Concert Review: The Sea and Cake, October 18, Lee’s Palace

sea and the cake

As I watched The Sea and Cake play their set to a smaller than expected crowd last Thursday at Lees Palace, I couldn’t help but feel that given different circumstances, the group would be playing to a much larger group.

You see, the Chicago based band have been making records for years now. It all started with their self titled debut record in 1994 and continues to this day with their latest record Runner, released early this year. Through it all, the Sea and Cake have maintained a fairly consistent sound – mellow jazz influenced rock (think rhythm wise) buoyed by Sam Prekop’s breathy non-chalant vocals. To me, it all sounds very French. The Sea and the Cake will forever remind me of a soundtrack to a cigarette filled summer adventure through 70’s era Paris. Which brings me back to circumstance. I’m pretty sure if the band had been French, young and hip that Lee’s Palace would have been packed.

Be that as it may, the crowd at Lee’s certainly enjoyed the group’s set on Thursday. Working without their original bassist, who was ill, the trio of Sam Prekop, John McEntire and Archer Prewitt more then made up for his absence with an impressive set that highlights just how strong musicians they are. Armed with drums, guitars, the occasional synth and effect pedals, the band has such a simple yet complicated take on music. Their riffs are subtle and ever flowing and it all just rhythmically blends together into a lovely little package. Prekop’s vocals aren’t going to blow anyone away but works well with the mellow rock that is the Sea and Cake. A pleasant night on a pleasant night.

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