last night as I came across the following tweet:

As someone who has enjoyed a fair amount of the music put out by that label, I would say that this assessment of their audience (or at least me) is not entirely inaccurate. And so in honour of this tweet which amused me, I will now shine the spotlight on Don Giovanni, and specifically on Painted Zeros.

The band, led by Katie Lau, is set to release its new album When You Found Forever on May 29 via Don Giovanni. “Commuter Rage,” the lead single off the album, is a catchy piece of indie rock with lyrics that express Lau’s frustration with “this toxic culture” that we live in and her hopes that things could change if only she were in charge:

If I were socialized like these jerks who believe that they’re gifts from god,
and my words and opinions were half as heard as yours, man,

I could transform this
toxic culture
to be your
benevolent overlord
I’d take over
this shitty world
and be your
benevolent overlord.

I, for one, welcome our new Painted Zeros overlords. Bring it on.

Song Of The Day: Astrid Sonne – Area Under A Curve

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Things are bad. I don’t have to tell you things are bad.

Yes, I’m borrowing a line from the film Network, but rather than going down the path to Howard Beale-style doomsaying, I’m choosing instead to focus on the things that make us happy (specifically music in this case – we are a music blog after all) in order to distract a bit from all the bad things. And if we’re talking about things that make us happy, Roskilde is one of my happy places.

I’ve attended the Danish festival, held in the city of the same name, multiple times now and it never fails to impress. From the varied musical lineup to the art installations to the general sense of community, the festival has a great vibe and in many ways it seems to embody the Danish concept of hygge. Or to put it in terms most Roskilde attendees would understand, the Orange Feeling.

This year, Roskilde Festival is celebrating its 50th edition (providing everything’s back to normal by then) and while I probably won’t be there, I was lucky enough to attend the 2019 edition, where I saw a diverse lineup of acts spanning a wide range of genres.

Of all the acts I saw over the course of those four days, one of the most unique performances I took in was a set by Copenhagen-based composer Astrid Sonne. Her sound, combining electronic and classical elements, was rather impressive to hear and to see performed live, especially within the confines of the festival’s intimate Gloria Stage.

Check out the video for “Area Under A Curve,” off of Astrid Sonne’s latest release Cliondynamics, below.

Song of the Day: Calliope Musicals – Echo Of The Whoos

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Editor’s note: This post was originally intended to be part of our SXSW coverage, but, y’know … looks like SXSW ain’t happening anymore. Damn shame. But on the bright side, Calliope Musicals are from Austin and they’re already there anyways, so chances are they’re still playing somewhere in the city during what would have been SXSW week. We shall see …

Austin’s Calliope Musicals seems like they would be a fun band. I don’t know much about them but this song “Echo of the Whoos” features whoooing, gang vocals and xylophones, all of which sound fun to me. They have a bit of an Edward Sharpe vibe minus the whole ‘this feels like a cult’ feeling.

It also sounds like music from the late ’00s which gives me nostalgic feelings . God I’m old.

Song Of The Day: Myrkur – Ella

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We may have had some relatively mild weather over the last few days, but it is still March and as Shakespeare once wrote, “Winter’s not gone yet, if the wild geese fly that way.” Well, I certainly haven’t seen any wild geese lately, but it is snowing a bit outside right now, so that’s definitely a reminder that winter’s not quite through with us yet.

In keeping with the wintry theme, some music from one of the Nordic countries seems appropriate, which brings us to Myrkur. With her latest album Folksange (out later this month on Relapse Records), Amalie Bruun shifts away from black metal and immerses herself fully in traditional Nordic folk sounds.

And while Bruun may be walking along the beach throughout much of the video for “Ella”, it still fits in quite nicely with that winter vibe. Check it out: