Video: Oasis @ Electric Proms 2008

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Oasis performed Champagne Supernova with a 50-piece choir last night as they wrapped up the 2008 BBC Electric Proms in London. Bigger than fookin’ life.

Suedeview: By The Sea

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1x1.trans Suedeview: By The Sea

Toronto – The fifth installment of Suedeview features a song off the hit record Coming Up, the post Bernard Butler third album that featured a more poppy/accessible sound that yielded 5 top 10 singles. By the Sea was not one of the singles, but it still holds up as a solid song off the album. It’s an elegant piano piece, I guess.

She can walk out anytime anytime she wants to walk out that’s fine
She can walk out anytime anytime she feels that life has passed her by
And when I start my new life I won’t touch the ground
I’m gonna try hard this time not to touch the ground.

He can walk out anytime anytime he wants to walk out that’s fine
He can walk out anytime across the sand into the sea into the brine
And when I start my new life I won’t touch the ground,
I’m gonna try hard this time not to touch the ground.

So we sold the car and quit the job
and shook some hands and wiped the make-up right off,
And we said our good-byes to the bank
left Seven Sisters for a room in a seaside shack,
And when I start my new life I won’t touch the ground,
I’m gonna try hard this time not to touch the grounds

…it’s by the sea we’ll breed
…into the sea we’ll bleed…

Picture Perfect [Ricky, 2008]

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You know, some times we can get creative and use the tools available to us to combine several photos to depict a reality that does not exist. Other times, we are able to capture reality with one click of a button, without the aid of image altering software to truely document the world around us. One such glimpse into another world can be found HERE.

Shortview: The Savages [Tamara Jenkins, 2007]

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1x1.trans Shortview: The Savages [Tamara Jenkins, 2007]

Toronto – It’s a bit late – but better than never. I have put off watching this film since last year. It’s not because I didn’t want to , but so many things got in the way. In a sense, it’s exactly what the movie is about, lost chances and the opportunities to compensate.

Jon and Wendy Savage started this weird episode of make-up when their father had a temper flare-up and wrote “prick” on the bathroom wall with his own feces after the caretaker refuses to flush it for him. Actually, at this point I thought the nurse would find Lenny dead on the floor covered in feces – so in a sense everything was just “fine”. Lenny has dementia occasionally, but in honesty, the problem is that he just doesn’t have much time left. The two siblings, other than the usual rivalry in profession (both writers), now have to figure out what to do with dad, who had never been a good father to begin with. Satire and hard moments ensues, in which both Jon and Wendy has to go through mid life crisis. She’s sleeping with a 52 yr-old man with a ring, and he’s dating a Polish deportee whom he loves but won’t marry. Recognizing that they are neither young nor happy with their lives, they put forward the steps to rebuild. But not before putting dad six feet under to rest in peace. In one part, Wendy lies to Jon that she was awarded a Guggenheim, while Jon’s strapped to an 18lb water bag designed to stretch his neck after a tennis injury. I don’t know where the screenplay came up with that, but it was hilariously effective in showing how bizarre real life can be.

Sure, it’s good that the young ones learned from the old’s “mistakes”. Wendy and Jon picked themselves up and did better in spite of Lenny’s death. But I like the scene where Jon/Wendy ask Lenny what to do with his body. It’s not an easy question to ask. Lenny’s reaction was even harder – “Unplug me! Bury me!” Sometimes it makes you wonder. Was he suckling on every last bit of happiness, including ignorance? This isn’t very forced material – everything has reality and I felt like I have really peeked into someone else’s life. Which is also the bad part about these films – makes you a little guilty, tells you to reflect and ask if you are doing something wrong. A good lesson like this never hurts, though.