New Calvin Harris Video

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Toronto – This video just confirms what we have all suspected – it’s probably good to be Calvin Harris. Video reminds me of Groove Armada’s video My Friend for some reason. It’s the latest single (probably my favorite song off the album) from his sophomore album Ready for the Weekend.

Concert Review: Silversun Pickups, Sound Academy, October 14

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Toronto – Things overheard on the bus ride and walk to the venue:

“So where is the Docks anyways?” “Just follow the crowd.” “But no one in the crowd knows where we’re going”

As “the crowd” passed by a Cirque du Soleil tent:

“Cirque du Soleil’s playing? I’d much rather see them than Silversun Pickups.”


So by the time I finally make it to the Sound Academy, openers An Horse were already playing. They had a good sound – upbeat, poppy stuff. I think they’ll be opening for Tegan and Sara, which makes sense as they have a similar sensibility. There’s maybe also a hint of Matt and Kim in their sound, but that might just be a case of me making a lazy comparison to another two piece band.

Up next was Cage The Elephant, who reminded the crowd several times that they were from Kentucky. Hometown pride, I guess. I knew nothing about them before this show, but I did recognize their song ,”Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked,” not because I had heard them do it before, but because some kid on the bus was singing it to get himself all stoked for the show. They were alright, had a bit of a garage rock influence at times.


Silversun Pickups impressed me. The Los Angeles band was here touring in promotion of their album Swoon, which was released in April to generally favorable reviews. They’re a pretty tight live band and yeah, they do certainly sound like Smashing Pumpkins. Lead singer Brian Aubert’s got a high voice too. I’m not judging, just sayin’. High voice. He also bears an uncanny resemblance to Daniel Faraday from Lost. This resemblance started distracting me a bit as I was expecting him to say things like “Whatever happened, happened” or “You can’t change the future.” Sadly, he did not say anything like this. He did, however, mention that Toronto always makes them “feel really, really good” or something to that effect. So we’ve got that going for us.

Take that, Cirque du Soleil!

Party at Teranga tommorrow night!

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Toronto – Join us tomorrow night as we throw our 3rd ever dance party!

October 17, 2009 – Saturday! 5$ Cover
Doors 9PM, 159 Augusta

You will hear good tunes and have good times. We almost guarantee it.

Do You Remember…. The Coral?

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Toronto – Gawd, when the first Coral album came out in 2002, I couldn’t stop listening to it. It sounded like nothing else out there. It was so fresh..a nice mix of pop, rock, psychedelic and folk. I think that was my favorite record that year. Songs like Dreaming of You, Skeleton Key and Wildfire were steady songs in my rotation for the longest time. The sophmore effort Magic and Medicine was pretty good as well, although obviously with their sound establish it wasn’t as surprising an album as the first one – expectations were pretty high – Bill McCai and Pass it On were pretty standout tracks.

The third album Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker was not really considered a third album by the group, but rather some sort of creative outlet or something. It wasn’t very good, save for the songs Grey Harpoon and Song of the Corn. I guess they’ve had two albums since, the Invisible Invasions was pretty good and I didn’t really listen to Roots & Echoes, which was released in 2007. Basically, in 5 years the band released a whopping 5 albums, an achievement that I think even Ryan Adams would be proud of.

What’s the point of this post? I don’t know, but when looking back at some of the bands from this decade, the Coral were definitely one of the most unique bands that came about.