SXSW Review: Billy Bragg, Latitude, March 15

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Austin – Billy Bragg is an intense experience. He was the headliner for Monday night’s British showcase. The event was also in support of Strummerville, a charity in support for new artist. I have long heard about Billy Bragg, but really have never heard much of his music. I knew there was a lot of political themes in his music and spirit, but holy cow. Billy Bragg’s set alternated between really catchy songs and massive speeches about the economy, banker accountability, american football, people leaving in time of economic crisis and all sorts of stuff. He also drank tea throughout the set, much to the delight of the mostly ex-pat crowd (who knew and LOVED a lot of the songs). Along with some classics, Billy debut some new material (about the aforementioned bankers) and well, it was all fairly catchy (and scathing) at the same time. I admire how he can take a very simple approach to his music (using just an electric guitar) and craft so many albums and classic songs out of it, that takes a lot of talent. The show ended off with the only song I knew A New England and it of course inspired an entire crowd sing-along and was probably a cathartic experience for some in the crowd. Always a treat to see someone who would be playing much much larger venues on a regular tour in a small pub.

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