Review – 24 – 7×03, 7×04

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1x1.trans Review   24   7x03, 7x04

Toronto – Two nites, four hours of 24. I’ll have to say, I was very distracted by the Raptors – Celtics game thru out the show (goooo Roko) but I was still able to catch a majority of the show… here are some thoughts.

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Contest: Dinosaur Bones

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1x1.trans Contest: Dinosaur Bones

Have you heard of Dinosaur Bones yet? Have a listent to their track NYE below. Keep your eyes out for these Toronto natives in 2009. I like em.

The guys are starting the year off right with their first birthday at the Horseshoe this Saturday night (January 17th) with openers: The Junction, Black Hat Brigade, and the Paint Movement

If you want to celebrate one year of being a band with the Dinosaur Bones boys, then send an email to with the subject: My Favourite Dinosaur Is _________ (fill in the blank here) and we will set one lucky person up with a Dinosaur Bones EP, T-Shirt and entry into their show this Saturday night.

Saturday, January 17th
DINOSAUR BONES One Year Anniversary Show
With The Junction, Black hat Brigade, The Paint Movement
9PM, Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto

Theatre Review: Next Stage Theatre Festival

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1x1.trans Theatre Review: Next Stage Theatre Festival

Promo Picture for "Don't Look"

Ah, the mid-Winter theatre festival. Used by the larger North American Summer Fringe companies all over to bridge the gap of their fundraising dry months. New York has the FRIGID Festival, advertised as having something like 150 performances in 12 days in late February/early March. Winnipeg offers something called the Master Playwright Festival starting later this month. And going on right now, Toronto’s Fringe has decided to follow the lead of Edmonton’s Nextfest by putting on the Next Stage Festival, which is rather ambitiously subtitled “The Future of Theatre,” at Factory Theatre, located at Bathurst & Adelaide.

Winter theatre festivals are a curious thing. The challenge: to achieve a festival atmosphere during the coldest months of the year. Outdoor performances are out. Sidewalk vendors won’t come near. Only the heartiest of patrons will hang out in a beer tent all day, and even then only if it’s heated. Passers by lured in by colourful signs are almost non existent.

So you have to have some pretty interesting sounding shows if you want more than the performers’s friends and family to turn up. Or depend on the theatre-starved turning up and seeing whatever’s available. Fortunately for Next Stage, my companion and I were exactly that.

What actually drew the two of us in was the fact that Andrew Penner, musician and lead singer for Panic Manual favourites Sunparlour Players, was appearing in a Next Stage play called Reesor. After arriving at the box office/beer tent in Factory Theatre’s small front yard far too late for Reesor’s 3:15 start time, however, I was a little surprised to see that half of the six remaining shows of the evening were sold out. After deciding not to rush into the clown-based show “L’Ange Avec Les Fleurs” that someone nearby yelled was starting in two minutes, my companion fearlessly suggested we see “Take It Back” on the main stage at 7:30 and “Don’t Look” at the studio space at 9:15. With some trepidation I finally agreed. We got two tickets to the two shows for $50 under the Evening Double Bill ticket pricing. Not a bad deal.

I say trepidation because I’m a little wary of contemporary dance shows. There’s a lot of meaning in most of them, but generally it goes right over my head. I’m an artsy kind of guy, but more often than not, I just don’t get it. But then, after a quick dinner at nearby Craft Burger and a nice oatmeal stout in the beer tent from festival sponsor McAuslan Brewing I was content enough to sit through anything. (Note to Craft Burger & McAuslan: coupons and free samples for plugs are always welcome.)

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Review: 24 – 7×01, 7×02

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1x1.trans Review: 24    7x01, 7x02

Toronto – For better of worse, I have been pretty much addicted to the show 24 ever since discovering it midway thru season 3. It is the equivalent of TV crack, and once you start watching, you simply cannot stop. Sure it’s unrealistic to the point of ludicrous at times, but the dramatics are what make this show good. After taking significant time off, 24 returns with yet another pressure filled day for Jack Bauer. So I figure I will do my best to do a weekly take on 24 after each episode. It will be after a cut, since I don’t want to spoil things for people.

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