CD Review: Logos – Atlas Sound [Kranky, 2009]

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Although the official release date for this is October 19, I can’t resist the urge to review Logos right now. I’m late for the gatecrashing, but who cares. Logos is one of the best releases of 2009 and that’s all you need to know.

It’s hard for me to decide whether this album is better than Cox’s 2008 release Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel…he describes the latter as “introspective” and Logos as “worldly” and “extrospective”. Let’s put it this way…Let the Blind was a truly solo effort; Logos is a team. You can hear the differences because they are palpable. Cox collaborates with Noah Lennox (Animal Collective) and Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab) on two of the album’s best tracks and this release has a notably sunnier, more nostalgic outlook.

This release has been riddled with dramas–lashing out at the internet, premature leaks, and everything else that seems to have plagued Bradford Cox’s rather pure and innocent desire to express himself through music without regard for profit gains. He’s on the road to becoming the most prolific songwriter since Robert Pollard of Guided by Voices who claims to have penned several songs every day of his waking life. In the works since 2007, it’s been sitting on the shelf for awhile now, and I predict Logos will rocket our Marfan Genius into even more of a legend.

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Concert Review: the Antlers, Horseshoe Tavern, Sept 24

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Don’t believe the hype. But in this case, do.

The Antlers came through Toronto last night for the second time in less than two months. When they came back in July, opening for Frightened Rabbit, puzzled concert-goers had their index fingers shoved up their ears (me and my bleeding eardrums were intrigued). When they came back to the Horseshoe last night, this time as the headliner, it was clear they had established a legitimately strong fan base already. Throughout Holly Miranda’s set I heard multiple people buzzing about the Hospice release. They weren’t buzzing about how fuckable the lead singer was and they weren’t buzzing about an overplayed single. In otherwords, this was not what I would deem “scene buzz” akin to what I have seen at shows like Camera Obscura or Passion Pit. Audience members were actually talking about Hospice as an album and I doubt many of them were there because of Pitchfork approval despite the Horseshoe’s “BROOKLYN Pitchfork Approved Indie Hipster Rock” tagline (Pitchfork has officially become the equivalent of Roger Ebert’s “thumbs up” in the non-mainstream music world).

Couldn’t find any photos from the Horseshoe so here’s a still from chromewaves at Criminal Minds

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Do you remember… The Music?

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Toronto – MAN. What happened to the Music? When they first came out, I thought they were going to rule the world. Tracks like The People, The Getaway, Take the Long Road and Walk it and You Might as Well Try to Fuck Me were just wicked tunes that threaded the fine line of rock and dance. Add in a wicked live show , Robert Harvey’s dancing and his Zeppelinesque sound and you had the makings of a great band. Follow up albums “Welcome to the North” and “Strength in Numbers” were well, disappointing (with the exception of the tune Breakin).

I guess that Harvey had some drug, alcoholic and depression issues, as noted on wikipedia.

Well, Robert Harvey, here’s hoping that you get well and make some more great music.

Weekend Primer – Toronto, September 25

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Perez Hilton SXSW 2009 Party

Toronto – Well, it’s the weekend, so what are you going to do? here are a few our suggestions!

  • Absolutely Nothing – don’t let sites like Torontoist and BlogTo trick you into thinking you need to go out and experience cultural things on the weekend. I say fuck it, sit at home, scratch your ass and watch all three seasons of Arrested Development on Saturday, then watch 9 hours of football on Sunday. People will say ‘oh its so nice outside!’. It’s been nice outside for about a 3 months now, that should not be a reason to go out.

  • Watch a crappy movie – everyone is still on their TIFF high, and raving about the latest Honduran film that has changed their lives. You know what? they can bring up that movie in a conversation and no one will know what they are talking about. So suck it up, go to AMC and go watch GI Joe or something. That’s way more of a conversation starter.

  • Inner City Tourism – Everyone says Jane and Finch is horrible. Have you ever been there? I have not. You probably have not either, so why are you dissing a place you’ve never been? I say, put on your worst clothes, and check out some of the slummier areas of Toronto – Jane/Finch, East Scarborough, Jamestown. Walk around for a few hours..maybe try to score some crack or start a gang war. You might gain some perspective the next time you ask for soy instead of milk at your local fair trade coffee shop the next time you go with your mac book.

  • Go to the Club District – Us indie kids are so comfortable in our own zones, why not try something different? Put on your finest stripe dress shirt, frost those tips and head down to the zoo known as the club district on a Saturday night. If you are a guy, you’ll probably walk into a few posts looking at all the girls fall out of themselves in their mini skirts. If you are a girl, you might get roofied. All in all, it’ll definitely be a new experience, and you and your friends can all bond while complaining about the music they’ll be playing.
  • Concerts? – If you aren’t feeling particularly like something new..there’s always a host of good shows within this great city of ours, historyjen has a boat load of good cheap local shows to go to. There’s also concerts by Soulsavers, Panic Manual favorites White Lies, forgotten hype band the Watchmen and the Hold Steady.

There you go, five suggestions for the weekend. Here’s a song by White Lies.