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Concert Review: Carbon Leaf, July 7, City Winery

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Saturday night’s show was a conglomeration of perfect pairings: Chicago + summer; amazing venue + awesome service; inspired lyrics + top-notch vocals/instrumentals. How did all of this come together? City Winery + Carbon Leaf. It was my first time checking out the elegant wine bar/venue space known as City Winery (W Randolph location) but it definitely won’t be my last. The lovely space is perfect for a relaxed but upscale evening of diverse wines, tasty dishes, and awesome acoustics and …

Concert Review: Jukebox the Ghost, The Greeting Committee, May 10, House Of Blues

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How many BFFLs did you make in high school and college? So many, right? You went through everything together: fake IDs (full disclosure: I was too much of a nerd to ever have one of these but I hear they’re great), sports games, theater, spring breaks, exams, summer jobs, travel abroad, crazy parties… you name it they were there for you. You swore to keep in touch after graduation… that may or may not have worked out but you still …

An Interview With Jukebox The Ghost

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Jukebox the Ghost (JTG) is one of our favorite bands. The trio weighs 300 pounds combined, is cute as a button and talented #AF, and is one of the hardest working groups we know. How do they stay so upbeat and personable? How do they keep their girlish figures (hint: breakfast is the most important meal of the day)? Read on to discover their secrets… First, congratulations on the new album! Can you talk a little about the inspiration behind …

Storytelling Review: You’re Being Ridiculous, February 3, Steppenwolf Theatre

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So, as I age (or, as I prefer to call it: “ripen” or “mature”) I have found myself widening my cultural interests from music to theater and, most recently, storytelling. Why? I hear you ask. Thanks for asking! Let me tell you: So, two main things I love about going to music shows are: 1) Lyrics. Clever, eye-opening lyrics can open minds and eyes and make you question your conception of narrative and connotation. One of the frustrating things about …