Quick Poll: On Repeat

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1x1.trans Quick Poll: On Repeat

I have a bad habit of listening to songs I really like over and over. I’m curious to see if anyone else out there suffers from the same affliction.

Suedeview: The Wild Ones

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1x1.trans Suedeview: The Wild Ones

Toronto – The fourth installment of Suedeview features the fourth song (another single) off Dog Man Star, my favorite album ever by an extremely large margin. A simple elegant love song, The Wild Ones is an acoustic tune about the end(?) of a relationship. It is a person asking another to stay – promising the future, promising the world…promising everything. This really is the simplest of songs, but the songwriting is strong and the chorus is king.

“Oh if you stay…we’ll be the Wild oneessssss running with the dogs today..”

Check out 3:31 one mark of this song. this is when the song reaches that next epic Suede level. It’s freaking strings man, freaking strings.

Theres a song playing on the radio
Sky high in the airwaves on the morning show
And theres a lifeline slipping as the record plays
And as I open the blinds in my mind Im believing that you could stay

And oh if you stay Ill chase the rain blown fields away
Well shine like the morning and sin in the sun
Oh if you stay
Well be the wild ones, running with the dogs today

Theres a song playing through another wall
All we see and believe is the d.j. and debts dissolve
And its a shame the plane is leaving on this sunny day

Cuz on you my tattoo will be bleeding and the name will stain

But oh if you stay well ride from disguised suburban graves
Well go from the bungalows where the debts still grow every day

And oh if you stay Ill chase the rain blown fears away
Well shine like the morning and sin in the sun oh if you stay
Well be the wild ones running with the dogs today
Well be the wild ones running with the dogs today

Probably named after the James Dean movie

Single – Attic Lights – Wendy [Island Records]

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1x1.trans Single   Attic Lights   Wendy [Island Records]

Toronto – Attic Lights are a Scottish band that formed a few years ago. They have a single out now called ‘Wendy’ that I am totally addicted to. The single also contains a remix done by Camera Obscura, if that gives you an indication of what their music sounds like. I wished this was released in the summer, because the song would probably make my summer compilation, its got that laid back summery vibe to it I think.

This has become one of my favorite things associated with the word “Wendy” along side the junior bacon cheeseburger and the rest of the 1.79 menu.

Sprites – Update

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1x1.trans Sprites   Update

A couple of weeks ago I put the question out there to see if anybody had an update on a the Panic Manual approved band, Sprites. Well, we got an answer from Sprites front man himself, Jason Korzen:

We played a show in DC back in June (2008) with Tullycraft and From Bubblegum To Sky. Musically I’ve mostly been working on some remix stuff for people. There is some new Sprites material but we probably won’t do any recording though until the winter.

Jason also mentioned that he has some new family commitments that have resulted in their non- touring schedulce as of late. I also asked Jason about how he measured success of his last two bands, Barcelona and Sprites.

Having bands cover one of my songs seemed kind of like success to me. Going somewhere like Jacksonville or Boulder, CO and being surprised that these kids were really, really excited you were there. That seemed like success. I always felt like we were close with Barcelona to doing something bigger. The timing was just a little off.

There you have it. Keep us posted Jason. Looking forward to the new material, whenever we see it. Until then, enjoy some Bionic Hands. Yeah.