Friday Night Dance Party – Simian Mobile Disco – Audacity of Huge

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Toronto – It’s been a few years since Simian Mobile Disco’s debut “Attack Decay Sustain Release” rocked dance floors everywhere. The boys from England are back with a kick ass leadoff single called “Audacity of Huge” off their upcoming sophomore effort “Temporary Pleasure” out on August 17th. Featuring Chris Keating of Yeasayer, the single moves along at a robotic pace, almost Daft Punk-esque sound. Whatever it is, this song is going to be everywhere. If it isn’t already.

NXNE Film: Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison [2009, Bestor Cram]

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Toronto – Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison is a documentary that focuses on …the time Johnny Cash went to Folsom Prison for a concert. One of the most prominent events in career of the Man in Black, this film by Bestor Cram takes us back to the event with the stock footage, new photography and of course, interviews with the people involved. The documentary briefly takes a look at how Johnny Cash came to be and the circumstances that led to him playing at the prison, and then the effect that the concert had on the population, including a subplot involving one Glen Sherley. I won’t link to the wikipedia on it guy, but lets just say his story was featured prominently in the film.

The documentary was pretty good. A bit of the introduction seemed repetitive, but if I had not know about the history of this man, I guess it would be necessary. Interviews in this documentary included the Cash offspring, Marty Stuart, Merle Haggard and some random inmates at the prison. So much has already been written about Johnny Cash already that it is nearly impossible to shed new light on the dude. The only thing that the interviews did was to further Cash’s reputation as a stand up guy who fought for the underdogs. Especially with the prisoners, you can sense their appreciation for concert to this day. Apparently, Folsom Prison is a harsh place to live and the documentary included some shots of the prison, which was kinda cool. There weren’t much input from Johnny Cash himself, just some stock interview bits, seeing how the man died a few years ago, that is understandable. As you would expect, the songs of Johnny Cash are peppered through out the documentary, which is a nice audio treat.

My only complaints with the documentary was that some of the subplots involving the prisoners and what they are doing today really weren’t necessary. Also, it would have been nice to get some input from June Carter on the whole thing. I guess that is technically impossible, but maybe some stock quotes or something. Marty Stuart’s hair was also distracting.

All in all, if you are a Cash fan, you will probably want to watch this, and if you have only seen the dude from that Medicine Woman show, it is a good chance for you to learn about one of the most important musical icons in history. A good compliment to the movie “Walk the Line”, I say.

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison plays on June 19 (the best day ever), at 7pm at the Bloor Cinema

Here is the NXNE link. The movie is 87 minutes long, which is the number Sidney Crosby wears. Go Pens!

Quick Review: Hayden – The Place Where We Lived [2009, Hardwood Records]

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Toronto – Holy crap, I had no idea the girl from Heroes has such a masculine singing voice. This album seems like a rather large departure from her previous musical venture.-Apparently, used this joke already.

If you didn’t know, Hayden is actually Paul Hayden Dresser, a Canadian acoustic singer songwriter from Thornhill, Ontario. They have some pretty good Chinese restaurants up there, I say. Surprisingly, this is Hayden’s EIGHTH LP released. Clocking in at 30 minutes, is it reeeeally a LP? Much like his recent work, it’s quiet, mellow and acoustic (except for the electric guitar tinged Dilapidated Heart). It sounds similar to the previous album .. somewhat folky, a hint of country and something all the girls will swoon to. I guess the banjo infused “Let’s Break Up” is a nice little tune that could be a soundtrack to some CBC small town drama show that will get cancelled in about 4 months.

All in all, I guess this continues the momentum that Hayden has built with his previous records, I don’t think this album will draw in any new fans, but the Hayden lovers out there will definitely be satisfied.

In The Year 3000…

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Last night saw the return of the popular sketch In The Year 2000 on the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, but now it is more appropriately named In The Year 3000.

The sketch first appeared in the late 90’s with Conan’s co-host Andy Richter and himself making funny predictions for the year 2000. When Andy Richter left Late Night, Conan continued to perform the sketch with his guests. The second to last prediction typically found Conan making fun of his guest, and the last prediction saw the guest sticking it back to Conan. Although the sketch was performed well into the 2000’s, Conan kept it named In The Year 2000 just because. This is the fist sketch to be carried over from Late Night to The Tonight Show.

Last nights show also had Julia Louis Dreyfus as a guest. Man, that woman gets better looking as she gets older.