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Song Of The Day: CueStack (feat. David Hasselhoff) – Through The Night

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David Hasselhoff singing lead on a metal track? OK, I’m interested.

That’s right – The Hoff has teamed up with Austrian metal duo CueStack for their latest release “Through The Night” and really, the only question one should have about this should be why we had to wait this long for such a momentous cultural pairing as Hasselhoff and heavy metal to finally happen. I guess Cuestack were just the first ones to actually ask the onetime Baywatch star to do so.

So go grab yourself a nice hamburger and settle in to watch the video for “Through The Night” below.

Song of The Day: Anna Von Hausswolff – All Thoughts Fly

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When you think of pipe organs, church music is usually the first thing that comes to mind. But while Anna von Hausswolff‘s latest, All Thoughts Fly, was recorded entirely on pipe organ, it’s not exactly church music, a point that’s driven home by the record’s release on the mostly metal-oriented Southern Lord Records.

That said, as the title track builds to its climax over the course of its dreamlike 12 minute run, it definitely has the potential to bring the listener to a meditative state of sorts and feeling some kind of cathartic release once it has reached its conclusion. That in itself qualifies All Thoughts Fly as appropriate listening for a Sunday morning regardless. Check it out below.

All Thoughts Fly is out now on Southern Lord Records.

Song Of The Day: Rosie Carney – High and Dry

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Musicians releasing quarantine-inspired cover albums has been a bit of a trend this year, and now Irish singer Rosie Carney has joined those ranks with her latest release The Bends.

Yes, Carney has taken on Radiohead’s 1995 album, one of the absolute classics of the ’90s, and covered the whole thing in its entirety. And as it turns out, it ended up working pretty well, with Carney reinterpreting it in a stripped down, indie-folk style. Check out the video for her version of “High and Dry” below.

Rosie Carney’s The Bends is out now via Color Study.

Song Of The Day: Sturle Dagslund – Waif

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Sturle Dagsland, press photo 5

I first came across Norwegian experimental/Avant-rock singer Sturle Dagsland a couple of years ago at SXSW. It was a somewhat random discovery, but I was struck at the time by his sound and his personality, both of which could be described as “eccentric” (amongst other things, he memorably wrestled with a folding chair during that performance). Now, nearly three years after that performance, Dagsland is set to release his debut self-titled album on February 5, 2021.

Recorded over the last couple of years with his brother Sjur, Dagslund seems to have taken a bit of a kitchen sink approach to the album, incorporating over 40 different instruments from across various cultures into the recording and drawing from a wide range of influences. The end result is some pretty compelling stuff, as evidenced by the haunting, otherworldly soundscape of latest single “Waif.” Check it out below.