Travel Review – West Edmonton Mall [2008, Edmonton] – Part 1

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Edmonton – When one thinks of Edmonton, only three things can possibly come to mind – cold, the Oilers and the Mall. Well, as a person who spent seventeen frickin years in the Great White North, I have had plenty of trips to the mall. However, most of my friends in Toronto have never been, as there is no real point to visit Edmonton for anything. I was recently in my former home town and decided to show the peeps what the mall is all about.

First off, some information on the mall. It is the largets mall in North America and fourth largest on Earth. It consists of 570,000 square meters, has over 800 stores and also a waterpark, rink, movie theatre, casino, hotel, amusement park, golf course and pretty much everything you can think of. It even has another mall inside it. Jokes. Seriously, West Edmonton Mall is basically an indoor city.

Okay, so here are some random stuff.

1x1.trans Travel Review   West Edmonton Mall [2008, Edmonton]   Part 1

This is the waterpark. It’s AWESOME. I have been there more then a few times, and its great. The rides are top notch, you can bungie jump, theres a wave pool and the rides are just good. Look at the red and purple rides, thats five stories you drop. Crazy. If you are light, you can actually fly off the purple slide on the first bump. Don’t go down this slide head first, or you will end up like Superman. Bad joke, I know. But fair warning indeed. It’s great to go in the winter, since its bright outside and warm inside.

1x1.trans Travel Review   West Edmonton Mall [2008, Edmonton]   Part 1

Look – it’s Europe! and on the first floor, it’s a mini golf course! This is also where some of the more expensive shops are in WEM. How European. You should be allowed to smoke in this area of the mall.

1x1.trans Travel Review   West Edmonton Mall [2008, Edmonton]   Part 1

How the hell did they get a submarine inside a mall? I don’t know. However, this is a popular ride at WEM, and also shows off Canada’s awesome naval powers. Russian warships patrolling the arctic waters, you better watch out, because this yellow submarine packs quite a punch.

1x1.trans Travel Review   West Edmonton Mall [2008, Edmonton]   Part 1

On the left is where the sea lions are. They used to be dolphins, but apparently, that area is too small for the dolphins and they got depressed and died. How emo. To the middle in the back is a pirate ship. The water area is quite popular for drunken people to dive into at nite after they leave one of the West Mall nightclubs. Then they drown.

Part 2 coming up.

Heres a song for your troubles

Quantum of Bonds [Funny]

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Quick Review: That’s the Spirit – Staying Places [2008, Antique Room]

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What Neil Halstead’s ‘Oh! Mighty Engine’ could have been.


Global Vision Film Festival Review – The English Surgeon [2007, Geoffrey Smith]

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1x1.trans Global Vision Film Festival Review   The English Surgeon [2007, Geoffrey Smith]

Edmonton – If you are anything like me, then you are suspicious of people who claim to be passionate about their work.  If you don’t know anyone that is lucky enough to have stumbled on that kind of career-love, well, meet neurosurgeon Henry Marsh.  Since 1992, Marsh has been traveling from his native England to the Ukraine to spend time with his colleague, Igor Kurilets.  It’s 93 minutes of job shadowing as you watch these two men on their daily emotional roller coaster.  What impressed me about this film is how the stories meld together – the enduring and endearing friendship between the two surgeons, the tale of Marian a young Ukrainian man with a brain tumour who puts his faith in God and these two god-like men, the daily struggle for Igor in his clinic where, sadly, cost is front and centre, and the stresses of being a neurosurgeon which Marsh likens to “playing Russian roulette with two revolvers.”

One word of note, this movie does show a surgery which inspires a lot of “Holy crap!” and similar. If you are a bit queasy about that sort of thing then watch with a friend who can tell you when that part is over.