MP3UK: Puressence

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1x1.trans MP3UK: Puressence

Toronto – The first few months of any year is usually weak for music as everyone has already rushed out to put their releases for Christmas season. With this musical drought, I decided to once again hop aboard my Delorean and take a trip back in time…back to the times when music were not obtained by things like Bittorrents or rapidshare, but by things like the kindness of strangers, IRC and IRC bots. Yes, we have journeyed back to 1999. Like I’ve said before, efnet, #mp3uk circa 1999-2002 was where I developed most of my music listening habits and today we will look at a another band that some of the peeps in that place quite enjoyed.

The band in question is Puressence. Despite sounding like a shampoo, Puressence is actually a rock band from Manchester. Some people can compare their sound to early Radiohead, but that is just because lead singer James Mudriczki’s voice sounds like a cross between Thom Yorke and that chubby dude from Keane. I like to think they sound more like a darker Marion, but really, that is a bit obscure a reference, so lets say they sound like Pablo Honey-The Bends Era Radiohead. I asked resident Britpop expect Nick about this band:

Nick: the most gloriously depressing band there ever was wait, didn’t you do a similar blog about them a couple of years back
Me: no..i didi one marion
Nick: ahh that’s what I’m confusing it with heh

Despite much fanfare for the 15 people who populated our little group, Puressence did not chart well (if at all) and they never reached any real level of success. The non success of the third album “Planet Helpless” prompted Island Records to ask Puressence to “sound more like Savage Garden.”, the band left the record company and went into hibernation for a decade before coming back non-triumphantly in 2007 with their 4th LP – Don’t Forget To Remember.

1x1.trans MP3UK: Puressence

Don’t let the boring album art and the lack of commercial success foil you though, this band has put up some quality songs and definitely is worth looking into.

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Norwegians are crazy yo.

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.

Is there nothing sacred anymore?

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As if CBC giving up the rights to the Hockey Night in Canada theme song wasn’t bad enough, TSN has come up with this bastardized version of the beloved tune.  Horrible is too nice of a term to use for this monstrosity.

Panic Manual Podcast: World Juniors Edition

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1x1.trans Panic Manual Podcast: World Juniors Edition

Toronto – Our almost monthly podcast returns. This time around, we cover the year that was, childhood memories and new years resolutions – all while watching Canada vs Russia semifinals. Listen as we try our best generate an interesting podcast while watching what was truly an awesome hockey game.

Songs played:

The Sweet Serenades – Mona Lee
Aeroplanes – Whispers
Dinosaur Bones – NYE
Thievery Corporation – Sweet Tides
Utah Rangers – You and Me in a rented car, two small bags and a plastic guitar
This is Ivy League – You and Me and the Moon
Gin Wigmore- These Roses
MGMT – Kids (Remixed by Pet Shop Boys)