The 00’s – A to Z Guide, Part 3

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Toronto – Okay here is part 3.


Oasis – I don’t even know if they made an album worth talking about this decade, but the constant bickering and controversy has somehow made them relevant this decade. I don’t know how. They just have staying power but now I guess they are no longer together.

Other notable O’sThe Organ made one album and then decided to open a bar. Of Montreal continue to be weird and Outkast made people ‘shake it like a polaroid’


Postal ServiceSuch Great Heights. That’s all you need to know to realize this “make one album and leave everyone on Earth wanting more” collaboration is one of the top albums of the decade.

Other notable P’sPeter, Bjorn and John made whistling in songs cool. Primal Scream survive the end of Britpop to stay relevant and the Pipettes for a brief period of time, revived 60s girl pop.


?, moving on


Radiohead – Ever the consistently productive band, Radiohead’s “pay what you can” scheme with In Rainbow may have paved the way for bands in the future to find a way to make money in the future.

Other notable R’sThe Rapture might have just started this whole indie rock dance craze, Radio Dept made the Labrador label relevant and Ryan Adams made about 200 albums.


the strokes_0

The Strokes – Kicked off the decade with a bang. Just when rock n roll was getting lame, the Strokes came in and rescued it with a single 30 minute swoop. This is It is a brilliant album that just sounds too cool for school. Not only did they opened the doors for a bunch of bands to walk through, they probably influenced quite a bit fashion choices, for better or for worse.

Other Notable E’s Mike Skinner proves that Eminem is not the only white rapper out there with The Streets, Natalie Portman and Zach Braff make the Shins a household name and Sufjan Stevens started his journey to make a record about every state.



Tegan and Sarah – After the disastrous T.A.T.U pairing of the late 90s, Tegan and Sarah had a long way to go to lose the stigma attached to lesbian duo groups. With the release of The Con in the latter part of the decade, the two sisters definitely have shed the label of a gimmicky act. I don’t really know any other huge T’s.

Other notable T’sThe Thrills proved that Irish bands can also sound like California bands, Tokyo Police Club did something, TV On the Radio also did something and Thunderheist made one of the better wtf? videos of all time with Jerk It.

I wrote most of these before I left for vacation, and obviously did not finish. in short form, is the rest.


– Unicorns? Underworld? Usher? Not sure..


– Undoubtedly, Vampire Weekend rocked our world with their worldly Caribbean indie pop sounds. Voxtrot also brought back the Smiths fan in all of us.


White Stripes! Awesome awesome video and one of a kind music, Jack White seems to do no wrong, even if I’m rarely excited about Raconteurs and the Dead Weather.


The XX..late to the game, but theres no bands with this letter


Yeah Yeah Yeahs!


The Zutons brought us the song Valerie, which Mark Ronson remade with Amy Winehouse and that song turned into solid gold.

Well there you have it, an A to Z guide to the 00’s. Sorry for the short ending, but I’m on vacation now.

Most Sexeriffic Songs of the 00’s

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At first I thought I might tackle a Top 100 of the 00’s list, but I realised a few crucial things about 5 minutes into compiling my list:

  1. My memory is hazy at best
  2. What can I say that Pitchfork hasn’t already said?

Instead, I’m compiling the most sexeriffic songs of of the 00’s.

Sebastien Tellier – Roche, 2008
Those stink lines you see coming off Sebastien Tellier isn’t……..OK. It probably is a mix of day-old Chardonnay and expired, unpasteurized cheese. But it’s also ripe sex appeal. There’s nothing subdued about Roche’s sexerifficness. It’s basically a French-Orgy of summer and smoke.

Dandy Warhols – Wonderful You, 2003
I completely forgot about this tune. I had actually completely forgotten about the Dandy Warhols + Welcome to the Monkey House, period…in the same way that I had forgotten about the Folk Implosion back in the 90’s. Wonderful You is the 21st century Natural One. It’s slick, surprisingly seductive, and the perfect soundtrack for creepily checking someone out.

Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor, 2006
Whoa man! Juggernaut of a song that has a raw, barely-contained energy to it. Very grope-in-the-pit type feel. Aggressive and illegal feeling without being inappropriate. It helps that vocalist Alex Turner has that raspy smoker’s voice–the epitome of vocal sultriness, and that the entire Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not album is stellar.

Madonna – Hung Up, 2005
Who knew an ABBA sample could be this sexy? It’s well known that the PM loves to bust this one out in desperation to fill an empty dancefloor, but why does it get everyone to shake their ass? The answer is simple. It’s dripping with an eerie magnetism that is so pervasive, it makes you forget this terrible video featuring Madonna doing the spread eagle  in a leotard. I’m sure one of the samples contains the sound of her hips creaking, but none of that matters. Bootylicious.

Snoop Dogg with Robyn – Sexual Eruption, 2008
I know I’m going to catch some flack for this one, but Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don’t Care! Even with that horrible “robot voice” effect, I have a soft spot for Sexual Eruption and Snoop in general. Sure, the word “sexual” appears a whopping 14 times, but it’s got that tongue-in-cheek thing I can’t resist.

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The 00’s – A to Z Guide, Part 2

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Toronto – Here we go!


Hot Chip Do it do it do it do it now..Ready for the Floor, Over and Over…two of the perennial indie dance tracks of our recent decades, both products of a band from England named Hot Chip. Their original take on electro pop, innovative videos and great live shows make them one of the bands to be excited for as the new decade rolls around. They are also in Toronto with the XX in April, that is a show you need to check out.

Other notable H’s: Hayden warmed our hearts with his folksy songs, Hercules and Love Affair brought back disco with a phenomenal album and the best track of 2008 (“Blind”), Handsome Furs made some sweet husband and wife music and the Hold Steady gave middle america a jewish voice.


Interpol – The impeccably dressed torch bearers of Joy Division exploded onto the scene in the early parts of the decade. Too cool for school, this band had the style, but as debut album Turn on the Bright Lights showed, they also had the substance. For a brief period of time, Carlos D was the coolest person in the music world and well, you can say that they were a large part of the New York music scene revival/worship that has been going on this decade. Here is an Anzi Ansari video about the coolness of Interpol.Other notable I’sImogen Heap.. well, we’ve talked about her a lot lately. Iron and Wine managed to keep people awake and listening to his music despite his best attempts and Islands somehow became a cohesive band.


Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z – POP acts!?!? These two were probably two of the biggest pop acts in the decade, and Justin Timberlake had one of the best SNL skits of all time with d**k in a box. Jay-z had his hand (and maybe more) in everything including helping launch both Rihanna and Kanye’s careers.

Other notable JsJustice found a use for children’s singing with DANCE, Joel Plaskett discovered life after Thrush Hermit and made about two hundred albums, Jet ripped off Iggy Pop and made millions and Jens Lekman’s quirky lyrics and sweet songwriting makes us appreciate Sweden even more.


The Killers and Kings of Leon – file both these bands under ‘bands who started off being liked by indie types and then exploded into the stratosphere’. When I first heard of the Killers, they were opening up for Stellastarr*. Now, Stellarstarr* probably washes one of Brandon Flowers 18 cars. Nevertheless, Hot Fuss remains one of the albums of the decade and Mr. Brightside and Somebody Told Me still make the snobbiest of music types dancing. Kings of Leons are the new Coldplay/Killers, so they are lumped into this category.

Other notable K’s -Keane tried to become the next Coldplay, Kanye continues to amuse us and K’Naan brought us some rap music with a conscience.


Libertines – My second most listened to band of the decade, according to Last.FM. Probably the most influential band (for good or for bad) in England this decade, the Libs gave all the middle/lower class youths in England a bit of hope and for a brief moment, all was well in Albion. Ultimately, Pete Doherty’s frequent escapades with heroin addiction and Kate Moss did them in but the sheer number of UK lad bands (Razorlight, Paddingtons, Ordinary boys, etc etc) that followed in the wake of these guys was quite amazing for a band that was barely around. I don’t know what the new decade will bring for Doherty and Barat, but I hope they get their shit together and tour stateside.

Other notable L’sLadytron/hawk/hawke/gaga – all proved that if you have a band with the word Lady in it, you will be successful. Lily Allen made people realize the power of myspace, and then showed up topless every chance she had. LCD Soundsystem had Daft Punk play at his house and provided all hipsters with a ultimate soundtrack for those late night drug infused dancing benders.


Muse – starting off as Radiohead ‘The Bends’ knockoffs, Muse has slowly, but transformed themselves into a dramatic epic rock powerhouse trio, with the emphasis on “dramatic epic”. Anyone who has been to a Muse show can attest to just how awesome these guys are live. Much like the Killers and Kings of Leons, they have gone the way of the stadium shows in North America, and we have lost another one. By ‘we’, I mean, cheap people. Still, Origin of Symmetry was fantastic and well, there’s no truer moment then at a Muse show shouting ‘time is running out’ with smoke machines and lasers blazing.

Other notable M’sMGMT will probably rule the next decade, My Morning Jacket made it okay to like music from the south, MIA brought all kinds of tools to the table with her blend of hip hop and Mark Ronson made it cool to remix songs with horns and trumpets.


New Pornographers – As much as the East Coast produced great Canadian music over the past decade, the West coast also has had their share of great music. The New Pornographer rule the roost over in BC and their blend of guitar driven indie pop produced four excellent albums – Mass Romantic, Electric Version, Twin Cinema and Challenger.

Other notable N’sThe National proved that not all things from Cincinnati sucks, Nelly Furtado went from a tree hugging hippy girl to a dance floor sex kitten and Nick Cave rose from obscurity with hits from both his solo act and his super band, Grinderman.

NOVELS Available for FREE download

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As a bit of an early new year’s present, the dudes involved in the NOVELS project have just made their five song ep available for free download from their site HERE. Get it, listen to it and distribute it. Here is the video for track three, Big Run, written by Luke Lalonde of Born Ruffians fame.

NOVELS – Big Run (Chapter 3 of 5) from Wade Vroom on Vimeo.