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Song Of The Day: The Killers – Prize Fighter

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  You know what’s great? “Discovering” a new band. You know, that feeling when you stumble on a small, little-known group, memorize their music, and you have the sense you have something unique and pure and untouched? Don’t worry – I’m not delusional enough to think I have that special somethin’ with The Killers. BUT … You know what is, if not great, still pretty darned good? Finding a song from a well-known band that maybe not SO many people …

Album Review: Soccer Mommy – Clean (2018, Fat Possum)

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“I choose to blame it all on you/’Cause I don’t like the truth.” Oh.girl. Say no more. While Sophie Allison, aka Soccer Mommy, confirms her genius in these words alone she does say more – much more – and much more that is great in her latest album Clean. Clean will calm, empower, befuddle, and enlighten you. It is somewhere between a journal, a manifesto, and an unexpectedly delightful “thinking about you” card in the mail from a long-lost friend. …

Concert Review: Paul Kornmuller, February 21, Theory Bar

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I kind of forgot people go out on Thursdays (or Mondays or Tuesdays or Wednesdays or Sundays… or even some Saturdays) but this week’s live music performance at Chicago’s Theory bar by Paul Kornmuller was a welcome reminder. Paul took the stage at 6:30 and had the bar rocking well past 9:30 (when I left… honestly he may have rocked it well past midnight but yours truly was snooooozing by then). Mr. Kornmuller and his star singer covered a huge …

Concert Review: Carbon Leaf, July 7, City Winery

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Saturday night’s show was a conglomeration of perfect pairings: Chicago + summer; amazing venue + awesome service; inspired lyrics + top-notch vocals/instrumentals. How did all of this come together? City Winery + Carbon Leaf. It was my first time checking out the elegant wine bar/venue space known as City Winery (W Randolph location) but it definitely won’t be my last. The lovely space is perfect for a relaxed but upscale evening of diverse wines, tasty dishes, and awesome acoustics and …