Remix of the Day: Plushgun – I Like It (Buffetlibre remix)

Plushgun is a Brooklyn based electronic/new wave/indie band (aren’t they all these days) from the proud city of Brooklyn (aren’t they all from there these days). You might have heard of them a few years back when their song “Just Impolite” was featured on the ill fated faux MTV reality show The City. Remember when The Hills was all the rage? Funny how MTV’s television success transitioned from a bunch of rich Los Angeles teenagers to a bunch of idiot Jersey based party animals.

Anyways, it has been a few years for the group and they are back with a new album and a new single. The song “I Like It” is the first single off this record and it gets the Buffet Libre treatment. As with most Buffet Libre remixes, soaring synthesizers, dreamy ambiance and that ’80s-based New Years Eve party vibe are introduced to the song, which is already quite catchy in the first place. Check it out.

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