Song Of The Day: Fake Palms – Civil Liberties

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“Civil Liberties” is the latest single from Toronto’s Fake Palms, taken off of their upcoming third full-length album Lemons, which is due out on September 16 via Hand Drawn Dracula.

Check out the video for “Civil Liberties” below.

Concert Review: Goo Goo Dolls, August 8, Budweiser Stage

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After a few years away, Goo Goo Dolls were happy to be back in Toronto again.

Sure, it’s a line we’ve heard a fair bit over the last little while as musicians have been making their return to touring, but with the band having roots in Buffalo, it may be that Goo Goo Dolls feel the Toronto connection a little bit more than others might. The band made reference to the fact that they’d been away for a bit a few times during the night, with John Rzeznik joking that he felt hurt that the border to Canada was closed for all that time during the pandemic, adding that he thought about renting a rubber dinghy and rowing it across the Niagara river to get “one of those good Canadian vaccines.”

Robby Takac also made mention during their set of how good it was to be back in Toronto and even reminisced about playing Lee’s Palace before launching into “Lucky Star” off of 1993’s Superstar Carwash, one of a few tunes throughout the night where he would take the lead. It’s kind of weird to think back to that period in the band’s career, a time before they became the masters of the alt rock power ballad and were a Replacements-esque punk band who were also signed to Metal Blade records for a bit. Yes, for a brief moment in time, Goo Goo Dolls were labelmates with the likes of Cryptic Slaughter and Cannibal Corpse. There’s your fun fact of the day.

Touring in advance of their upcoming fourteenth studio album Chaos in Bloom, the band previewed a few songs off of it, including set opener “Yeah I Like You,” a decent bit of power pop that hearkened back a bit to the sound of those earlier albums. Of course, the biggest crowd reaction of the night came for the hits, and Goo Goo Dolls certainly have their fair share of those, with tunes like “Slide”, “Black Baloon”, “Name” and “Iris” inspiring big singalongs throughout the evening.

Surprisingly though, the band didn’t save “Iris” for last, opting to close out their set with two more songs after that one, including a cover of Tom Petty’s “Runnin’ Down A Dream.” An unexpected move perhaps, but maybe they’re just being courteous to fans who want to make their exit a little early to beat the traffic. If so, that’s fair. After all, the band may sing “I’d give up forever to touch you,” but some may not want to give up that few minutes head start on their commute.

Concert Review: Fleet Foxes, Uwade, August 6, Massey Hall

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It’s not all that common to see an artist come out on stage before their show starts to personally introduce the opening act, but that’s just what happened Saturday night when Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold walked out to introduce opener Uwade. Starting off by mentioning how great it was to be back on tour and specifically back at Massey Hall (I believe he said it was their fifth time back at the venue), he also took the time to sing Uwade’s praises before bringing her onto the stage. It was a nice moment that illustrated the admiration Fleet Foxes hold for their tourmate and also helped to hype her up to the crowd a bit, Though based on the strength of the songs she played during her set, she might not have needed much hype anyways.

During her brief opening set, Uwade put on a solid performance that showcased her strengths as a songwriter, with the highlight of her set being “The Man Who Sees Tomorrow“, a touching tribute to her late father. A charming performer with a penchant for asking the crowd questions as a way of introducing her songs, Uwade’s set seemed almost too brief, though happily she wouldn’t be gone from the stage for too long, joining Fleet Foxes on stage for their opening track “Wading in Waist-High Water.”

Touring behind their 2020 release Shore, Fleet Foxes put on an impressive show with a setlist that spanned their entire career and also included, oddly enough, a Hoobastank cover. Yes, in response to a fan shouting out a request for Hoobastank (there were a lot of people shouting out a lot of random stuff all night), Pecknold actually sang a bit of “The Reason,” which, somewhat surprisingly erupted into a bit of a singalong on the chorus before he cut it short. Who knew there was such an overlap between each band’s fandoms? Not I.

Speaking of covers, another memorable moment in their set came in the form of a beautiful version of Judee Sill’s “The Kiss”, which Pecknold described as “a holy song for this holy place.” Other highlights included “White Winter Hymnal” (jokingly referred to as a Pentatonix cover), “Can I Believe You”, “Blue Ridge Mountains”, “Montezuma” and “Mykonos,” a song which Pecknold called the bane of his existence as a singer, though he added that this night’s performance may have been the best he’s ever done it.

The band ended things off for the evening with “Helplessness Blues”, thus closing out a show that felt like a cool, comforting breeze in contrast to the oppressive heat outside. OK, I guess the AC probably played some part in that too, but you get what I’m going for here.

Song Of The Day: The Chats – I’ve Been Drunk in Every Pub in Brisbane

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Sometimes all you want is a big, dumb, fun punk song to rock out to and with their latest release, Australia’s The Chats certainly deliver on that end.

“I’ve Been Drunk in Every Pub in Brisbane” is off The Chats’ upcoming album Get Fucked (out on August 19), and honestly, when they sing about getting drunk in every pub in Brisbane, I kind of believe it. I have no idea how many pubs there are in Brisbane (probably a lot) or whether it would even be possible to have gotten drunk in all of them, but much like Agent Fox Mulder of TV’s The X-Files, I want to believe.

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