Panic Manual Podcast: World Juniors Edition

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1x1.trans Panic Manual Podcast: World Juniors Edition

Toronto – Our almost monthly podcast returns. This time around, we cover the year that was, childhood memories and new years resolutions – all while watching Canada vs Russia semifinals. Listen as we try our best generate an interesting podcast while watching what was truly an awesome hockey game.

Songs played:

The Sweet Serenades – Mona Lee
Aeroplanes – Whispers
Dinosaur Bones – NYE
Thievery Corporation – Sweet Tides
Utah Rangers – You and Me in a rented car, two small bags and a plastic guitar
This is Ivy League – You and Me and the Moon
Gin Wigmore- These Roses
MGMT – Kids (Remixed by Pet Shop Boys)

MP3UK: Rialto

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1x1.trans MP3UK: Rialto

Toronto – Welcome back to MP3UK, a new series on the Panic Manual which will focus on bands I have discovered thru the now defunct MP3UK group on Efnet that I was a part of back in the late 90s.

Debuting in 1998, Rialto was a Britpop band that was about five years too late. Their brand of melodic pop tunes arrived just as Britpop was dying. Pulp was committing commercial suicide with “This is Hardcore”, Blur had already taken a step in a more stripped down direction and Oasis had tired everyone out with the constant squabbles and the excess album known as “Be Here Now”. People were ready for a change (queue Travis, haha) but seriously, at the time, another Different Class sounding band was just the last thing people needed.

Rialto only existed for about five years, but they did put out two pretty solid Britpop albums, especially the self titled debut, which included quality songs like “Monday Morning 5:19″, “Untouchable” and “Summers Over”.
I think they were big in Korea as well.

I asked my MP3UK correspondent Nick for a comment on Rialto, here was what he said:

Nick: they were basically Suede/Pulp’s own version of Hurricane #1

He then said no one would understand what he meant. Haha

I was gonna post some youtube videos, but they are pretty horrible, so I will post a song instead.

Hot Fiya Remix: MGMT + Pet Shop Boys

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1x1.trans Hot Fiya Remix: MGMT + Pet Shop Boys

Toronto – Happy New Year! What great way to start off the new year by posting about one of last years most popular artists (MGMT). Seriously though, the Pet Shop Boys could make a great living remixing tunes I think. This remix is epic. The song Kids is quite dramatic anyway, you add in some synthy euro dance beats mixed with female backing vocals and voila – you have yourself a version of the song that rivals the original.

Check it out.

Rings, Wings, Bings, Mings, Stings, Kings & Tings Magazine [Funny]

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