Song of the Day/A look into the art of the “small talk”: Of Monsters and Men: Little Talk

Of Monsters And Men

Small talk. It’s something every one does multiple times a day and invariably, it’s just noise we use to fill an otherwise awkward space. How many times do you see someone in passing and say “hey, how’s it going” or “how are you?” just because eye contact was made? It’s almost automatic for us.

Also automatic are our responses. Over the years we have finely honed our answers to these responses. Most people say something like “I’m good” or “I’m alright” and then that is the end of the conversation. Everyone feels good and they go on in their merry way.

Which brings me to a few days ago. I was at work just going to get coffee when a fellow coworker came from an opposite direction also going for coffee.

Small talk time.

For some reason I had already anticipated him asking either “how’s it going” or “how are you” to which I already predetermined to answer with “good”

Instead it went like this:

me: “hey!”
him: “what’s up?”
me: “good”

So in conclusion, I’m an idiot.

Here’s a song called “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men. It actually has nothing to do with what I wrote, but whatever.

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