Song of the Day: Womps – Darling

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An odd band name, but one you won’t forget. They are a duo from Scotland so I’m not quite sure if how I think I’m pronouncing it is the actual way it should be announced. Recently in my life I realized I may have been pronouncing some prominent artists incorrectly.

For example, I was pronouncing Lorde as LOR-DAY, because I was thinking it was like Starbucks, which I believe is pronounced Gran-Day. So then I was like, how do you pronounce Ariana Grande? Does anyone know? English is not my first language, how dare you make fun of me.

Anyways that has nothing to do with this song by WOMPS. With those synth lines and those lovey dovey lyrics, you can definitely tell Womps were listening to The Cure when they wrote this song, as that will be the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear it.

Having read their PR release it appears that the two members of Womps take influence from “Scottish working class culture, the aftermath of the Thatcher reign and the disappointment of a failed independence referendum and the personal loves and losses entangled within” which is impressive if you think about it. I mean, being in a band is their job and those things inspire their actual work. If I was to write about my job, I would say, “my influence comes from wanting to make money.”

Anyways, here’s the song, I don’t know why I kept on going off track with this post but we’ve arrived at the same point.

Song of the Day: Tellef Raabe – Next to You

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New Wave has hit Norway! This doozy of a tune feels right at home at any retro night disco you might go to. You know the ones you go to and you suddenly are like “damn I’m old” but then you are like … “fuck it, time knows no bounds” and dance anyway.

Anyways, Tellef Raabe is a Norwegian artist who I know next to nothing about, but who has written this gorgeous pop tune that is now on one of my spotify playlists. His deep voice combined with friendly synths, what appears like two choruses and plenty of handclaps make this an overtly pleasant tune to listen to. I feel like you’ll feel the same when you hear this.

Song of the Day: Joseph Shabason – Long Swim

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I sometimes listen to random things. Take this one for example. Start with something that is immediately soothing but quickly runs repetitious to the point of being cold and suffocatingly mechanical. “Long Swim” directly reflects its name when it begins. However, as it evolves it becomes more of a city-scape.

Wake up in any major city at 3:00 in the morning and you will hear some monotonous, droning noise. And you just crave some human interaction. Please, anything but that garbage lift’s 3 notes of torture! When that sax chimes at full blast, you are almost grateful. Finally! Some organic voice! Even if it’s just to talk about the weather. But very soon your mind adjusts to the new equilibrium, and you find that shameful thought peeking through your mind – the annoyance at this voice, even if it’s another human being, one that you wished for just minutes ago. Stop talking about the weather all the time!

And then it does, it does. And you’re sound asleep again, perfectly comfortable in the knowledge that it was a waking dream and your demented mind had no part in its making, you were certain. This is ambient music, I suppose. It’s conducive to auto-dialogue. And it’s ambiance with a twist.

Song of the Day: Flotation Toy Warning – A Season Underground

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Back in 2004, when we were all much less depressed and resigned about that certain planetary and socioeconomical hellhole towards which the world is inexorably slumping, there was a London band called Flotation Toy Warning – even the name alone conjures a completely different world view.

Highly experimental and melodically gloomy yet filled with just enough irreverent glee, fantasy, and theremin, Bluffer’s Guide to the Flight Deck was a brilliant first album. Unfortunately, like the rest of us, they were hit by some tumultuous shitstorms during the next decade (of a personal nature it seems), and never again put forth the kind of crazed near-death clarity they once did. Until now.

“A Season Underground,” which in fact came out in 2011, is now collected together with other new works in a second album called The Machine that Made Us. Now perfectly aged, it is completely at home even with this strange new season of depravity. Honestly, ladies and gentlemen, please, I will thank you for quality over quantity. There’s little stink to be raised with waiting another 13 years for the next album.

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