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Concert Review: Judah and the Lion, October 21, The Riviera Theater, Chicago

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Talk about a show for the ages every time – Judah and the Lion always blows me away. The band has undergone some major changes since the pandemic, but I would say the disruption has resulted in a healthy evolution that has culminated in their amazing new album Revival. Revival’s musical journey explores, love, lost dreams, loss, and loneliness (among other non-L topics) and makes me tear up and smile every time I listen. It is truly an emotional rollercoaster …

Review: Riptide Festival, November 23, Fort Lauderdale

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When you combine good music, amazing light and sound set ups, tasty food, and the beach it’s hard to go wrong. Fort Lauderdale’s two-day Riptide Festival capitalized on this equation to put on an awesome event this weekend. First, if you’ve never been to south Florida – you should make it a destination. White sand beaches, palm trees, crystal clear ocean, great bars and restaurants, fresh seafood and interesting (the good, the bad the beautiful and the ugly sort of …

Preview: Riptide Music Festival

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As much as I love my hometown (#chicitymycity) and I know all our Canadian readers love theirs, I would hope we’re all mature enough to acknowledge one small – flaw? quirk? reality? – about our residences: the winters can be a beast. I think it’s especially on my mind as Daylight Saving Time has descended on the world, making it pitch black at 5 PM. While I respect that ye olde farmers may have needed that extra hour to… do …

Concert Review: Judah and the Lion, November 2, Aragon Theater

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Choreographed dancing? Check. Campfire singing? Check. Cape-wearing? Check. Pep talk? BIG CHECK. Who’s been checking off these feel-good requirements on their ongoing tour? Look no further than the tremendous trio of Judah and the Lion (although at this show, there was a glorious six-man line-up of talent). The Tennessee-based band is making huge waves throughout the States as they promote their newest album, Pep Talks, and regale audiences with old-time favorite tunes. The band took the stage at the estimable …