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Concert Review: Super Friendz, November 16, Lee’s Palace, Toronto

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Out of all of us at the Panic Manual, I’m probably the person least attuned to Canadian music. I’m not sure I have any valid excuses for that other than I never pay much attention to where a band is from. I can only gather that ’94-’95 was a good year for the Halifax scene (I guess it was called the “Pop Explosion“) and Murderrecords. Sloan’s Twice Removed was released, followed by the Super Friendz’ power-debut Mock Up, Scale Down. …

Concert Review: Chris Isaak, October 29, Massey Hall, Toronto

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I’m hard-pressed to think of a musician with a more well-rounded celebrity resume than Chris Isaak. He’s released 14 albums, has been steadily working since 1985, acted in a handful of movies (with a couple of meaty headlining roles), and had a 4-year television series profiling his life and the same band he has been working with for 27 years…and one last figure. He’s now 56 years old. That’s right…56 YEARS OLD. Some of you may think that that’s not …

Concert Review: Mark Kozelek, October 3, The Great Hall, Toronto

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KRAMER: How can I possibly thank you? SOUP NAZI: You are the only one who understands me. KRAMER: You suffer for your soup. SOUP NAZI: Yes. That is right. KRAMER: You demand perfection from yourself, from your soup. SOUP NAZI: How can I tolerate any less from my customer? CUSTOMER: Uh, gazpacho, por favor. SOUP NAZI: Por favor? CUSTOMER: Um, I’m part Spanish. SOUP NAZI: Adios muchacho! To truly appreciate the experience of a Mark Kozelek concert, we must apply …

Concert Review: Peter Gabriel, September 19, Air Canada Centre

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In an age where many acts come and go within less than five years, it’s difficult to imagine an artist with more interesting first, second, and third career acts than Peter Gabriel. 45 years after posturing Genesis as an art-house babe, Gabriel has managed to saunter through Britain’s new wave scene as a hero instead of a fringe scenester, he’s tinged popular music with the burgeoning world music scene, and done it all in 13 albums. That may sound like …