Cultural Event Review: UFC 100

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Toronto – Even as I headed up north to my friend Colin’s cottage on the weekend, I couldn’t escape all the news and hoopla surrounding what was the de-facto event for males this coming weekend, which was in fact, this thing called UFC 100. UFC stands for “Ultimate Fighting Championship” and as you probably know by now, they fight in an octagon ring, instead of a square ring. Unlike wrestling, this fighting is real. I guess this was the 100th show for UFC, so it was like Wrestlemania or something. It was pretty big, and shows like Sportscenter was reporting it and everything, so I guess it was pretty important. I decided that I had to look into this thing and see what it was all about. I did not have too much time, so I focused on what was the 3 big fights

Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping, Henderson wins with a knockout
This was some kind of grudge match, apparently Bisping was talking a lot of trash against Henderson on some reality show, kinda like Spencer Pratt/Lauren Contrad thing. How do I know this? I have no idea. No, really. I guess Bisping is British and sounds like some extra from a Guy Ritchie movie. He comes out to Blur’s song 2. The announcers are really playing out this UK vs USA thing. I think he should have came out to ‘Parklife’ if he was really, really Brit. Dan Henderson is some older dude, who seems like he goes buck hunting in his spare time with his rifle. The Wrangler silent type.

The fight was okay, they basically tried to punch each other out. The Henderson dude basically did what I used to do in Fight Night Round 2, which is load up on the haymaker, and then unleashed it when the time is right. Henderson ended up knocking the Brit down with a vicious hook in the 2nd. It really looked painful. He then did a flying elbow to the unconscious man’s jaw. That seemed pretty cruel. It could be a good finishing move though, between this guy and Ricky Hatton’s pounding last month, I think the Brits should just quit fighting all together and do what they are good at… britpop.


Georges Saint-Pierre vs Thiago Alves, GSP wins by decision
Georges Saint-Pierre (GSP) is a really famous UFC guy who just happens to be Canadian. I guess he is to UFC what Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart was to wrestling. Only he looks like a cross between Jeff Garcia and Mini Me.

jeff-garcia-at-fight mini_me

Thiago Alves is some Brazilian who is good at striking or something. Anyways, this match was kinda boring, because it consisted of one dude grabbing another guy and then shoving him to the ground, and then they man-grinded for a few minutes and then the Brazilian dude would get up for a few minutes then it repeats. Overall, it was kinda boring.

Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir, Lesnar wins by TKO
Okay, as someone who watched wrasslin growing up, I only know Brock Lesnar from fake fighting, when he would do this to people:

Now apparently, he just pushes people to the ground and starts punching them until they give up, in this case, it was this dude named ‘Frank Mir’. As Bill Simmons said in his tweet:

We’ll remember UFC 100 as “The Last Night Frank Mir Was a Good Looking Guy.”

Conclusion I don’t really get how the UFC got so popular, I mean the fighting is real and stuff, but it’s not overly interesting. There’s no ladder matches, no top rope stuff and no chairs. I guess theres some kind of “real” to it, but what is real these days anyway?

The Got To Get Got – Sahalee [Noyes Records, 2009]

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On a post-it note burried under several other post-it notes that scatter the outside of my monitor I had written TGTGG. I had no idea what this ment until I got an email from Matt at Pigeon Row letting me know that The Got To Get Got are releasing their first full length this week. Sometimes when I hear a band I like, I write their name on a sticky and post it somewhere on my desk so that I will remember to look them up. I guess I heard TGTGG before and liked them.

The Got To Get Got are a seven piece of cute and cuddley boys and girls from Nova Scotia, more specifically from Dartmouth. Hey, what did the kid from Dartmouth get for Christmas? Some kid form Halifax’s bike. That’s the way they roll over there. If you are a band from Halifax just lie and say that you are from Dartmouth. It’s cooler.

TGTGG release their debut LP, Sahalee on Noyes Records this Tuesday, July 14. Buy it HERE. For this collection of pop songs, TGTGG stack violins, guitars and powerful rhythms over intricate arrangements and instantly memorable melodies. They are pretty groovy and will even hit you with some horns to mix things up.

TGTGG are pertty busy this summer and will be passing by Toronto in August. Also, to make your desktop a complete mess, get the Stickies program. It is the anti-organizational software that will make your fake desktop look as crappy as your real desktop.


Video: Calvin Harris – Ready for the Weekend

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Austin – Just released today is food-loving dj extraordinaire’s video for his forthcoming new single, “Ready for the Weekend”. His new album by the same name will be out August 17th, and frankly, I’m super excited. I love 2007’s “I Created Disco” for its funky, goofy, danceable awesomeness and am ready for more. His remixes have been good to tide fans over – he posts them all on his youtube account.

Mr Harris recently produced Dizzee Rascal’s new single, “Holiday”, which you can find a review of over at Pretty Much Amazing. He also has a very active (and funny) twitter account: click here to be amused and kept up to date on him.

Quick Review: Marina and the Diamonds – The Crown Jewels [2009, Neon Gold]

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Apparantly this was not the album, but a collection of EPs… DOOHHH!!!!

Toronto – Marina & The Diamonds is the stage name for one Marina Diamondis, some chick from Wales. I had her confused with the similarly named Florence & the Machines (another band I am listening to). I guess the ‘Diamonds’ aspect of the name refers to her fans or something. Her ep The Crown Jewels is available here. I’ve been listening through out the week and it’s pretty good. Whereas La Roux and Little Boots are pure pop, it seems like Marina and the Diamonds has a bit more substance. Marina’s defintely got a powerful voice know hows to use it. If I had to classify her music against current female lead bands, it would somewhere in between Ida Maria and Little Boots. She’s not as angry as Ida, but not as saccharine as Little Boots. The lead single ‘I am not a robot’ is pretty catchy and the video is visually captivating.

Marina & The Diamonds, “I Am Not A Robot” from Neon Gold Records on Vimeo.

Heres a remix as well