SXSW Review: Bitches, March 13, Headhunters

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Austin – Bitches.  It’s quite the band name; it provokes a certain sort of reaction, certainly different from what it would be had the band names themselves Flowers, or Puppies.  Singer/bassist Blake Ivinson was well aware of this, noting after one audeince member shouted “I love Bitches!” that he was compiling a tape of similar exclamations during shows to play for his mother, who he imagined would be thinking, “What are you doing with your life?”

The band played a fun sort of noise-punk that sounded pretty good, but it was Ivinson’s stage banter that truly made the show.  He had a wry, sardonic, dry sort of humour, discussing things such as how their song “Fly Away Home” was inspired by the fact that he thought the message of the Anna Paquin film of the same name was a bit silly.  He also commented on how as a kid he was good at the egg and spoon race and the three legged race (ie. he’s not terribly athletic), and mentioned how unhappy he was that the Olympics were coming to London this year, adding, “I suppose it’s a bit like SXSW…”  He did make sure to point out though, that playing rock songs is at least better than sports, but it was an astute commentary on how I’m sure many Austinites feel about the annual influx of music industry folk into their city.

Ivinson also took time near the end of their set to trash the sponsors a bit because they couldn’t put up a banner lest it block the ad banner already onstage.  “We made it ourselves, what has Pepsi ever made?” he quipped.  “I still drink it though,” added drummer Stacy Owen, who often chimed in with additional comments throughout their set.  If Ivinson ever decided to set the bass aside and branch out into stand up comedy, I’d consider checking that out as well … as long as he found a way to still keep Owen and her drumkit onstage.

SXSW Song of the Day: Django Django – Storm

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I don’t throw around the term “sounds like Beta Band” around very often, but when I do, it’s for a good reason. Django Django is an East London quartet whose colorful arrangement, semi-tropical vibe and overall psychedelic stained artsy-folk feel has many comparing them to the much loved UK band from the mid nineties. The connections don’t even stop there, as leader David Maclean is actually the brother of Beta Band keyboardist John Maclean (who was also in Die Hard). Other band comparisons aside, Django Django has put out a wonderful debut self titled album that has been in my rotation since I discovered it and they have released a few songs for public consumption off that album and one of the tracks is Storm (it’s not about Halle Berry).

Check it out. SXSW dates below:

Wed. March 14 – Austin, TX @ Easy Tiger Patio [12 AM]
Sat. March 17 – Austin, TX @ Latitude [10 PM]

SXSW Song of the Day: Eli Mardock – Everything Happens For the First Time

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SXSW is only two weeks away. It’s incredibly hard to believe. Usually I am beyond prepared for the trip, but life circumstances have taken up much of my time the past two months so I find myself playing catch up. I was listening to the Paper Garden Records set list and this little gem showed up.

I love grandiose tunes featuring strings so this track by former Eagle Seagull singer Eli Mardock certainly caught my attention. This is a song I envision being played as the sun bursts through the clouds on a dark day. It’s pretty good, check it out.

Eli Mardock is playing Paper Garden/My Old Kentucky Blog party @ Uncorked on 3/15

SXSW Song of the Day: Team Me – Show Me

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What’s come out of Norway recently?

If you are ignorant like me, you wouldn’t really know.

Well it’s time to make ourselves better people by familiarizing ourselves with bands from other countries. Meet Team Me a young looking band (although the guy second from the left looks like the dude from Summer Heights High) from Norway who seem to excel at writing catch orchestral pop tunes. Their debut record “To The Treetops!” comes out in a few weeks and this is one of the tracks off the record. They will be making the journey to Austin, Texas to showcase their craft and if their record is like this track, it’ll be worth your time to check it out.