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SXSW Song of the Day: Hudson Taylor – Battles

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Hudson Taylor are a pair of brothers from Dublin. They just released an ep called Cinematic Lifestyle and are going to be in Austin. That’s all I know about them. Their song Battles is a catchy little track that has that foot stomping, old timey Mumford & Sons/Lumineers sound that is currently besmirching the musical landscape right now. Still, this track is plenty good and if they are as good live as I think they might be based on this song, then these guys will soon be well on their way. Check it out anyhow.

Song of the Day: King Charles – Ivory Road

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king charles

If you judge a blog post about an artist by the picture accompanying the blog post, then you would immediately think that King Charles was a character from the movie The Princess Bride. You would be wrong. In fact, King Charles is a singer songwriter from London who has released a delightful folk-pop record this year. The man is quite gifted musically, playing guitar, cello and piano (according to wikipedia) and it all shows in the music, which is extremely pleasant.

The man opened for Mumford & Sons earlier this year for part of their US tour, but don’t worry, King Charles does a lot more then this:

in every song. Here is a sample of one of them, check it out.

Cover of the Day: Taio Cruz – Little Lion Man (Mumford & Sons)

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This cover sees two worlds collide as hip hop dance floor sensation Taio Cruz covers nostalgic folk farmy revivalists Mumford & Sons. The song covered is Little Lion Man and as you would expect, Taio puts his own touches on it which includes a rousing string section to replace the banjo hee haw explosion that is the song’s (and the band’s) signature moment. The cover is a part of BBC’s Ongoing Live Lounge series which sees a host of disposable pop artists covering songs by artists slightly more popular then them. Other artists on this years compilation include Panic Manual favorites Pixie Lott and N-Dubz. I know this doesn’t exactly pass as glowing endorsement but have a listen anyway, it’s a good cover.

Song/Cover of the Day: Boy & Bear – Fall At Your Feet (Crowded House Cover)

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Toronto – Australians covering Australians, how novel! Boy & Bear are a five piece band coming out of Sydney. Unlike most of their counterparts from down under, this band have forgone the typical electro-dance-pop sound settling for some kickass gang vocals, rousing choruses, and some rip roaring/foot stomping guitar work instead. It wouldn’t surprise me if they became the Australia’s answer for Mumford & Sons They released an ep last year named With Emperor Antarctica but the track I want to feature is their cover of Crowded House‘s hit single Fall at Your Feet. Boy & Bear took this wonderful track and basically banjo-fied it. The results are pretty good, check it out.

They are playing Lollapalooza so look for some tour dates around then.

Fall At Your Feet-Boy & Bear by Mushroom Music