SXSW Song Of The Day: Hatchie – Sure

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Brisbane’s Hatchie (aka Harriette Pilbeam) has been making some headway recently back in Australia and now joins the contingent of Aussie artists who’ll be coming to SXSW this year.

Hatchie’s music has been described by Noisey as being “Somewhere between Cocteau Twins and Sky Ferreira.” That’s an intriguing mix, and I’ll add that Hatchie also reminds me slightly of another Harriett – The Sundays’ Harriett Wheeler. The chiming guitar that opens her song “Sure” brings to mind the same sort of sounds that The Sundays made back in their ’90s heyday. It’s a solid pop tune with a bit of shoegaze thrown in.

Hatchie plays Cheer Up Charlie’s on March 15 and Lucille on March 16.

SXSW Song Of The Day: No Vacation – Mind Fields

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San Francisco five piece No Vacation, perhaps somewhat ironically, produce the kind of chilled out, hazy dream pop that might actually work quite well as the soundtrack to a vacation. I could definitely imagine somebody listening to their music while lounging by a pool somewhere.

Alternatively, it would also sound pretty sweet on some outdoor stage on a sunny Austin afternoon, a scenario which is entirely possible when No Vacation make their way there for SXSW next month.

Check out the video for “Mind Fields” off their latest, Transmission:

SXSW Song Of The Day: Anna Burch – Tea-Soaked Letter

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Anna Burch has been active in the Detroit music scene for a bit now, playing in bands like Frontier Ruckus and Failed Flowers, but her upcoming album Quit the Curse (out February 2 on Polyvinyl Records) will be her solo debut. The few songs I’ve heard from it so far sound fantastic, with the standout being “Tea-Soaked Letter,” a jangly indie pop tune buoyed by an infectiously catchy melody.

Anna Burch will be playing probably a whole bunch of shows at SXSW this March and she’s definitely made my list of must-sees. Check out the video for “Tea-Soaked Letter” below.

SXSW Song Of The Day: Yamantaka//Sonic Titan – Someplace

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Come this March, a whole lot of acts will be descending upon Austin, Texas for SXSW and as per usual, several Torontonians will be playing, including (just to name a few) Greys, Beams, Frigs, Lido Pimienta, The Weather Station, U.S. Girls and Yamantaka//Sonic Titan.

The former Montrealers, now Toronto-based, will be releasing their new album Dirt on March 23rd and will be previewing songs from the album at SXSW before starting a North American tour. Interestingly to me, the tour includes a stop in Sarnia, Ontario. Does Sarnia even get that many touring bands? I feel like they don’t get as many, so you’d better check this one out, Sarnians. Are they called Sarnians? I’m pretty sure they are, but that also kind of sounds like something out of Lord Of The Rings so maybe not. Any Sarnia folk please advise.

“Someplace,” the first single off of Dirt, starts out relatively serene before blossoming into big, doomy, epic heaviness for the homestretch. Check it out below and check them out at SXSW or Sarnia or wherever if you get the chance.