CD Review: Antlers – Hospice [Frenchkiss Records, 2009]

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Way back in March, the Antlers’ self-titled, self-released debut album was already making with-it music critics’ best-of 2009 lists. Since I’m not with-it and am notably over a week late for even the bandwagon (French Kiss released a “remastered” version to the public last Friday), I hope to make up for it with schmaltziness.

I won’t lie…I’m in love with this album because it plays to my weaknesses for painful emotions and sad backdrop stories. It’s the most cinematic thing I’ve ever heard a band, let alone a freshman band, produce. Part of the intrigue is behind frontman Peter Silberman, who secluded himself from the world for a year and a half to pen all of these songs and has declared that “I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time and energy on anything in my life“. There have been rumors that Hospice’s underlying story of a man’s destructive relationship with a cancer-striken girlfriend/lover is based on Silberman’s own experiences in a children’s cancer ward. Apparently these rumors are shrouded in a bit of mystery because Silberman declines to comment on any details in order to protect the parties involved, but he does note that the events are somewhat autobiographical. Most of the more recent interviews I’ve read focus on how the songs were inspired by a half-awake, half-dreaming state so I wonder if sleep paralysis is at play here as well. Although maybe I’m just saying that because I find sleep paralysis fascinating in and of itself.

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Low Budget News reporting…

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Oh my god.

Off my new daily favorite site:

Podcast! Summerworks, TIFF, V-Fest

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Toronto – Join me, Wade, Brian and Mark as we talk about a variety of topics including the ones I mentioned in the title.

Featuring music from:

Al Greene
Sunparlour Players
Dizzee Rascal
Manic Street Preachers

and some more I can’t remember right now.
Go for it!

The Rakes finally visit Toronto

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Toronto – Finally..the Rakes has decided to come to Toronto. I have been a fan of this 4 piece band since I heard their first single Strasbourg. It always seemed like they got lost in the mix with all the other UK “the” bands at the time (The Cribs, The Kooks, The Ordinary Boys, etc) but I have always really liked this band, they have strong lyrics and their songs are catchy. Their debut album had some classic songs that are still on my ipod today – “Work Work Work (Pub Club Sleep)”, “22 Grand Job” and “Terror”.

Here is a video from their second album Ten New Messages, with what could be one of the best song titles ever – “The world was a mess but his hair was perfect”

Anyways, they are probably touring in support of their 3rd LP – Klang. Here are some dates (i’m sure there will be more)
Nov 3, Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City
Nov 6, Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis
Nov 7, Subterranean, Chicago
Nov 9, Mod Club Toronto