Suedeview: We are the Pigs [Dog Man Star]

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1x1.trans Suedeview: We are the Pigs [Dog Man Star]

Toronto – The third installment of Suedeview features *gasp* an a-side. We Are The Pigs was the lead single off Dog Man Star. The video features people running around setting things on fire while wearing russian gas masks. This is the first Suede song which features a long guitar solo. Maybe this was a sign that Bernard Butler wanted to branch out. It’s a rocker. It’s post-apocalyptic. It’s the world gone mad, it’s a warning for humans against humans. The initial intro sounds almost like hells bells are ringing, if done by guitar. Brett warns the people “stay at home tonight”. Overall, it’s a pretty dark view of the impending future. This was the song that got me into the band, and I love the chorus, horns, trumpets and all.

“We are the pigs, we are the swines…we are the stars of the firing line!”

Maybe England is a depressing place to live, judging from all the music that comes from it. Another song that features the infamous Ohhh

“Ohhhhh…Ohhhhhhh… we will watch them burn!”

Look out for the little kids cameo in the end. Dramatic.

Well the church bells are calling
Police cars on fire
And as they call you to the eye of the storm
All the people say “Stay at home tonight”
I say we are the pigs we are the swine
We are the stars of the firing line

And as the smack cracks at your window
You wake up with a gun in your mouth
Oh let the nuclear wind blow away my sins
And I’ll stay at home in my house

I say we are the pigs
we are the swine
we are the stars of the firing line

But deceit can’t save you so

We will watch them burn

CD Review: Keane – Perfect Symmetry [2008, Island Records]

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1x1.trans CD Review: Keane   Perfect Symmetry [2008, Island Records]

Toronto – You know you got a bit of uphill climb for indie cred when wikipedia lists you as a ‘Piano Rock Band’. This was the battle that faced Tom Chaplin and the rest of the Sussex crew when Keane first hit the scene in 2004 with their #1 album Hope and Fears. What the hell am I saying? They’ve had two number 1 albums in their brief careers, middle age woman hold crying parties and eat ice cream when they listen Tom Chaplin’s angelic voice sing about love and love that could have been. They don’t need no hipsta lovin.

Despite all that success, one of the most shocking news stories from 2006 was that Tom Chaplin, the lead singer for the band Keane went into rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. Whaaaa? That would be classified as one of the more unexpected moments of music. 2008 sees the return of the Keane, and a new album. It’s called “Perfect Symmetry“. How is it? if you are a video/music programmer at VH1 or an easy listening station, and you want to provide your audience with what you think is something “funky” while still maintaining that adulty Starbucks sound, then man, this is the album for you.

This album is definitely a bit more rockier, a bit louder and a bit more edgier then previous albums. A bit more edgier by Keane standards, which is equivalent to a person double dipping into a communal ketchup collection edgy. All jokes aside, this album is okay. The first track – Spiraling, is damn catchy. It’s not a typical Keane sounding song, and I think Tom Chaplin stole this song from Robbie Williams in rehab or something, because it sounds exactly like a Robbie Williams song. The rest of the album is a bit of a mix bag of pop melodies. I guess the dude does have quite a voice and that saves a lot of songs from descending into camp.

I guess this album is okay if you are planning on having a wine and cheese party with your parents.


ps. despite my insults about the album “Spiraling” is f’n catchy.

Quick Review: AC/DC – Black Iccccce* [2008, Columbia]

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1x1.trans Quick Review: AC/DC   Black Iccccce* [2008, Columbia]

*I added the extra “c’s” because rock and roll is all about dragging out the lyrics whilst reciting them in your friends face.

It seems that for the past 8 years AC/DC have been locked up in the studio somewhere in the deep south order to get inspired and perfect their sound on their upcoming release ‘Black Ice’ as they were really hoping to mix things up in order to attract a new, hip audience. But after a few years of fending off girls in confederate bikini’s, jugs of moonshine and mudbog parties, Brian Johnson and Co. decided to throw their intentions out the window and produce another kick ass LP that is sure to keep Jim Bob and Nikki Jo dancing in the back of their F-150.

4 SOOOOOEY’S! out of 5

Thanks for keeping Rock alive boys.

Event: Panic At The Tap

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1x1.trans Event: Panic At The Tap

Toronto – FINALLY …. The Panic Manual has come to some bar! Ricky, Wade, Gary and Mark will be at the Tap on Friday to provide some music choices. They might be good, they might be bad, they might be awful. It’ll be fun. Come join us!

Panic at the Tap

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