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Song Of The Day: Johnny Marr – Armatopia

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Johnny Marr clearly won Twitter this week.

When a fan inquired as to whether a Smiths reunion was going to happen, Marr shot back with a brilliant response: “Nigel Farage on guitar.” Classic. A couple days later and I’m still laughing.

And while it looks like a Smiths reunion is most definitely not in the cards, Marr is still putting out great music under his own name. Check out the video for his latest single “Armatopia”, released earlier this year:

Song Of The Day: Wilderado – Surefire

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Days are getting shorter, pumpkin spice is everywhere, and the urge to chill out (literally here in Chicago) and hibernate is among us. In the spirit of everything laid back, feel-good, cuddle up and tune in, we have the gift of Wilderado‘s new single, “Surefire”.

The quartet, from Tulsa, OK, has been producing highly acclaimed records since 2016, wowing critics and fans alike, most recently with 2018’s Favors EP. A few months ago, Wilderado was back in action with “Surefire” – a four-minute ode to all things father time, stars in the sky, and the meaning of life. The song is beautifully composed, with smooth lyrics and dynamic chords that will have you putting this song on repeat.

As the track itself says better than I ever could, “I’m a sucker for some harmony” and this is where I’m getting my fix this fall.

Song Of The Day: Failed Flowers – Faces

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Anna Burch‘s solo debut Quit The Curse was easily one of the best albums of 2018, a perfect collection of sweet, jangly, poppy tunes such as “Tea Soaked Letter” and “2 Cool 2 Care” that burrowed their way into my brain and stayed there like all good earworms do. It was through Burch’s music that I discovered her friend and occasional tourmate Fred Thomas, who, prior to Burch’s solo debut, was also her bandmate in Michigan indie rock band Failed Flowers.

And now Burch and Thomas are revisiting that project with a new Failed Flowers song released as part of Slumberland Records‘ 30th Anniversary Singles Club. “Faces” sees Burch taking the lead and the song sounds very much of a piece with anything off of Quit The Curse, but with a touch more distortion. Check it out.

Song Of The Day: Colleen Green – Dammit

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Consider the art of the cover song. A good cover can reveal new sides and dimensions to a song and the best covers happen when someone takes a song and really makes it their own.

On rare occasions, some get even more ambitious and cover a whole album in its entirety (The Guardian published a good piece looking at a number of artists who’ve covered entire albums a few years back). With her latest release, Colleen Green has done just that, putting her own spin on Blink 182’s Dude Ranch album by stripping down all the songs to fairly minimalist, lo-fi versions. And while this may seem like an unlikely approach, it actually works quite well, highlighting the melodies of the songs while adding a touch of melancholy.

Check out Colleen Green’s version of “Dammit” below: