CD Review: Lali Puna – Our Inventions [2010, Morr Music]

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It has been over 5 years, but Munich based Lali Puna is back, or should I say is going to be back, with a new release on April 1st, Our Inventions. The band is fronted by singer and keyboard player Valerie Trebeljahr, with help from members of The Notwist (Christian Hei, Markus Acher) and drummer Christoph Brandner.

I remember catching the Lali Puna video for Micronomic on The Wedge several years ago. That song prompeted me to buy Faking The Books way back in 2004. If you are a fan of Lali Puna, then the new album is much more of what you have come to like. If you have never heard of Lali Puna, well, Our Inventions is a solid place to start. The album is really good. By good I mean extravagant in its subtleties. I love the xylophone and vibes and there is plenty of that to go around on Our Inventions. Electronic, chill, pop music tied together by the vocals of Trebeljahr.

Listening to Our Inventions reminded me of a plan that some friends and I had to start a DJ night in a local bar, but instead of dance or pop music, we would go in the other direction and play the slower stuff. We would take Low requests, mix in some Kings Of Convenience with the Great Lake Swimmers, and likely spin some Lali Puna. That was a good idea. I should get back on it.

This is late night listening at its best. Worth picking up. Have a listen to Remember below. I like it.

Watch Live Ash Concert…

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Here is a live Ash Concert…all you need is to pour beer all over the floor you are standing on, turn down the lights and have random strangers bump into you and it’ll be like you are at the show itself!

Click Here for a larger view..

Charity Singles

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Toronto – So theres a charity single for Haiti. Lets recall previous charity singles. I find the videos to be pretty funny, lets take a look.

Do They Know It’s Christmas
Queen, Phil Collins, Duran Duran, Bono (of course), Paul Weller, George Michaels, Sting, David Bowie, Boy George, Paul McCartney, Kool & The Gang

The one that started it all. I think Simon Le Bon and George Michael had a hair off, while Sting looks really bored. Funny scene as Bono tries to sneak into the shot with Sting and Le Bon. Paul Weller doesn’t even look like he wants to be there.

Tears Are Not Enough
Gordon Lightfoot, Burton Cummings, Anne Murray, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Bryan Adams, Corey Hart, Rush, Oscar Peterson, Loverboy, Eugene Levy, John Candy(!), Tom Cochrane

Burton Cummings looks petrified in this low budget Canadian affair. Corey Hart looks like he’s a junky waiting for his next fix, and Neil Young looks hilarious. Bryan Adams is absolutely pure drama (ohhhh Yeaaaa). Pure Comedy.

We are the World
Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Tina Turner, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen, Darryl Hall, Cyndi Lauper, Huey Lewis, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles

The lack of black people in the previous videos musta set off Quincy Jones that they too, must make a charity single. This heavy roster is probably the most recognizable charity song. It’s pretty good, Kenny Roger looks like he really really cares. This video is good because you can see all these mega stars trying to out do each other, and then you get Michael Jackson singing near nobody. He must not have been there. I wonder who distributes the lines on these songs. Springsteen has a great growl in this song too. Then Michael comes out from whatever his dark room he is in to sing with the crowd. Cyndi Lauper threatens to derail the song with a surely coke infused cameo. This video also gets points for having two blind people on it.

All Star Tribute – What’s Going On
P Diddy, Jermaine Dupri, Bono, Eve, Nelly, Savage Garden, mary J. Blige, Nsync, Alicia Keys, Michael Stipe, Destiny’s Child, J-Lo, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys, Gwen Stefani, Nelly Furtado, Nas, Fred Durst, Wycleff Jean

I don’t even think this was a charity album, and the lineup now seems questionable. It tries to be too artsy with the whole unwrapping of the bandana around the eye thing. I love how Nelly and Fred Durst’s part sound exactly like every other one of their songs. Not the best charity song. There’s not even a default group chorus part. Fail.

This one is the best, obviously.

In conclusion, I have no conclusion.

Random Music News: New Young Pony Club, Ash, Shout Out Louds, Local Natives

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Toronto – Here are some random music news I have come across today or in the past week or month.

In Canada, the term Local Natives usually carry negative connotations to them because, well, they refer to local natives. I think Vik used to go to reserves to buy cigarettes or something. However, there is a new and exciting band from Los Angeles trying to change peoples perceptive of that term. There’s been a lot of buzz about Local Natives, who released Gorilla Manor in 2009 in the UK, but are only getting around to releasing it domestically on February 16th. You can go to their website here to buy it. Apparently, there’s extra goodies if you buy it off the site. Check out the video.

Irish band Ash is embracing technology and performing live/answering fan q&a on facebook/twitter on Wednesday, February 3rd. You can check out this information on the overly busy Ash website or on facebook. I’ll only attend if they play Jack Names The Planets.

The Shout Out Louds are giving away a free mp3 (as oppose as you downloading the torrent, I guess) on their website There is also a contest to go see them in NYC. I suggest you DON’T enter this contest, as I have done it and I don’t want to decrease my odds of winning. However, in the interest of karma, I’m just letting you know about it. Here’s a video for their song ‘Fall Hard’ off their new album Work.

Josh approved New Young Pony Club have a new album out soon. Here’s a video for their single Chaos.

Finally, Toronto band Woodhands is also giving away a free mp3, entitled P’iss. You can grab it here Check out their very Toronto-centric music video:

That is all for today.