Sports Moments of 2009 for Ricky

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Toronto – I’m interrupting the flow of things here with my list of top sport moments of the year. This has been a banner sports year for me, as both my Penguins and Steelers won their respective championships, much to the dismay of almost all my friends. I was probably quite annoying from February to June, and probably had the emotional stability of a 14 year old girl (or Chris Brown) during their playoff runs, but it was probably worth it. My Penguins have not won the cup since I was 12, and the Steelers have not won a championship since I was 27. Anyways, here are my favorite moments of the year (random order):

Evgeny Malkin scores a Hat Trick vs Carolina
I think I jizzed all over the bar at the Tap when I saw this goal. It was right before the Au Revoir Simone concert, and the Pens were putting the finishing touches on the Hurricanes. Beautiful backhander few can even think of doing, and even fewer can do.

Federer Shot thru Legs
My current roommate Pux is an avid tennis fan, I guess he wants to be a stiff upper class white man when he grows up. Either way, whenever you mention Roger Federer to him, his eyes light up like a teenage girls does when you mention Robert Pattinson. He just swoons over this guy. Regardless of this fact, this shot between the legs was fairly impressive.

“The Save” Fleury denies Lidstrom
Quite possibly the biggest save in Fleury’s career, and maybe even the Penguins. It reminds me of Star Wars, when Luke Skywalker had to shoot those missiles into that lil hole to blow up the Death Star, only in complete reversal.

Ryan Clark decapitates Willis McGahee
As a die hard Steelers fan, it is my job to hate every Raven, Bengal and Brown in existence. So it was pretty satisfying to see the Steelers put an emphatic end to the Ravens playoff run by hitting them where it hurts. This was revenge for Ray Lewis taking out Mendenhall earlier in the season.

Superbowl – Two plays
James Harrison does the improbable and takes Kurt Warner pass all the way back to end the first half. You can insert some sort of black man running for his freedom joke here, if you want to.

This Larry Fitzgerald run was simply impressive.

Polamalu 1 handed interception vs Titans
The only highlight from an uber disappointing 2009-2010 campaign from the Steelers.

Patriots gamble 4 and 2
I HATE the Patriots. Just like I HATE Detroit Red Wings. Those two organizations are extremely well run, well coached and well managed. However, Belichuk is an old man and simply, his arrogance in this game will be forever remembered as the ‘jumping of the shark’ of the Patriots. Soon enough, Randy Moss will be late and quit on games and Tom Brady will start thinking he needs to get in on the Giselle action before she gets old.

This is simply awesome.


Other sports highlights:

  • my ball hockey team having an undefeated season and unlike the Pats, actually winning the championship
  • Confederations Cup was good
  • Twins vs Tigers playoff game was amazing, sorry Alli
  • Canada vs Russia, World Junior Championship Silver Medal game

Heres hoping for another good year of sports!

Best of 2009 According to A. Lau

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It’s hard to believe we’re kissing goodbye to the 00’s. God. Many moons ago, 2009 seemed impossibly far away. Yet here we are on the brink of a new decade again. For those of us on the cusp of 30, it’s best not to think too much about it.

Musically it wasn’t an epic year, but the spring and fall saw floods of hype–some deserved, some undeserved. I’m not going to focus so much on stuff other writers will talk about–the releases that I really want to champion in 2009 are two that flew very much under the radar–Lotus Plaza‘s the Floodlight Collective and Zaza‘s Cameo EP.

Officially this is my list of best albums of 2009:

1. Lotus Plaza – the Floodlight Collective
2. The Antlers – Hospice
3. The XX – The XX
4. Atlas Sound – Logos
5.  Zaza – Cameo EP (I just wish they had released a full length LP)
6. Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
7. Pains of Being Pure at Heart –  Pains of Being Pure at Heart
8. Crystal Stilts – Crystal Stilts
9. Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion
10. Grizzly Bear – Verckatimest

Wish I could cheat to include: Beach House – Teen Dream (slated for release in January 2010; leaked in November)

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Year in Review: Alli’s favorites of 2009

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Texas – It probably would have been prudent of our fearless leader to introduce our little Top Whatever of 2009 series we’re doing here at the Panic Manual. Supposedly, each of our writers will contribute some sort of list regarding our favorites for this year. Considering the project has the word “whatever” in it, I guess it’s no surprise there wasn’t a formal announcement. That’s just how we roll around here. Somehow I wound up at the top of the list after our guest post from yesterday, so here goes! I should note that these are in no particular order.

I don’t mean to copy our good friend from Indie Kid vs Dance Kid (his list is here), but my list includes twelve albums… my idea is more related to the cliche “12 days of Christmas” than twelve months of the year, though. I guess. The other parameters included at least twelve listens on my work computer, though since a couple were late entries, that wasn’t the case.

Ida Maria – Fortress Round My Heart
Ida Maria first came into my life with a crash and a bang and a spray of water at SXSW in March. I haven’t been the same since.. she is badass. This is dance around your apartment drunk when nobody’s watching music.

Richard Hawley – Truelove’s Gutter
“Ashes on the Fire” is one of those songs that makes you cry upon hearing it the first time. Well, it did that to me. This album’s feel is perfectly described by its title – pardon me for getting too real for a moment – it has gotten me through some pretty rough moods.

Andrew Bird – Noble Beast
Even though it came out in January, this was the soundtrack to my late spring and it was the background of many hilarious afternoons at my family’s with beer and BBQ. I also enjoyed listening to it in the car, it’s very all-purpose like that.

Franz Ferdinand – Tonight: Franz Ferdinand
The concept album that wasn’t meant to be a concept album.. it made me a fan of this band, whom I have been pretty “meh” about ever since they made it big in 2004. This record really is like a whirlwind, crazy night with its highs and lows and I adore it.

Little Boots – Hands
Summertime dance party. I really loved this one, it’s also good for workouts.

The xx – xx
I don’t really know what to say about the xx that hasn’t already been said. They’ve got a unique sound that I definitely didn’t hear anywhere else this year.

The Boxer Rebellion – Union
I really slept on this one; the album came out in March but when I finally listened to it a month or so ago. The fact that it made this list despite only coming into my life a month ago should tell you to LISTEN TO IT, because it’s really good. I probably would have reviewed it if baseball hadn’t taken over my life in the spring.

White Lies – To Lose My Life
Another product of SXSW for me. There had been a buzz about White Lies leading up to it and seeing them live blew me away. This album was on repeat for a month after. I’ve sat here for about 20 minutes now trying to come up with a way to describe why I love them, but all I can really say is that they give me goosebumps and that’s all that matters.

Bat For Lashes – Two Suns
I listen to this album in the bath with the lights off and candles lit. I think that’s all that I need to say.

Morrissey – Years Of Refusal
I’m gonna say it: as a huge Morrissey fan (almost 40 gigs and counting, tattoos related to him covering my left wrist, arm, and beck of my neck), this album is nowhere near my favorite. It’s Morrissey, though. It’s got some good tunes on it. And this is my list.. so there.

Röyksopp – Junior
Another album I slept on, it’s full of the usual awesome Röyksopp jams you’d expect plus one of those stuck-in-your-head-for-days tracks with the always awesome Robyn. I’m excited for Junior’s counterpart, “Senior” to come out next year. They’re one of those rare groups that does both dance and ethereal music really well.

We Were Promised Jetpacks – These Four Walls
I missed this band at SXSW. I missed them over the summer when they came back through Austin. I WILL NOT MISS THEM NEXT TIME. This album sneaked up on me. It has a lot more depth and flow to it than I expected it to and I love it. Plus, they’re Scottish. What’s not to love?

Podcast! Best of’s, Vacations, Random stuff

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Toronto – We are back with yet another podcast! Join me, Wade and Allison as we discuss items including concert etiquette, vacations, couch surfing and some music and moments we enjoyed this year. As usual, it’ll feature some music – Lotus Plaza, Evening Hymms, The Zazas, Mumford & Sons, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Kalle Matteson.