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Song Of The Day: Molly Burch – Downhearted

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Photo: Kelly Giarrocco

Let’s face it, we all get downhearted sometimes, but not all of us will up and move to Austin and end up writing a song about that very downheartedness. That’s just what Molly Burch did and the resulting song is an examination of such feelings all bundled up in a nice package of old school, soulful country sounds that comes across as surprisingly lighthearted in it’s presentation.

Burch cites such luminaries as Patsy Cline, The Everly Brothers, and Dusty Springfield as influences, though I find her voice also reminds me slightly of a more upbeat sounding Hope Sandoval.

“Downhearted” will be released as a 7″ single on September 16 via Captured Tracks. Here’s hoping a full length will follow not too long after that.

Song Of The Day: Melodime – Little Thing Called Love

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Photo credit: Shervin Lainez

Every once in a while everyone needs to hear a classic love song, preferably steeped in the wisdom of southern music style, ideally with a happy ending. Enter Melodime.

Melodime hails from (close to) my hometown in Northern Virginia but the quartet has mastered and reinvented the southern-flavored alt rock style you may associate with New Orleans or Nashville. Lead singer Brad Rhodes’ has a hypnotic voice that calms while it energizes – soothes while it sings. The rest of the talented group supports Rhodes with a lovely combination of keys, drums, and strings – and nowhere (in my opinion) do their talents come together better than in their recent single “Little Thing Called Love.”

The song testifies to the power of love, be it on the road, under the moonlight, or in one’s dreams. It’s simple in its lyrics and its rhythms, making it instantly recognizable and enjoyable. And with that, enough said. Let’s keep it simple. Take a listen and you’ll see what I mean:

Song Of The Day: Katy Goodman & Greta Morgan – Pay to Cum (Bad Brains cover)

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Photo credit: Julia Brokaw

A well done cover can often make you see a song in a whole new light. This is true of the upcoming release Take It, It’s Yours, wherein Katy Goodman of La Sera and Great Morgan of Springtime Carnivore take a collection of punk songs and replace the high speed and aggression of the originals with sweet, jangly dreampop delivered at a leisurely pace. Amongst great versions of songs by The Buzzcocks, The Replacements, Billy Idol and others, one of the standouts is their cover of the Bad Brains’ “Pay to Cum.”

Katy Goodman explains their take on it in the press release for the album:

“On the surface a song like ‘Pay to Cum’ seems really masculine, but to me, the lyrics are really more about freedom,” Goodman says. “You have the right to sing, you have the right to dance. When you have two girls harmonizing on these songs, they take on a new meaning, because you’re listening in a different way.”

Take It, It’s Yours is out August 26 on Polyvinyl Records

Song of the Day: Kishi Bashi, Hey Big Star

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Last time I heard from Kishi Bashi was back in 2012, when he gave a great Tiny Desk concert. That is, of course, years ago. The multi-instrumentalist has released tracks and albums each year since that time, always with his signature dobos-torte-like multilayer offerings, orchestrating bewildering melodies, soaring choruses, and dazzling loop samplings.

“Hey Big Star” is something on the leaner side, however. While it’s still no slouch at filling in the silence (there IS none), it does so quite a bit more efficiently than its predecessors. When the choir chimed in at 2:30, it took me back almost 80 years to the opulent Mandarin parties on the banks of the river in Shanghai. Alas, failing to be alive at that time, where it really transported me was a karaoke bar.

Sonderlust, Kishi Bashi’s next album from which “Hey Big Star” issues, will be out on September 16th.