Concert Review – Mates Of State, August 4th, Lees

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1x1.trans Concert Review – Mates Of State, August 4th, Lees

Toronto – My review for this show was written three weeks ago when I bought my ticket. Anybody who read my review of MOS latest CD, Re-Arrange Us will know that I am a big fan (not as big as THIS person, but still big). I was pumped to see Kori and Jason and wouldn’t have missed the show for anything. They would really have to fuck things up to disappoint me. They didn’t. They played a solid mix of old and new songs. The highlight was the unexpected strings and trombone accompaniment provided by opening act Judgment Day. As a two piece, MOS know how to crank it, but with the additional help, the show was cranked up to 11. Here is the set list.

Fraud In The 80’s
Like U Crazy
Get Better
Think Long
You Are Free
Goods (All In Your Head)
Beautiful Dreamer
These Days (Simon and Garfunkle cover)
Blue And Gold Paint
Ha Ha
My Only Offer
So Many Ways

I hung around after the show and got Kori and Jason to sign my copy of their 2000 release My Solo Project. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Hey guys, great show. Can I get you to sign my CD?
Jason: Thanks, no problem. Wow, this CD has our old address on it.
Kori: This is when we had a PO Box
Jason: This is one of the Omnibus releases!
Me: Does this give me MOS cred?
Jason: Yah man, you have cred. Hang on to this.
Me: Awesome. Will you two adopt me and raise me as your own?

Here is Proofs from My Solo Project that they played. A much different sounding MOS from Re-Arrange Us.

CD Review: Fleet Foxes (Self Titled)

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There seems to be a folk renaissance happening these days. With bands like My Morning Jacket and She & Him strumming their way into our hearts and minds this year, they’ve opened the door for more harmonious and hymn heavy groups like Fleet Foxes to waft into our ears like a warm Southern breeze.

Despite having songs that are reminiscent of the Sacred Harp singing tradition that once flourished in churches of the southern states, you many be surprised to read that Fleet Foxes hail from the dreary northwest. When asked about why a bunch of Seattle city boys decided to take a less likely musical route, vocalist/songwriter Robin Pecknold said this:

“We were all living in fairly bad environments during the recording of these things and that may have found its way into the songs, a feeling of wanting to be somewhere else.”

I think this also applies to the listeners, each song on this LP takes you on your own fantastical journey. For me, I imagine being a pioneer of old, humming church hymns while taking a trip by covered wagon across the southern plains, rivers, and mountains. I eventually die of dysentery after eating all my provisions while hunting bear in the Smokey Mountains..oh wait, that’s The Oregon Trail.

4.5/5 – Bonus half point for using an album cover as good as Worlds Apart.

Thursday Grime Report – Dizzee Rascal, The Streets

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1x1.trans Thursday Grime Report   Dizzee Rascal, The Streets

Toronto – In case you haven’t noticed – it has been quite a summer for London’s favorite rude boy – Dizzee Rascal. The rapper has used his unique rapping skillz and do what all rappers do – team up with other people to form kickass songs. This summer alone, Dizzee has teamed up with Norman Cook and David Byrne to form the BPA and released Toe Jame, no doubt music video of the year. He has also teamed up Calvin Harris for the sizzlin summer dance floor filler called ‘Dance Wiv Me‘.

Now I just came upon a Dizzee cover of the Ting Ting’s “That’s Not My Name” – and he makes it more fun and enjoyable then the originals ever could. Here it is:


If you were wondering where his white boy brotha from another motha is, Mike Skinner aka The Streets has released a new single, a dramatic song called ‘The Escapist’. I hope theres a lot of catchy songs on the album. I really hope. You can download it here

According to Chromewaves – Tricky will be at the Phoenix, September 9th.

Beer Festival

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1x1.trans Beer Festival

Toronto – If you live in Toronto, you know about the Beer Festival. With every year, anticipation grows and every year, the festival gets bigger and hard to get into. Why? It’s a damn good time thats why. Sure, naysayers will say it’s just an excuse for adults to get blitzed out of their minds and stumble around the confines of Fort York. To the beer drinker though, it’s a chance to sample some of the finest microbreweries around Ontario.

The fine folks at the Beer Festival also have put together a slate of musical acts to provide pleasant tunes thru out the festival and tonight, it starts off with the English Beat. I myself, am not too familiar with the English Beat, but it appears that they have been around forawhile and are quite popular. I am sure our 80s music expert correspondent Josh will be able to chime in with some random information as soon as he reads this post.

Click Here to see a list of the relatively unknown bands that are playing.