Song of the Day: Benji Boko – Where My Heart Is Featuring Maxi Jazz

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Toronto – If you ever find yourself in a darkened lounge with hardwood floors, cold hearted girls and candled lighting then you would probably find yourself hearing this track from Benji Boko blaring through the speakers. The track is called “Where My Heart is” and it is off the UK electro artist/producer’s debut record Beats, Treats And All Things Unique. If the vocals for this particular track sound familiar, that’s because it is Maxi Jazz of Faithless fame.

The track has an impeccably laid back, chilled out vibe and combined with hypnotic vocals by Maxi Jazz, it is clearly is something you put on to feel just a little bit cooler about yourself. Check it out.

Benji Boko is also looking for cool artists to collaborate with for some sort of video project related to this track, go to his website here for details

Song of the (Earth) Day/NXNE Preview: Art Brut – Lost Weekend

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art brut

Toronto – You thought we forgot didn’t you? This might be Good Friday, but here at the Chinese blog factory known as The Panic Manual, there are simply no days off.

I love Art Brut. When they first came around in 2005, they sounded so fresh and there was no way you could listen to songs like “My Little Brother” and “Emily Kane” and not sing along. They have a new album out this year, called Brilliant! Tragic!. Produced by Pixies front man Frank Black, this new album sees Eddie Argos attempt a different sort of vocal delivery – singing? I’m not quite sure – it’s more restrained than his usual shouting ways but what remains completely awesome is the memorable lyrics that usually define an Art Brut song.

The first single off this album is called Lost Weekend, which features some of the new Eddie Argos delivery along with a wicked guitar riff. Art Brut now has a song called “Good Weekend,” “Bad Weekend,” and now “Lost Weekend.” Check it out.

They are playing the Mod Club for NXNE on June 17th.

Song of the Day: Shit Robot – Take ‘Em Up (featuring Nancy Whang)

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Toronto – Thursday night approaching and looking for some dance floor thrilla? Look no further then this late night worthy disco tune courtesy of Marcus Lambkin aka Shit Robot.

Recruiting DFA superstar Nancy Whang (of Juan Maclean/LCD Soundsystem fame), the track Take ‘Em Up has all the classic element of a DFA endorsed tune – laid back vocals, dirty bass lines and the lingering feeling that whoever is responsible for the music is just way cooler than you will ever be. Check it out.

Concert Review: Jamaica, April 19, Drake Hotel

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jamaica, drake hotel

Toronto – “This song is dedicated to you! It’s called The Outsider” jokes Antoine Hilaire halfway through the Jamaica show on Tuesday. The dedication was to an older, balder gentleman who in his enthusiasm for the show, decided to dance on the stage for a few songs, much to equal parts amusement and annoyance of the crowd. The dancing ended when someone in the crowd yelled “Get rid of the old man!” followed by Antoine’s dedication. It was a rather fun moment, which punctuates exactly what a Jamaica show is about: fun.

A two piece band from Paris, Jamaica took the stage shortly after midnight accompanied by a drummer and delivered an hour full of guitar driven indie pop with a dose of humor on the side. From what I have heard, the band had previously sold out the Wrongbar earlier this year but I guess the freezing April weather and midnight midweek start time had people second guessing their decisions to come out. Still, the band was in great spirits on stage as they alternated between hilarious stage banter and playing tracks off their debut record No Problem which came out stateside last week. Having briefly listened to No Problem, I had imagined their tracks to have some sort of electro element to them, maybe some synths here or there. Much to my surprise and delight, the band was purely a guitar driven outfit with the duo delivering a steady dose of hook filled tracks. Tracks such as Short and Entertaining and lead single I Think I Like U 2 are extremely catchy and will draw lazy comparisons to other French pop bands such as Phoenix and Tahiti 80. It all just sounds so effortlessly cool. It’s hard to explain.

Midnight starts on a midweek shows are usually hard to justified (maybe I’m old), but Jamaica more then made up for this with catchy music and some rather hilarious moments at the Drake on Tuesday. Go check them out if they are in your town.

April 21 Chicago, Ill. Schuba’s
April 22 Minneapolis, Minn. 7th Street Entry
April 23 Los Angeles. Calif. Echoplex
April 26 San Francisco, Calif. The Independent
April 28 Portland, Ore. Mississippi Studios
April 29 Seattle, Wash Neumo’s
April 30 Vancouver, BC Fortune.

Jamaica – Short and entertaining by Radio Francos