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Review: Riptide Festival, November 23, Fort Lauderdale

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When you combine good music, amazing light and sound set ups, tasty food, and the beach it’s hard to go wrong. Fort Lauderdale’s two-day Riptide Festival capitalized on this equation to put on an awesome event this weekend. First, if you’ve never been to south Florida – you should make it a destination. White sand beaches, palm trees, crystal clear ocean, great bars and restaurants, fresh seafood and interesting (the good, the bad the beautiful and the ugly sort of …

Preview: Riptide Music Festival

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As much as I love my hometown (#chicitymycity) and I know all our Canadian readers love theirs, I would hope we’re all mature enough to acknowledge one small – flaw? quirk? reality? – about our residences: the winters can be a beast. I think it’s especially on my mind as Daylight Saving Time has descended on the world, making it pitch black at 5 PM. While I respect that ye olde farmers may have needed that extra hour to… do …

Concert Review: Judah and the Lion, November 2, Aragon Theater

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Choreographed dancing? Check. Campfire singing? Check. Cape-wearing? Check. Pep talk? BIG CHECK. Who’s been checking off these feel-good requirements on their ongoing tour? Look no further than the tremendous trio of Judah and the Lion (although at this show, there was a glorious six-man line-up of talent). The Tennessee-based band is making huge waves throughout the States as they promote their newest album, Pep Talks, and regale audiences with old-time favorite tunes. The band took the stage at the estimable …

Song Of The Day: Wilderado – Surefire

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Days are getting shorter, pumpkin spice is everywhere, and the urge to chill out (literally here in Chicago) and hibernate is among us. In the spirit of everything laid back, feel-good, cuddle up and tune in, we have the gift of Wilderado‘s new single, “Surefire”. The quartet, from Tulsa, OK, has been producing highly acclaimed records since 2016, wowing critics and fans alike, most recently with 2018’s Favors EP. A few months ago, Wilderado was back in action with “Surefire” …