Review: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – The Effects of 333 [2008, Abstract Dragon]

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1x1.trans Review: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club   The Effects of 333 [2008, Abstract Dragon]

Well this album came out of nowhere, musically and otherwise. On October 27, 2008 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club announced via their Myspace blog that they were going to release their latest LP: ‘The Effects of 333′ – a completely instrumental album available via digital download independent of any record company. So being a big BRMC fan I put on my black shirt, leather jacket and jeans, paid $6 expecting a mind blowing follow up to last years Baby 81, the result however was something completely different…

With their first 2 length albums BRMC has been known as a slower paced psychedelic rock reminiscent of bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain. In 2005 with the release of ‘Howl’ they changed direction to a slightly more bluesy folk rock. I was disappointed at the time as I was anticipating another rocking romp through psychedelic pastures, but after giving Howl a few listens I embraced their bluesy ways and added it to the regular rotation. 2007′s Baby 81 felt like a culmination of all their material to date.

Before listening to BRMC I was never appreciative of bands experimenting with their sound. I’m a fan of a band because they have a specific sound so if they change it up drastically I tend to lose all interest. I’ve since learned to give musicians the benefit of the doubt as ‘Howl’ showed me that if a band is passionate enough about something the end result is usually ear pleasing (Paul Weller is another perfect example). But after listening to ‘The Effects of 333′ however, I’m almost at a loss for words. When BRMC wrote that this album would be both ambient and instrumental I thought okay, it’ll be another bluesy psych rock album with no vocals. I’m down with that. Although their description of the album is accurate, it was not what I was expecting. Out of the 10 tracks on TEO333, only 2 could be considered instrumental with just guitars strumming haunting chords, while the rest are just noise, albeit ambient…in a Halloween soundtrack you play on your front porch to scare the kids kind of way. Being experimental is one of the reasons why BRMC is one of my favorite bands, but with such a drastic change in sound on TEO333, it makes me wonder what direction they’re headed.

Here’s what the band has written about the album:

We are proud to announce our first release independent of any record company. As our first release through our Abstract Dragon label, this record is exactly that – no apologies, no lyrics, no regrets, just abstract. This has been in the works for the last 3 years at least, on and off the road, in hotel rooms, bus bunks, and back stage.

I really don’t know how to rate this album. It may be good for people who are into this kind of music and I’m sure there’s some kind of theme they’re going for here, but if you’re a fan of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, don’t consider The Effects of 333 to be a proper follow-up to Baby 81.

You can purchase The Effects of 333 here. And if you do, we’re interested (as always) in hearing your thoughts.

Twenty Two Thousand Big Ones!

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It’s no secret that I enjoy watching Coronation Street every night at 7:00 on the CBC. Who doesn’t? In the 7:30 time slot directly after Corrie comes Jeopardy. Now I have never been a big fan of Jeopardy, but I find myslef watching about 100% more of the trivia show than I used to before CBC aquired the broadcast rights.

My favourite part of Jeopardy is Final Jeopardy. Everytime one of the smarty pants on the show goes into the final round of wagering with more than double the points than the other contestants, I am reminded of this classic and very memorable episode of Cheers. And…a mailman. Way to go Cliff. I was never really into MASH, but Cheers was the shit.

Suedeview: The Asphalt World

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1x1.trans Suedeview: The Asphalt World

Toronto – Suedeview #6. Featuring my favorite song ever – The Asphalt World. This was not a single, but every Suede fan knows this song. It is a nine and a half minute epic. I don’t even know what it’s about. Here are some thoughts I think when listening to this song. Concrete jungle. Cloudy rainy days. Trapped. I guess it’s about feeling lost in the world you live in, trying to find your way out and fucking things up along the way. It’s about that point, you realize there is no way out, so you just accept it. Either that, or its about a drug addict girl who shares her time with two different people. That’s probably a metaphor or something. Not the best way to describe your favorite song in the world, but maaaaan, I just zone out when I listen to this song, it takes me to a place which I cannot describe.

I know a girl she walks the asphalt world
She comes to me and I supply her with Ecstasy
Sometimes we ride in a taxi to the ends of the city
Like big stars in the back seat like skeletons ever so pretty
I know a girl she walks the asphalt world

But where does she go?
And what does she do?
And how does she feel when she’s next to you?
And who does she love in time-honoured fur?
Is it me or her?

I know a girl she walks the asphalt world
She’s got a friend, they share mascara I pretend
Sometimes they fly from the covers to the winter of the river
For these silent stars of the cinema
It’s in the blood stream, it’s in the liver
I know a girl, she walks the arse felt world

But where does she go?
And what does she do?
And how does she feel when she’s next to you?
And who does she love in time-honoured fur?
Is it me or is it her?

With ice in her blood
And a Dove in her head
Well how does she feel when she’s in your bed?
When you’re there in her arms
And there in her legs
Well I’ll be in her head

Cos that’s where I go
And that’s what I do
And that’s how it feels when the sex turns cruel
Yes both of us need her, this is the asphalt world

The Choice Is Yours

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Man this is awesome. Remember that 90′s hip hop group Black Sheep? Well frontman Dres has remade ‘The Choice Is Yours’ rewriting lyrics to create an innovative pro-Obama voter initiative video.

I suggest he remakes ‘Without A Doubt’ after Obama takes it next week.