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Song Of The Day: S U R V I V E – A.H.B.

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Austin-based synth band S U R V I V E make music that hearkens back in some ways to the works of Tangerine Dream or John Capenter – spacey grooves that seem tailor made to be the soundtrack to some film from the ’80s. So it’s not much of a surprise that members of S U R V I V E are responsible for the soundtrack to currently buzzed about Netflix series Stranger Things. Here’s hoping that buzz carries over to their upcoming album RR7349.

Have a listen to “A.H.B.” off of that album, out on September 30 on Relapse Records.

#MusicMonday Song of the Day – Haelos – Cloud Nine

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A brilliant, haunting song by Haelos, this trio has been on my playlist since I saw them at SXSW earlier this year. Their moody, dark debut reminds me of bands like the XX as well as 90’s era trip hop. This track is just one of many good ones on their album and it’s worth your time. Listen.


Song of the Day – Flamingosis – Hey Girl, u like rising crust pizza?

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Not gonna lie, I picked this song because of the title. It’s a pretty smooth tune. You can probably set this as your alarm clock thing for when you wake up and it’d be something you wouldn’t mind. This dude also has songs called ‘Airplane mode’ and ‘Breaktfast Poutine’ so his song titling game is strong.

Song of the Day: Kiefer Sutherland – Not Enough Whiskey

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Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.37.59 PM

Don’t know how, but Jack Bauer has a new music video out. I guess it doesn’t come as a surprise, since Kiefer Sutherland is

a) From the west
b) In Young Guns (Blaze of Glooooory)
C) in the Cowboy Way (that movie where he was a cowboy in the city)
D) A new cowboy movie called the Forsaken

So basically, he is probably a cowboy in some shape or form, and while this is a perfectly passable country song (according to Paul), I can’t believe he didn’t throw some wink wink nudge nudge lyrics from 24 on here, for his diehard fans.

Here’s what I would have included

– We haven’t got the time dammit!
– I don’t want to hurt you, but I will, if I have to (could actually be a country music lyric)
– Get me President Palmer!
– Why’s my daughter being chased by a mountain lion?

I miss 24, such a good show. Here’s the video. It didn’t even start with the CTU countdown (do do dooooo doooooo)

Keifer’s new album Down in the Hole drops in April.