Concert Review: Sheezer, October 31, Lee’s Palace

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sheezer lee's


The young-ish crowd at Lee’s Palace was in full party mode to celebrate Sheezer’s 4th annual Halloween show. Most were dressed up even if it were just a tail, cat ears or a mask purchased from Dollarama. Props goes out to the girl who dressed up as the Statue of Liberty (more on her later). Proof of age was apparent when a significant proportion responded to the lead singer of openers Patti Cake when she asked everyone “Who was born in the ’90’s?” followed by breaking in to a slowed-down cover of 1979 by the Pumpkins (on Halloween, go figure). A crowd favourite was a cover of No Doubt’s Sunday Morning that finished their encore. They were a fun, energtic party band that prepared everyone for the headliners.

Only because we’re all familiar with Weezer’s discography, here was Sheezer’s setlist:

Buddy Holly

In the Garage

My Name is Jonas

Undone – The Sweater Song

Surf Wax America

Why Bother?

No One Else (“This one is about women’s rights!”)

Tired of Sex

I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams


Say It Ain’t So (crowd singalong)

El Scorcho


Hash Pipe (encore)

Island in the Sun (encore)

The Good Life (encore)

I can only imagine that being in a cover band must be strange for its members. From one perspective, it must be easy having everything written for you but also frustrating since you’re always going to have to wait for new material. There’s also the possibility of having an identity crisis. Do we play these songs with our own little added touch or do we do our best to imitate to a ‘T’? Fortunately, Sheezer seek to do the latter. They’re definitely no novelty though and know how to be self-deprecating and not take themselves too seriously. Between songs the drummer “I’ll tell you a secret. We kinda play the same songs all the time.”

Sheezer were all dressed as superheroes: She-Ra, Wonder Woman, Phoenix and the Incredible (She-)Hulk. They asked the crowd if anyone was dressed up as a Sexy Rob Ford, which got me thinking if this was at all possible and even if it were, they would definitely be winning some costume contests. This was as close as we got to see our beloved mayor in costume on this night.

Nevertheless, Sheezer put on a tight set with everyone having a good time and not just because it was clearly one of their favourite holidays. They invited three people in costumes on stage to read the lines of the party people during Undone – The Sweater Song including the aforementioned Statue of Liberty girl (see picture) who really got in to it even twerking at one point (God, I hate that word). One couldn’t ask for a better way to party on Halloween.

Best of 2011: Ricky’s Favorite Concert Moments in Awards Format (pt 2/2)

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Everyone likes awards right? Especially when they are random and whimsical..right? Here’s the rest of my favorite concert moments. Since it’s my blog, I’m just going to call these awards The Panickys. I would call it the Rickys, but that oozes of ego boasting.

2011 Panicky for Concert Where I Saw the Most Friends

Sloan, December, 2011 – The Great Hall
Before I joined this cultish indie blogger group I am now apart of, I rarely knew anyone at concerts. Since that fateful day, I seem to run into at least a few people at shows. While I’ve seen a lot of friends at a lot of shows, the Sloan show was by far, the one I went to with the most amount of people I knew there. I didn’t talk to most of the people I knew there, because I had a good spot. It helps that the show was phenomenal, and a nice cap off to a phenomenal concert year.

Sloan – Everything You’ve Done Wrong (live 2011-12-21) by panicmanual

2011 Panicky for Concert with the best backdrop/environment

The National, Llevant Stage, Primavera Sound, June, 2011
Brooding band, sun setting, beautiful weather and the Mediterranean Sea at my back. Even Matt Berninger mentioned how amazing it was for The National to play a set at that particular time at that particular place. Pure magic. Second best sunset show I’ve seen (after Coachella 2004, where Belle and Sebastian played a sunset show).

2011 Panicky for Concert where I formally gave up on a band

Interpol, Llevant Stage, Primavera Sound, June ,2011
I used to love Interpol, their brooding, atmospheric debut was one of the better records from the past decade. Sadly, the band has failed to consistently improve/expand on their sound and seeing the band go through the motions and play their inferior new tracks was a tough pill to swallow. Maybe Carlos D left at the right time, but I’m pretty sure that the sixth time I saw these guys was my last, until of course, the Interpol reunion in 2019.

2011 Panicky for Best Unexpectedly Great Concert

Erasure, Sound Academy, September 2011
The 80s synth-pop band put on one of the best shows I saw in Toronto this year, delivering a hits filled set at their show in September. The track selection for this set was perfect, building momentum slowly and then exploding in an outburst of color, melody and hook filled choruses, instantly transforming yours truly into a big time Erasure fan.

2011 Panicky for Best Unexpectedly Great Local Concert

Allie Hughes, NXNE, Wrongbar, June, 2011
Given the amount of large shows I go to, it’s probably not fair to group them with the smaller, more intimate local shows. So Allie Hughes gets the Panicky for the local version of best unexpectedly great show. Catching her on a whim at NXNE, I wasn’t expecting too much but came away awfully impressed by Allie’s theatre meets indie music mashup. Fun, original and filled with good music. A definite highlight of NXNE.

NOT THE STARS by AllieHughes

2011 Panicky for Best 1 Song Show

The Walkmen, Primavera Sound, June 2011
I only caught the tail end of the Walkmen (who Allison confuses with the Watchman, 9 times out of 10) set at Primavera Sound, but they sang the only song I would ever want to hear – The Rat. Seriously, listen to it. It’s one of the best tracks from the past decade and should have launched the band into the stratosphere. It didn’t, but that doesn’t make it a great moment to hear that song live.

2011 Panicky for Best Show I Do Not Remember

Yeasayer, Microsoft Party, Austin, March 2011
As chronicled in my article here, the PM crew indulged a bit too much at the free booze fest and as a result, I missed/forgot what happened at the Yeasayer show. Still, this was better than my performance at the Woodhands show in 2010. I didn’t have to review the Yeasayer show, I kinda had to review the Woodhands show and instead ended up making references to Fast and Furious in the article.

2011 Panicky for Show with the Highest Dancing Crowd/Collapsed Floor Potential

Sheezer, Sneaky Dees, NXNE, June, 2011
While they didn’t dress up as Spice Girls aka their Halloween show, Sheezer’s Sneaky Dees show was the perfect storm of great music, amazing crowd and really small space. The crowd was more than amped to see the Weezer cover band at 2 am at the height of NXNE and the result was a venue long mosh pit which was literally floor shaking. Great show.

Sheezer – Only in Dreams (Live) by Pop Montreal

2011 Panicky for Best Concert

Pulp, San Miguel Stage, Primavera Sound, June 2011
Was there any doubt? Favorite Concert Ever.

Song of the Day: Rouge – Modern Lovers I

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Rouge are an all-girl trio whose members include Kelly McMichael from Gentlemen Reg, Jess Tollefsen from Green Go and Emma Tollefsen. I just copied and pasted that line from a pr email, but really, it’s a well formed introductory sentence. The group is part Guelph, part Toronto and all about dirty dance beats accompanied by disco inspired synth lines. Reminds me of a local version of defunct UK act Client. Modern Lovers I is a track off their debut 7″ and is an extremely polished track that will light up some dance floors in due time, have a listen

Rouge will be having a release party at Sneaky Dees October 14th, with guest DJs Sheezer (wo)manning the decks.

Jessica’s NXNE Round Up Part 2: Dora Alexander, Action Makes, Crocodiles, Paper Lions

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Now that North by Northeast 2011 is over, it’s time to reflect over the good, the bad and the sweaty. Here’s a recap of what I experienced over those four days.

Part 1 is here

Friday June 17
This night I saw pretty much every band I intended on seeing. It was also a night when I went to three different venues, agonized over feet in pain, stayed out until 4 and spent the latter half of the night in the back of Sneaky Dee’s sweating and chatting with friends in town for the fest.

I started off at the Velvet Underground, a venue I had never been to in the city. It was empty when I got there, but by the time Armen at the Bazaar finished his first song, there was a healthy crowd there to take in his solo electronic set-up. I’ve recently been digging his Noor EP, and I noticed that live he expands his songs into longer, more dramatic adventures as well as dives into more dance/DJ territory. It was a neat set to see.

ZED by Armen at the Bazaar

Locals Dora Alexander took the stage next. I saw them once months ago, but this time was a whole new experience. They were solid throughout, rotating who played the keyboards and seemed totally comfortable. They have a good balance of dreamy vocals, three explorative guitars and a steady percussive pace. After that, I stayed for a few songs of Hexes & Oh’s set. I was curious to see what it would be like as I remember hearing an album of theirs a couple years ago now. Turns out they had been on hiatus, so they played all those same songs. It was cute (and not just because of their attire, cough bow tie and suspenders cough), but I didn’t feel any pull to stay.

Music Box by Dora Alexander by staticzine

I was too excited to get to the Silver Dollar for locals Action Makes, another recent favourite of mine. I’ve wanted to see them for a while now but kept missing their sets, and I’m so glad I got to see this one, even though someone spilled beer all down my side. I often use ‘bad ass’ to describe them, as they have the attitude and dark hooks down. Their self-titled album is great, and Let Them Go among other songs on there have become anthems I like to let loose to. Seeing them take over this small stage that they’re used to playing meant that I got to see them in their right element. It went by all too fast, though, which has left me wanting to see them again.

Action Makes: Let Them Go by OpticalSounds

I was looking forward to seeing Crocodiles, a garage-rock duo-turned-quintet from California, who went on right after Action Makes. They played the Silver Dollar three nights in a row at NXNE and were clearly one of the top highlights. I only got to stick around for a few songs as the temperature in the venue became unbearable and friends wanted to get to the next venue. But what we did see was something we want to get to know more, especially after seeing the Dum Dum Girls jump up on stage during a song.

It was then off to Sneaky Dee’s down the street where we caught the end of Paper Lions’ set and it was even hotter in there than it was at the Silver Dollar. Up to the front my courageous photographer friends went for the rest of the night and I found some other pals towards the back. Paper Lions sounded much more upbeat and excited than I remembered, and the place was packed and jumping (Sneaky’s floor is notorious for shaking) so I’ll try to catch them when they come back. Great Bloomers took the stage next, which undoubtedly many people have been looking forward to as the band hasn’t really played around here in quite some time. My night then ended with a raucous set by Sheezer, a you-guessed-it female Weezer cover band that’s made quite the name for themselves around the city. Sneaky’s went wild for the group.

Paper Lions – Lost The War by musebox

Stay tuned for part 3!

Jessica is an occasional contributor to the Panic Manual. She also writes for her own blog – Roundletters and is a key founding member of Static Zine