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Song Of The Day: Pale Blue – The Past We Leave Behind

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Sometimes leaving the past behind can be a difficult thing to do. For a variety of reasons, whether it’s nostalgia or regret, the idea of living in the past or dwelling on it can hold a certain appeal, but moving forward is inevitable and technically speaking, the fact that we experience time in a linear fashion means that whether we like it or not we’re leaving the past behind every second of every day. Science!

Pale Blue addresses this in “The Past We Leave Behind,” the title track of their upcoming debut album (out April 14 on Captured Tracks/2MR). The brainchild of Mike Simonetti, Pale Blue could also be referencing Simonetti literally leaving his past behind by splitting from Italians Do It Better, the label he cofounded, and working on his new project with vocalist Elizabeth Wight.

It’s a solid track, though I’ll refrain from describing it too much since the group’s press release states that “Pale Blue’s philosophy is to keep everything open to collaboration. It does not aim to pigeonhole itself into a genre or any new vistas in music, but instead to a unifying sound produced collectively and harmoniously.” So with that in mind, give it a listen.

Song Of The Day: Bronze Radio Return – Blurry-Eyed Worries

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Apparently the theme of my new year song-of-the-day posts is good advice. Shamir: Be comfortable in your own skin. Dan Croll: Take your shoes off when you enter someone’s home. And now Bronze Radio Return: live it up ’cause you’ll be a goner at some point.

Revolving around a chorus of: “I’m gonna live (I’m gonna live)/‘til I die (‘til I die)/Until the blurry-eyed worry’s gone by” this feel good indie folk track is anchored with handclaps, piano and laced with some delicately delightful harmonica work in the background.

Give it a listen:

Song of the Day: Dan Croll – Home

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dan croll

Some things are universal. You may be an introvert, you may be an extrovert. You may live in the country, or the city. You may live in a mansion or a studio, by yourself or on a commune with your 25 “brothers and sisters” but there’s one thing that rings true for pretty much everyone: it feels damn good to come home and take your shoes off.

So give Dan Croll’s “Home” a listen, and just remember if you’re ever invited over to his house to take your shoes off at the door – because it’s impolite not to, and you’ll be damaging his floor.

Song of the Day: Shamir – On the Regular

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At the age of 20 Shamir Bailey seems more comfortable in his own skin than most of us will probably ever be in our lifetimes. The hip-hop/electronic/can’t-quite-put-a-label-on-him artist out of Las Vegas, Nevada released his single “On the Regular” back in 2014 and the take-away is: ‘Here I am. I think I’m awesome. Take it or leave it.’ This is him on the regular, in his fringed jacket, with his whip, riding his exercise bike, and he doesn’t care if we’re on board or not (but, just for the record – definitely on board.)

And in case it went by a little too fast to pick up on them, here are some of the more amazing lyrical gems:

“Guess I’m never-ending, you could call me pi”

“Haters get the bird, more like the eagle”

“No multiple choice cause I’m the only answer.”

And my personal favorite:

“Don’t try me I’m not a free sample”