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NXNE Review: Human Human, Teen Violence and Naked People, June 15

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  I thought I had a packed schedule this night, but it turns out I had only chosen bands to see at 11pm, since I was tired from traveling all day to farmland, I figured that was okay since I was starting super early. We got caught in massive traffic coming back to the city and I was cutting it really close to Human Human’s 8pm start time at Supermarket. I raced in the house, did the ‘key area’ shower,  …

NXNE Review: St. Lucia, Bear Mountain, June 14, Wrongbar

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  While I’m sure everyone was enjoying the big, epic and melancholic sounds of The National at Yonge and Dundas on Friday, I was readying myself for the dance party of all dance parties at Wrongbar. Tried to catch Valleys at the Garrison, but unfortunately, I’m a girl. We have to get ready (actually I was playing the Last of Us on PS3, how good is that fucking game!) Moon King: Heard the last two songs.  Not a huge fan …

Concert Review: Small Black, Wrongbar, May 31st

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  This was a tough choice. Young Galaxy were playing the same time, the same night, at Lee’s Palace, and I had to choose which one to go too. In the end it went to Small Black, whose new album I just fell in love with (equally with Young Galaxy might I add, Wrongbar happens to be very close to my house). I’m sure whichever show I had picked, I would’ve walked away satisfied, and Small Black did not disappoint. …

Concert Review: MS MR, May 22, Wrongbar

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First of all, I apologize for probably the single-handed worst picture ever taken for a concert review. It’s awful, and I apologize profusely. I was sick Wednesday night, and while I shouldn’t have gone out in public infecting people with my germs, I really wanted to check out MS MR, the new “it” band of the moment, or whatever you want to call that. Perhaps it was the sickness, and my general mood of discomfort going into the sweaty Wrongbar, but …