Chromeo is BACK

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Toronto – Everyone’s favorite Montreal party duo Chromeo is back with a new single! Night By Night is their first release since they destroyed dance floors everywhere with Fancy Footwork in 2007. After a few listens, I would have to say, Chromeo has not missed a step. This is pure guitar disco 80s madness. I feel like I should be dancing on one of those dance floors where the floor lights up and all the girls have big hair or something. Check it out.

Editors, Muse, Thom Yorke, St.Vincent all on Twilight Soundtrack

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Toronto – Check out the stacked lineup for the soundtrack for the second movie (“New Moon”) of the tweeny franchise Twilight – it’s pretty stacked. I guess this movie stars Wesley Snipes, the dead wizard from Harry Potter and the girl from Into the Wild.

Death Cab for Cutie – Meet Me On the Equinox
Band of Skulls – Friends
Thom Yorke – Hearing Damage
Lykke Li – Possibility
The Killers – A White Demon Love Song
Anya Marina – Satellite Heart
Muse – I Belong To You (New Moon Remix) !?!?
Bon Iver and St Vincent – Rosyln
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Done All Wrong
Hurricane Bells – Monsters
Sea Wolf – The Violet Hour
OK GO – Shooting The Moon
Grizzly Bear – Slow Life
Editors – No Sound But The Wind
Alexandre Desplat – New Moon (The Meadow)

I am a bit confused. I always thought Twilight was targeted for bookish 14 year old girls ? Should this soundtrack not have like..the Jonas Brothers or um..Paramore or Pink or something? I listen to a lot of bands on this this movie targeting me? Am I a bookish 14 year old girl? Just what is a “New Moon” remix anyways? Is it just the Muse song with a bunch of vampire sounds? Where is Sookie Stackhouse in all of this? Why isn’t Vampire Weekend on this soundtrack? It’d be so perfect. What about Aaliyah?

Either way, I am glad the artists we adore so much are getting popular enough to warrant placement on a blockbuster soundtrack.

Concert Review: Little Foot Long Foot [September 18th, Steam Whistle Unsigned]

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Photo by Shaun Axani

Dude: I’ll take NEW MUSIC for $600
ALEX: And the answer is: The Mates Of State, The Kills, Matt & Kim and Little Foot Long Foot.
Dude: Who are two piece bands that may or may not be dating?
ALEX: You are correct

Last Friday night I hit up the Unsigned night down at Steam Whistle to see the two piece outfit from Toronto, Little Foot Long Foot. Front woman Joan Smith had the whole country vibe going on with her hard strumming rock and roll guitar sound. She kicked it on Friday night wearing a cute plaid sundress while Seth Rogen look-a-like, Isaac Klein, beat away on the drums behind her.

An issue I commonly hear with two pieces is a lack of range from song to song. Matt & Kim suffer from this, as do The Kills. In the case of Mates of State, they rely heavily on their vocals and have subtly switched up their instruments to adjust their sound. By the fifth song played by LFLF I’d got it. After that, the songs all kind of started sounding the same. I blame this on me not being familiar with their material prior to the show. Since purchasing a CD and listening to it, there are some stand out tracks. Tunes like June Bug and King Hipster will make you stand up and take notice. I’d like to see LFLF again knowing what I know now but on Friday night, yah, it all blended.

On another note, I believe that LFLF need an image consultant. In person they look like young country hipsters, their website has a 7 year old construction paper feel, their album art is a mix of some made up colonial vs. fairytale genre, and then there is their music which is gritty country rock. Please, pick one of the above and go with it. I was confused and distracted in doing my research.

Do you remember…. Hard Fi?

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Toronto – After the excellent Little Boots concert last Monday, I woke up the next day feeling energetic and invigorated, and there was nothing I wanted to listen to more then …. Hard Fi?

What the hell. I didn’t know either. For all you new school hipsters, Hard Fi was an English band from way back when (2005). They had some buzz for their album “Stars of CCTV” and songs like Cash Machine featuring these inspiring lyrics:

What am I gonna do
My girlfriend’s test turned blue
We tried to play it safe
That night we could not wait
No no, this can’t be right
She said it would be alright
I can’t afford to be a daddy
So I leave tonight…

What would Glasvegas say about that? I don’t know. Me and my peeps saw Hard Fi at the Horseshoe in January of 2006, and I remember at the time being really disappointed with their show because they had pre-recorded music for some portions of the songs. We all thought that was bullshit because they are suppose to be a band. However, now days, I see bands like Little Boots or La Roux or Passion Pit and they too have prerecorded material to compliment their live act, and I don’t mind it. I guess my point is, my enjoyment of a singer singing with some prerecorded material, made me think of a time when I thought this really wasn’t acceptable, which made me think of Hard Fi.

Do you guys remember when the Bishop and Belcher used to be near the Horseshoe? I used to love going to that place before a show at the Shoe. Then it turned into H&M or some gentrified store. Bummer.

Back to Hard Fi… For the record, I do enjoy their debut album – Stars of CCTV. I think
they used some sort of Peter Saville clone for their album covers.


Hard Fi had an album in 2007, but by then, they were no longer relevant and wikipedia says they are working on a third album. It’s been 2 years since that was reported, so I’ll assume they have broken up. Oh well.