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Song of the Day: Rose Elinor Dougall – Closer

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Rose Elinor Dougall

Man remember how good the Pipettes were? I do. Since their demise over a decade ago, the members of the trio have gone on to moderate (and I’m being generous) success as solo artists.

Rose Elinor Dougall has probably done the most since leaving the group, and this year delivered a quirky fun pop album named Stellular.

While the album’s title track has garnered lots of attention, it is another song that has captured my ear. Closer is a great example of the care free sound that she has crafted. It’s got interesting lyrics, a bouncy bassline and just a fun sound to it. Check it out.

Song of the Day: Pale Waves – There’s a Honey

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A four piece Manchester band that recently signed to the same label as the one that has Wolf Alice (a good sign), Pale Waves (are they called Pale because they all look like they need a bit of sun? I dunno) only have one song on spotify but it’s a helluva song.

With a catchy chorus and delightfully poppy flow, this song sounds like it could have fit right there in some art-house twee movie’s soundtrack. That’s the best description I got. Listen to the music.

* Originally I thought this band was called Pale Weaves, and that brought up odd google results.

Song Of The Day: Jane Weaver – Slow Motion

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Though she’s put out nine albums over the past fifteen years and her career stretches back to the early 90s with her previous bands Kill Laura and Misty Dixon, Jane Weaver only just came to my attention with her most recent release Modern Kosmology.

As introductions go however, Modern Kosmology makes a great first impression and definitely makes me want to go back and explore her back catalogue. It’s a solid album full of spacey experimental pop and synth based psychedelia you can groove to. “Slow Motion” is a perfect example of this with Weaver’s vocal floating atop a repetitive keyboard riff. Check it out:

Song of the Day: Ten Fe – Twist Your Arm

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Talk about a throw back to early 90’s rock. This Ten Fé single released earlier this year sounds like one of those songs you would hear on the radio in the early 90s and then you would find out who they are and then buy their album off BMG or something.

It’s got that uplifting feeling and with a gospel sounding backing vocal, you can argue that this song sounds like a sober early Primal Scream. That’s high praise yo.