Song of the Day: Amanda Mair – House (Club 8 Remix)

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This song has been repeat for me all weekend. Swedish act Amanda Mair‘s wise-beyond-her-years self titled debut was a mature and catchy affair and one of the singles off the record – House was given the remix treatment by label mates Club 8 and it’s amazing. Why haven’t Club 8 remixed more records? This could be a good gig.

The remix replaces the tender piano notes from the original with an 80s synth line and a disco vibe. Paired with Amanda Mair’s incredible voice, this tale of regret and abandonment becomes one of those songs you can now put on in your home in your darkest days and dance your pants off to it. There’s something magical about Mares voice, its sweet but not too sweet and has a hint of sadness and detachment to it at the same time. The original is good, but the remix takes it to another level. Quite an exception to your usual remixes.

Check it out

Remix of the Day: Plushgun – I Like It (Buffetlibre remix)

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Plushgun is a Brooklyn based electronic/new wave/indie band (aren’t they all these days) from the proud city of Brooklyn (aren’t they all from there these days). You might have heard of them a few years back when their song “Just Impolite” was featured on the ill fated faux MTV reality show The City. Remember when The Hills was all the rage? Funny how MTV’s television success transitioned from a bunch of rich Los Angeles teenagers to a bunch of idiot Jersey based party animals.

Anyways, it has been a few years for the group and they are back with a new album and a new single. The song “I Like It” is the first single off this record and it gets the Buffet Libre treatment. As with most Buffet Libre remixes, soaring synthesizers, dreamy ambiance and that ’80s-based New Years Eve party vibe are introduced to the song, which is already quite catchy in the first place. Check it out.

Sick Remix of the Day: Tyson – After You’re Gone (Magician Remix)

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Not quite sure who this Tyson character is or where he came from but this track is absolutely sick and primed for dance floors all across the globe. Dude’s got a good voice and the song sounds like it’s straight out of an ’80s disco. Can’t turn that down, check it out.

Remix Song of the Day: The XX – Intro (Kenny Burke Edit)

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Remember The XX? Yea you do. You were crapping your pants all over them two years ago, how dare you forget. The instrumental introduction to their Mercury Prize winning debut self titled record was a fantastic bit of music that seemingly declared ‘you are about to listen to a great album’. The bit of music has been used as intro for many fascinating things since it’s been released, including this especially effective introduction to the amazing reality series about the Penguins/Capitals on HBO called 24/7, watch this:

Now having listened to that, did you ever think .. man, I wished that version was slightly longer?

If you ever did that, then today you are king, for your wish has been granted.

Kenny Burke’s remix of “Intro” is an eight minute slow burning remake of the XX intro, and it’s slick and smooth. Check it out.