Cover Song of the Day: The Chipmunks – Call Me (Blondie Cover) but slowed down to 16 speed

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Someone posted a slowed down version of the Chipmunks cover album on soundcloud about 9 months ago. I’ve just discovered it and it’s great. Here is a slowed down Chipmunks doing Blondie’s “Call Me.”

Cover of the day: Disclosure ft Sam Smith – Hotline Bling

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You can always count on BBC’s live lounge series to produce quality covers. Even the most hater of haters cannot deny that Drake’s Hotline Bling has slowly but surely taken over our world. I can’t even remember the last time that song wasn’t in my head at some point of the day.

As you would expect with such a popular song, there have been a lot of covers ranging from goofy (see Sufjan) to downright good (see alessia cara)

You could chalk this attempt in the latter category. it seems Disclosure can do no wrong these days and they pair up with their ole steady, Sam Smith to come up with this disco summer version of Hotline Bling.

While this cover doesn’t redefine or reimagine the track in anyway, it does feature Sam Smith’s strong vocal work with some house beats. the results seem prime for the dance floor, not that you wouldn’t dance for the original anyway. Check it out regardless:

Cover of the Day: Yo La Tengo – Friday I’m in Love

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Hoboken veterans Yo La Tengo are back with a new album called Stuff Like That There, an album that mixes both original and cover songs in one delicate package. Among the standouts is this delightful cover of The Cure’s Friday I’m in Love. This twee-ish take is a perfect for board game parties, organic tea gatherings and sundresses. Check it out!

The new record comes out tomorrow because shit comes out on Fridays now.

Song Of The Day: Melvins – In Every Dream Home A Heartache

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One expects a certain level of weirdness from The Melvins and frankly, after 30 years, they’ve certainly earned the right to follow whatever creative whims they choose. In fact, I find that they’re often at their best when also indulging in their most “out there” impulses.  One of my favourite albums of theirs is Prick, the experimental noise goof off that they released at the height of their mainstream popularity. So while weirdness is expected, their latest, Everybody Loves Sausages, shows that the band still are able to throw us a a bit of a curveball every now and then.  It’s  a covers album ,which for many bands signals a switch to creative cruise control. The Melvins, however, throw in a few unexpected choices of cover material and use it as an opportunity for collaboration, something they’ve often done in the past, and the results, while mixed, are often quite enjoyable.

One of the more interesting tracks on the album is their cover of Roxy Music’s “In Every Dream Home A Heartache,” featuring Jello Biafra on vocals. Biafra’s take on the song comes across as part tribute to Brian Ferry and part mocking parody. And then the last couple minutes or so of the song are dominated by crazy phaser effects because of course it is. It’s The Melvins after all.