Hot Fiya Remix: MGMT + Pet Shop Boys

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1x1.trans Hot Fiya Remix: MGMT + Pet Shop Boys

Toronto – Happy New Year! What great way to start off the new year by posting about one of last years most popular artists (MGMT). Seriously though, the Pet Shop Boys could make a great living remixing tunes I think. This remix is epic. The song Kids is quite dramatic anyway, you add in some synthy euro dance beats mixed with female backing vocals and voila – you have yourself a version of the song that rivals the original.

Check it out.

Rings, Wings, Bings, Mings, Stings, Kings & Tings Magazine [Funny]

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Pub Review – Lakeview Diner

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1132 Dundas St. West, Toronto, ON

Located in what amounts to be the heart of the new hip new strip known as Ossington/Dundas, the Lakeview Diner appears to be a great little place to have that post bar/pub/club meal after a night of trying to be cool in this hipster infested area. Before I review this place, a little history lesson is in order. Actually, just read this blogTO article about it. It’ll save me time. Basically, it was a diner that had been around since the 1930s, closed last year, reopened by yuppies. Here is the review.

Beers – Its a diner, so this is not applicable. They serve beer, but who goes to a diner for a drinking night?

Decors – It looks like a diner, there are two rooms, both have multiple booths with coat racks on the end (nice). It doesn’t really differentiate itself from other diners, but thats okay, because greasy spoon places are all about comfort and familiarity.

Service – Horrible service. We’ve been there twice, one time we were there, we were being served by someone who looks like the lost member of My Morning Jacket, the other time, it was some brown dude. Both times, the service was very lackadaisical. They were extremely slow to take orders, seemed pre-occupied with something else, and generally, just didn’t really seem to care that we are paying customers. Also, I ordered swap of my side from fries to poutine and when I get my meal, what do I get? Fries.

Food – meh. My friend ordered a standard breakfast – eggs, salad, sausage, fruit, homefries. When her breakfast came, I was shocked at how small the portions were – I mean, the eggs looked like they were laid by midget chickens or something. My sandwich was nothing special, but I was very disappointed with my servers decision to ignore my upgrade request. The poutine my other friend ordered had nice fancy mushrooms in it, but really, when you order poutine, you really want three things – quality fries, quality gravy, cheese curds. We had been there previously and the food was average at best. I guess it is a diner, but most diners are dirt cheap, this one is not.

Conclusion – Considering the fact that the folks at the Lakeview Diner are sitting on a potential gold mine (being the only real breakfast place for post drink people in this area), the extremely crappy service and pricier then should be food was a real bummer. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone.

Funny Web Site Alert

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1x1.trans Funny Web Site Alert

Toronto – Everyone knows about Failblog, but today, I discovered this site:

Take it for what it is. It is pretty funny though.