SXSW Reviews: Anamanaguchi, March 12, Karma

If you watch anime, play video games and carry a backpack with your pokeman balls everywhere, we have a band for you at SXSW. The New York based chiptune artists Anamanaguchi make bright and blazing electronic pop/rock music with the help of NES, gameboy and other ancient devices. The Miniature Tiger logo was still on the stage when they played. Having a sense of humor, they cajoled and ridiculed (“I think we are called Miniature Tigers from Arkansas!!”) on the stage all while dishing out fluent electronic jams that make highly energetic a poor descriptor.

The audience was also energetic and fairly forgiving toward my photo-taking antics. Although their latest, Endless Fantasy, is a good track, the kicker was still Airbrushed. The whole floor exploded when the crowd realized what song it was. The tracks are not very different from those recorded sessions, but 200 people jumping up and down to the beat makes it a wholly exhilarating experience, despite the fact that someone spilled beer over my camera… I would still go and see them the next time I have a chance.

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