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The Slow, Painful Death of NXNE

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Let’s face it, NXNE is dead. Or at least the brake lines have been cut and Lake Ontario is straight ahead. This year seemed to be more of the same as it was quite lonely throughout the club shows, especially Wednesday night at both The Garrison and down the street at the Baby G. A rough survey of the crowds saw about 25-30 of us scattered about at either venue. With more than ten listed as ‘media’ on each guestlist and likely a …

NXNE Review: TUNS, June 15, The Garrison

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This year NXNE is a tiny shell of its former self and despite the lack of shows/bands, many were still pretty pumped to check out TUNS on a hot Toronto night at the packed Garrison. If you didn’t already know, this Canadian Indie “supergroup” is composed of Chris Murphy from Sloan, Mike O’Neill from The Inbreds, and Matt Murphy from The Super Friendz/The Flashing Lights. They popped up out of the blue last fall and created a bit of buzz …

NXNE Review: Language Arts, Mod Club; Muuy Biien, Garrison; Homebody, June 19

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What NXNE Press Guide said about Language Arts: Language Arts is the brainchild of Toronto-based guitarist, composer, and singer Kristen Cudmore. It’s the marriage of classical training and jazz school, consisting of complex layers that’s part Joanna Newsom, part tUnE-yArDs, and shifting between beckoning choruses with bright hooks and meandering lyrical sagas. On this night Languare Arts were a polished and talented three-piece with pretty delicate vocals provided by lead Kristen Cudmore. Their version of cute wispy dream pop fit …

NXNE Reviews: Crosss, Bishop Nehru, Tenderness, June 18

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What NXNE Press Guide said about Crosss: Crosss make psychedelic metal and futurist grunge. They put out their lauded debut, ‘Obsidian Spectre’, in 2013 and have undergone a lineup change in the two years since. Of their output, AUX wrote: “Crosss may recite classic stone-rock rituals, but their songs are also defined by repetitious, druidic chanting – it feels like a near-religious experience, which is no accident.” Exclaim! also got on the bandwagon, offering: “Crosss is a stoic band but …