Song of the Day: Bhanglassi – Everything’s Amazing

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It’s one thing to endorse the use of recreational drugs, it’s another to name your entire band after a drink made with these said substances. This is exactly what Sydney band Bhanglassi has done. Having named themselves after a cannabis themed lassi, one would suspect this band to be of the stoner, laid back, jamming, Phish-like variety. Instead, the group has taken their influences from variety of English acts, such as The Specials and The Jam.

The track “Everything’s Amazing” features elements of both ska and mod rock and has a nice frenetic pace to it. It is off their latest EP of the same name and you can find out more about them here. It’s all rather catchy.

Song Of The Day: Incarnations – Meet Me At Midnight

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Toronto – Incarnations are a New York based band (featuring members/a member of The Phenomenal Handclap Band) whose sound harkens back to the 1970s heyday of California country rock, smooth yacht rock and soul-pop. Despite their American origins, they recorded their album, With All Due Respect, in Spain and released it on a Spanish label. They’ll also be playing the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, so these guys must love Spain. 

The track, “Meet Me At Midnight,” is a nice bit of ’70s style soft rock that recalls bands like America. Check it out.

Concert Review: Fergus and Geronimo, April 16, The Garrison

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Toronto – Fergus and Geronimo are a garage pop band out of Denton, Texas who make music that touches on a variety of different genres and takes influence from doo wop and Frank Zappa.  They’re named after two characters from an Irish movie I’ve never heard of, so I guess they win obscurity points for that. 

While on album they sound quite diverse, live they come across as a more straightforward garage rock band, albeit one with a sense of humour.  They’re the kind of band who can play a song about Roman numerals and all the great things they are related to  – textbook diagrams, Star Wars prequels, Rocky sequels, and so on.  This sense of humour was also responsible for one of the best sales pitches I’ve seen from a band.  “Back in America, the land of opportunity, we all work regular jobs so if you’d like to buy a CD or any other counter-cultural artifact, give us your Canadian money.  We’ll figure out a way to turn it into real money.”  They also made two requests onstage for a place for the band to stay for the night.  Ah, the glamorous life of a young touring band.   

Overall, they were good but not outstanding.  I think in many ways I prefer their album to the live experience (if only for the variety), but they did put on a solid performance and are a fairly tight band.  Plus they have a drummer who sings lead on some tracks and that’s always a good thing in my books. 

Fergus and Geronimo – Michael Kelly by Pellytwins blog

Song of the Day: Diego Garcia – You Were Never There

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Toronto – Elefant was one of those bands that came up around the same time as The Killers, The Strokes, The Bravery, etc. Despite having a fairly solid debut record in Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid, this New York band did not see their careers elevated to the heights that their counterparts did. I quite liked Elefant, and I think I saw them at Lee’s Palace or something at one point. The song Misfit was really good.

Anyways, the band broke up but lead singer Diego Garcia has since launched his solo career. His first track is called “You Were Never There” and has this really chilled, laid back vibe that makes me think of the days in the ’70s where I was hanging out by an outdoor pool during sunset in the hills of Hollywood. There would be palm trees everywhere, mountains of cocaine and everyone had bucket hats and white suits. That probably wasn’t me. Either way, that’s the feeling I get from this track, which is off his debut album – Laura. It was released a few weeks ago. Check it out on itunes.